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'Haven' Season 4 spoiler: Check out a 'Greek' Easter egg from the premiere

There are many mysteries going into "Haven" Season 4. Thus, we're going to take away one of them: In an early scene from the episode, there is an embedded Easter egg referencing the gone-but-beloved show, "Greek."What's the Easter egg? Check out the photo below to find out.The reference happens silently -- on a t-shirt -- in one of the bar scenes during the first part of the premiere. A frat guy comes up to the bar and orders a drink from Audrey Lexie (Emily Rose). She even makes a quick fraternity-oriented joke to highlight everything.For those who don't know "Greek" (a situation you should remedy, by the way), one of the central fraternities on the show was the Kappa Tau Gamma house. Not the most popular group on campus, these guys were often the most interesting. Why the Easter egg? As it turns out, "Haven" executive producer and director Shawn Piller was the executive producer... //

'Haven' graphic novel to be released with Season 3 DVDs

Want to know what happened after the "Haven" Season 3 finale? The answer will be in a graphic novel, set to be included with the series' Season 3 DVD set."Haven: After the Storm" details the immediate events following the meteor storm seen at the end of the last season. According to Deadline, only 100,000 copies have been printed of this 16-page book. The only source will be as part of the DVD set.Written by Nick Parker (the "Haven" writers assistant), illustrated by Steve Ellis ("Captain America," "Immortals: Gods & Heroes") and with a cover by Scott Hampton, the graphic novel will be available starting Sept. 3.Season 4 of "Haven" picks up the story a full six months after the Season 3 finale, so this graphic novel is meant to fill in a bit of that time jump. With Audrey (Emily Rose) and Duke (Eric Balfour) in the disappearing barn, they probably won't be around. Nathan... //

'Haven' Season 4 video: Watch a sneak peek and meet the 'new' Audrey

The Troubles haven't gone anywhere when "Haven" returns for Season 4 on Friday, Sept. 13. On the contrary, a new promo for the season makes it look like things are getting worse in small-town Maine. Strange things are happening. And there's a new woman in town named Lexie DeWitt.That would be Audrey Parker (Emily Rose), of course. It looks like a new identity has kicked in!What else can we learn about the new season from the video?There are some super-creepy kids with identical haircuts and angry expressions.Is that a tornado approaching?"Everything that's happening in this town is my fault." Is Nathan (Lucas Bryant) saying this because he shot Agent Howard at the end of Season 3? Because he loves Audrey? Or is this just standard for such a guilt-ridden character.The barn kind of looks like it is falling apart from the inside.Audrey or not, Lexie seems handy with a gun.Colin Ferguson's character definitely wants to... //

Haven Exclusive: Kate Kelton on "Bad Ass" Return of Jordan McKee

On the Haven Season 3 finale, it looked as though we may never see Jordan McKee again... but SURPRISE and SPOILER ALERT: Jordan is very much alive and well, as viewers will learn on the September 13 return of this Syfy favorite. And, as actress Kate Kelton told me, Jordan will have a little bit of revenge and anger on her mind when we see her again. In an exclusive chat with the star, Kelton told me about when she found out she’d be returning to the series, what we can expect in the romance department for Jordan and how McKee really feels about Audrey. Scroll down for excerpts from our Q&A... //

‘Haven’ Season 4: Is Audrey Still Alive?

Audrey and Duke disappeared into the mysterious barn at the end of season three, supposedly leaving the town of  Haven  Troubles free. However, the new season four trailer reveals the Troubles are still very much a factor and the mysteries are only going to be getting bigger. We know Duke is alive and in trouble with the law (and will have a  brother  to deal with), but what about Audrey? Read More... //

'Haven' Adds 'Dexter' Villain, 'Hellcats' Alum for Season 4 (Exclusive)

Christian Camargo and Emma Lahana will recur on the upcoming season of the Syfy drama.        //

Interview: Colin Ferguson Talks 'Haven' Season 4 and More Guest Stars

If you're not already hooked on the Syfy hit Haven , then you have about a month to catch up on three incredible seasons before the fourth season begins. The show stars Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant, and Eric Balfour.  //

Syfy Releases ‘Haven,’ ‘Being Human’ and ‘Defiance’ Comic-Con Reels

Syfy has released the Comic-Con reels for three of their most popular series: Haven, Being Human and Defiance. While it’s a bit too early for the Defiance reel to offer up much in the way of new information since season two won’t premiere until April 2014, it does offer a compelling recap of season one. Likewise, the Being Human reel focuses on what’s already happened, rather than what’s ahead for Josh, Sally and Aiden in season four (also premiering in 2014), but Haven fans were treated to an enticing season four trailer (Haven returns Friday, September 13th). READ MORE...

Comic-Con 2013: 'Haven' Season 4 spoilers from stars Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant and Eric Balfour

Need something to pass the months until "Haven" Season 4 begins? How about some spoilers from the show's stars Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant and Eric Balfour? Watch the videos from the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con for everything a desperate fan needs.If you don't want to spend the time to watch the video (a bad idea -- it's quite entertaining), here are some highlights, courtesy of the "Haven" stars.The rules of Haven and the Troubles are changing for Season 4.Season 4 begins six months after the end of Season 3. Nathan is not exactly in a good place at that point.Duke will continue to walk the line between good and evil, kind of like two different flavors of ice cream.No one will say whether or not Nathan's Trouble was cured when Audrey disappeared.There's a fair amount of guest casting as well. It's not just Colin Ferguson joining the cast, but apparently none of guest actors will... //

I Learned the Secret to 'Haven' at My Luncheon With the Cast at Comic-Con

"A few years ago, I was at Comic-Con to get our show noticed," noted Emily Rose who plays FBI agent Audrey Parker in the Syfy channel's series "Haven." Rose has been in San Diego before, but she and her castmates are here for the mother of all geek conventions -- and to get up close and personal with the fans who have made "Haven" their preferred TV destination. read more //