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Recap: Episode 5.6

Last time on Hell's Kitchen : Colleen got on Gordon's last nerve, and he sent her home. And, shockingly, Lacey made herself useful over on the Blue team! Tonight: The women are sad that they've lost their cheerleader, and being put on the chopping block humbles Andrea. She plans on using it as motivation to do better. After being so close to going home at the elimination ceremony, J thinks about his wife and son and begins crying when he thinks about the important reasons he is there. The next morning, Ramsay reinforces Lacey's sudden progress, saying that she is now shining. He then makes an announcement: tomorrow night, Hell's Kitchen will be open for a bar mitzvah. Ben is one excited Jew, and Ramsay has him explain that a bar mitzvah signifies a boy entering into manhood. Ramsay then explains the challenge: each team will take the boy's favorite dishes and make them special. The boy's mother and grandmother enter the kitchen and tell the chefs what he likes. His favorite foods are burgers, chicken soup, and brisket, so each team is to create one of each and take them to a new level. They have 45 minutes. Ramsay is testing the chefs' ability to innovate and think on their feet. A variety of ingredients are already in the kitchen for their use. Robert and Carol both call burgers; each saying it's in the bag for their team. Ben believes that he knows upscale Jewish food, and calls it time for him to shine for his people he even breaks into a little Hava Nagila' while he cooks! Andrea worries aloud about Carol's choice of bleu cheese in her burger, and the rest of the team agrees, but Carol is stubborn on the choice, saying that her kids love it. J uses the challenge as a chance to make up for his poor service the week before, and pumps out the soup. Both teams finish their dishes on time. Ramsay explains that he won't be judging this time; the guest of honor will be. He calls out Max, the bar mitzvah boy with braces! (All together now: Awww!) To Read More Click here .

Recap: Episode 5.5

Last time on Hell's Kitchen : Dinner service was disaster service. Seth got the boot, and Lacey was moved to the Men's team - with much rejoicing from the Women's side. Tonight on Hell's Kitchen, Ramsay tests the 12 remaining chefs to create three Asian-fusion dishes utilizing poultry, seafood and beef. The teams then present their dishes for judging by Chef Ramsay and Tanya Steel, Editor-in-Chief of The women hug and laugh and almost cry out of the joy of being rid of Lacey. The men group up and tell Lacey that they don't want another Seth. She says if she sucks, they should put her up for elimination. They say they won't hesitate. Lacey's happy to be away from the drama of the women's team (which all revolved around her). The next day, Ramsay has the chefs on the road to the Asian market. J sounds confident about his Asian cooking skills. Ramsay collects the chefs and explains the fusion challenge: each team has 25 minutes and $100 to buy ingredients for 1 poultry, 1 seafood, and 1 beef Asian-inspired dishes. Andrea once again takes charge of the Red team, yelling out orders, but Carol is skeptical if being loud means being a leader. The Blue team takes a looser approach, piecing their dishes together as they run down the aisles. The men ignore Lacey's contributions and don't take her seriously as a teammember. Both teams make it to the checkout on time and on budget. They have one hour to complete their dishes, and split up into pairs. Ben takes Lacey under his wing, and Lacey already shows resentment when he tells her what to do. Robert and Danny team up to make a Fatman Slim's Asian BBQ dish. Ramsay checks on the women and worries that their tuna dish seems too boring and too Asian. Paula collects the team to rethink the dish. Lacey is largely being ignored by the team, and the men put her on the easiest jobs. To Read More Click Here .

Recap: Episode 5.4

On Hell's Kitchen , we're sure to see the fall-out of the inexplicable fact that Colleen, Lacey, and Seth remain in the competition. And their customers tonight are tougher than most: the remaining 13 get a quick lesson about real teamwork when 50 hungry kids from a local youth football and cheerleading program invade Hell's Kitchen. After the elimination of Charlie, Giovanni tells Seth that he doesn't respect him. Seth defends himself for playing the game. Robert cracks up the group with his best Chef Ramsay impression-however, not with the best British accent. The group is dying of laughter of his soft-spoken Crap! impersonation. The next morning, Ramsay starts off their meeting by asking Carol who the best chef on her team is-she says herself or Andrea. He asks the Blue team, and Danny pipes in and says himself. Oh goodness. Don't they know that being cocky gets you nowhere with Gordon, and usually comes back to haunt you? Then Ramsay breaks the news that they will need to have maximum teamwork for their challenge this morning, when they will be opening Hell's Kitchen for breakfast. Paula tells the camera that she hates cooking breakfast. Seth calls the eggs station when he says his eggs are phenomenal-because (go figure) he follows a Ramsay recipe. To Read More Click Here .

Recap: Episode 5.3

Last time on Hell's Kitchen : the Red team put weakest links Colleen and Lacey up for elimination, but both survived the chopping block when the injured Ji voluntarily rolled out of the kitchen with her chef's jacket, and Gordon Ramsay's respect. Now we're back with Episode Three, "14 Chefs Compete," and the "steaks" are high as Ramsay takes both teams on a beef challenge crazier than Mad Cow. Andrea laments the loss of Ji and tells Lacey that it's time for her to prove herself. Everyone leaves the smoking porch because Lacey won't stop yelling at them. The chef's went to bed at 3am and they were woken at 6am. No one will be in a good mood today. They're whisked away to an undisclosed location and Scott asks them if they have a heart condition or if they're afraid of heights. They're then told to suit up and grab a barf bag. Enter the meat house. Chef Scott gives them a rundown of the cow. Chef Ramsay tells them they need to know their meat. Ben claims he knows cow, which isn't a surprise. They must run up one at a time, identify eight cuts of meat laying on the table. Once they get every cut correct, they must then identify where each cut comes from on the model cows next to the table. The men finish the first round after two contestants (Ben and Giovanni) go through the cuts but the women are soon to follow. Colleen has no idea which pieces go where, but manages to only get three wrong. Each team has three incorrect whe Seth claims he knows everything about meat. Really, he doesn't because he winds up screwing up the entire cow except for one label. Lacey's working with the 3 wrong. Robert only improves one placement. Each team has 6 wrong. Ben and Paula go head to head. Ben rings the bell first and wins for the men. For Full Recap Click Here .

