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Season 2008

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Season 2008


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  • 19 episodes
    19 episodes
    • s2008e1121Why She Feels So Much Better with a Stent
    • s2008e924Why High-Dose Supplements Won
    • s2008e912Other Tests for Heart Disease
    • s2008e903He Almost Had a Heart Attack in the Dentist
    • s2008e828He Was on a Statin and High Blood Pressure Medication
    • s2008e821I Doubted I Would Ever Be the Same After Heart Surgery
    • s2008e818How Heart Disease Sneaks Up on a Patient
    • s2008e812She Is Trying to Control Cholesterol With Statins and Diet
    • s2008e729He Was Dying of Heart Disease, but He Denied It
    • s2008e721Stress Is a Potent Heart Disease Risk Factor
    • s2008e715Why You May Get Depressed After a Heart Attack
    • s2008e710It Hurt to Have a Stress Test
    • s2008e630What Open-Heart Surgery Is Really Like
    • s2008e620Cardiologist:
    • s2008e616There Are a Lot of Heart Attack Success Stories
    • s2008e605How to Choose a Cardiologist
    • s2008e529Why an
    • s2008e527The Diet That Did His Heart In
    • s2008e509Heart Disease Fear