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Hawaii Five-0': Can Show Survive Without Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park?

In case your epic Fourth of July hangover is finally just fading now, we regret to inform you that Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park have left CBS Hawaii Five-0 over a question of compensation . The actors, who have co-starred throughout the shows seven-year run, were unhappy with contract negotiations. Scott Caan and Alex OLoughlin, the other two leads, will remain with the program. How will Hawaii 5-0 fare without Kim and Park? Considering their Chin Ho Kelly and Kono Kalakaua are key characters and fan-favorites, and that public perception over the salary issues hasnt been particularly great for CBS, the show likely wont grow in Season 8.   ...Read More... //

Hawaii Five-0: The Saga Continues as Showrunner Peter Lenkov Weighs In

If you've ever wanted to know what goes on behind the scenes during a major broadcast television network's salary discussions, this is about as close as you're going to get to the action. The struggle is real, as is evident from the days-long public discussion that has ensued after it was revealed series co-stars Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park were exiting the long-running drama. While Park has remained mum on the issue, Kim issued a passionate Facebook post to fans about his departure and how it related to salary parity.   ...Read More...

CBS Responds to Hawaii Five-0 Exits Amid Reported Salary Disputes: "We Tried Very Hard to Keep Them"

Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park's exits from Hawaii Five-0 continue to make waves. After CBS announced the two original cast members would be departing ahead of the upcoming season...  ...Read More... //

CBS Says It Offered "Significant Salary Increases" to Asian 'Hawaii Five-0' Stars

But ultimately, the network and producers CBS Television Studios could not bump Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park up to the same deals as their white co-stars.   ...Read More... //

Daniel Dae Kim Confirms Reason For Leaving Hawaii Five-0

Daniel Dae Kim is speaking out for the first time following the announcement of his exit from Hawaii Five-0 . In a Facebook post to fans, Kim said he was unable to reach an agreement with the network on a new contract, and decided to leave ahead of the eighth season. By now many of you have heard the news, and I'm sad to say it is true. I will not be returning to Hawaii Five-0 when production starts next week, he wrote Tuesday. Though I made myself available to come   ...Read More... //

Hawaii Five-0's Daniel Dae Kim Speaks Out About "Difficult" Departure -

Last week, news broke that Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park would not be returning to Hawaii Five-0 after CBS declined to give them raises to bring them to pay parity with co-stars Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan. On Wednesday, Kim broke his silence with a Facebook post explaining his departure and thanking fans for their support. Read the full article at .

Hawaii Five-0's Daniel Dae Kim on His Decision to Exit CBS Drama: "The Path to Equality Is Rarely Easy"

Daniel Dae Kim has broken his silence about his public exit from CBS's Hawaii Five-0. Kim and Grace Park's exits from the long-running procedural were announced by CBS in a statement from...  ...Read More... //

Hawaii Five-0 Shakeup: Daniel Dae Kim, Grace Park Leaving CBS Drama

A major cast departure is making waves for Hawaii Five-0. E! News has learned that Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park will exit the series ahead of the upcoming season eight. The stars have been with...   ...Read More... //

Hawaii Five-0 Shake-Up: Grace Park, Daniel Dae Kim Exit Ahead of Season 8 -

Alo-whaaaa? CBS’ Hawaii Five-0 is bidding adieu to not one but two original cast members: Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim, neither of whom will be returning for Season 8, TVLine has learned. Read the full article at .

Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Cliffhanger Questions

Hawaii Five-0‘s season finale left a lot of unanswered questions in the air. Instead of leaving Season 7 off on an action-packed ledge, many of the characters were left in vague positions which leave fans to wonder what place they will be in when they return. This is not unusual for a season finale. That being said, it seems that certain events set in motion could be tells of where the team could end up at series’ end. There’s plenty of story left to tell for Season 8, but could it be a good stopping point for the show? On a personal level, Season 8 could revert back to some old ideas. It’s already been put out there that Danny Williams could reunite with his ex-wife pending her divorce from her second husband. Despite Rachel’s lie about their son and Danny having moved forward in another relationship, a reunion could very well happen next season. The stage for this move was set at the end of Season 1 when Danny and Rachel initially agreed to give it another go. The issue would be whether or not Rachel is finally ready to accept Danny’s high stakes life, and whether or not Danny is can trust his her again. That’s the crux of the dilemma he may face next season. Love is difficult to kill, but trust is easily broken and nearly impossible to get back in its entirety. Time will tell. READ MORE...