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Web TV: Sony's Bet On Sticking With Web Shows via Crackle

At first Hollywood raced to make original Web programming. NBC Universal trumpeted a site called DotComedy; the Walt Disney Company created a digital studio called Stage 9; and Time Warner backed SuperDeluxe, another comedy site. That was about three years ago. When substantial revenue failed to materialize quickly, the big entertainment companies hit the brakes, preferring to stick with what they knew best: the making and marketing of movies and television for traditional outlets. There was a notable exception. Sony Pictures Entertainment has continued to pour money into, ordering Web shows that cost up to $1 million each. Why is Sony still betting so big? For one, it thinks it has hung around long enough to learn important lessons about consumer psychology when it comes to the Internet. But Sony also has a potential ace up its sleeve when it comes to funneling Crackle video to TV sets. Read More at the Source

Held Up' trailer premiere: Kaitlin Olson packs heat in Sklar brother web heist

On Sept. 7, Held Up, the 16-part web series starring It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's Kaitlin Olson, The Wire's Cyrus Farmer, The Jon Dore Show's Jon Dore, and writer-producers Randy and Jason Sklar, premieres on Below, we've got your exclusive first look at the trailer. The story: Bored bank teller/standup comic Ray (Dore) gets his wish for some excitement when two teams of crazy robbers disguised as Rocky I (Farmer), Rocky II (Olson) and Batman and Robin (the Sklar brothers) hold up his branch. It's a character piece, and one of things the Sklars are most proud of is the love story that develops between Ray and Rocky II. In the same way that we really love the relationship, and who doesn't, between Niles and Frasier Crane - that they made Niles even farther to the right than Frasier - we thought how great would it be if Jon is this total smartass, but we have Kaitlin, who is so strong comedically, and he falls in love with her from a comedy perspective, Randy says. To Read More Click here .