Lazy Lacey, Skivvies and Scallop Juices

Originally from Philadelphia, Corey Earling is best known for making it to third place on the fourth season of Hell's Kitchen . She started working in restaurants at age 14, where she realized that her strong willingness to work hard would take her farther than her SAT scores would. She made it her hobby to save large amounts of money and decided to follow her lifelong dream of travel. At the age of 15, she took her first trip to Ireland and England. She has now visited over 18 countries and has no plans of stopping. She currently resides in NYC where she is still saving money for future trips. I guess since I was on this past season of Hells Kitchen, I should be expected to have some type of sympathy for the current contestants. Well, let's just say, I feel their pain! Can we just start with Lazy Lacey? I think most of us know why we are cast as contestants on this show, to bring some type of dramatics and excitement to the set. But Lacey, is to me, like the female version of Matt from my season. You're not sure why they are there, but they are extremely annoying and unnecessary. And she works as a banquet chef. I can only imagine how much pain and anxiety her co-workers go through working with her. It gives me a panic attack just thinking about it. Speaking of panic attacks, watching the chefs get woken up at 6am after going to bed at 2:30am was excruciating. Then, standing outside in their pajamas was just awkward, and I know how they feel. I could care less what anyone else thought, but standing in front of Ramsay un-showered and with bad breath just feels wrong. And there are some people on this season who who you just don't want to see in their skivvies. I couldn't have laughed harder when Colleen fell face first into the cold scallop juices....but at the same time I felt really bad inside. What are you to do at that moment besides cry? So the morning debauchery continues as usual back in the kitchen when the cheftestants had to compete for the reward by opening fresh scallops, which of course no one knows how to do. I'm pretty sure I could have figured it out. Let's face it, in this season, there is a food court chef, a cooking school operator, what's next? A cocktail waitress? Sure these are all respectable extensions of the food industry but when it comes to having the common sense of a chef, you either got it or you don't. Ji really screwed herself literally, slipping before service even started. I knew it was over for her right away. There is so much pressure on the set, especially right before for dinner service, sometimes I wonder if sometimes the chefs purposely try to injure themselves, I know I thought about it a few times! As for dinner service, both teams really showed their weakness. Hell's Kitchen is definitely one of the most stressful situations you can put yourself in. Why we do it? I'm still not quite sure. But it's really tough to try and relax and do what you know how to, which is cook, when you have Chef screaming at you that "you cook like you're in a coma." Yeah, that was me. I totally can understand why Carol acted the way she did, a total spazz case, when she was getting yelled at. She really didn't understand why it sucked. Hello, it's called Hell's Kitchen for a reason. The boys' team won, so of course Ji sent herself home. How can Lacey even sleep at night? Source here

Recap: Episode 5.2

15 aspiring chefs remain in the pursuit of the grand prize on Hell's Kitchen , a Head Chef position at the Borgata Resort in Atlantic City, NJ. Tonight the competition heated up between the blue and red teams. The teams faced another grueling challenge in their quest for Chef Gordon Ramsay's approval, and tempers flared as both teams struggled to provide the best service. Who will succeed under Ramsay's watchful eye and sharp tongue, and who can't stand the heat in Hell's Kitchen? This week on Hell's Kitchen, the remaining 15 cooks head out of the kitchen after their first service, and the Blue Team is upset that Seth remains on their team. The women recover better after the first challenge, and Coi apologizes for being harsh with Lacey. The rest of the team give Lacey some tough love and ask her to step up or get out. After an exhausting first challenge, the chefs finally get to bed, when a marching band barges into each house and wakes the teams up at 6 AM. No rest in Hell's Kitchen! Ramsay waits outside with huge garbage bags full of all their wasted food. He wants to teach them to respect their product, so he challenges each team to dive into two huge barrels full of stinking seawater looking for scallops. For Full Recap Read Here .

'Hell's Kitchen' Insider: First Impressions

If you watch Hell's Kitchen , you already know that Christina Machamer overcame exceptional odds to win of the fourth season of the notorious show, becoming the executive sous chef at Gordon Ramsay at the London West Hollywood Hotel. Check in each week as Christina "dishes up" her insights on Hell's Kitchen's fifth season, her notorious new boss, and life after reality TV stardom. Welcome back foodies, friends, fanatics, and fiends.... as the gates of Hell open to another season of hopeful chefs vying for a dream gig at the Borgata Hotel and Casino in Atlantic city. For me, episode 1 flew by. It all started with a cattle call to find the contestants for this year's season. I imagine it must have been nerve-wracking for everyone who came so close and missed the cut. Once the contestants were chosen, they jumped right into signature dishes. Overall, the dishes were good, but really, compared to Matty's vomitous venison, white chocolate, scallop, and egg delight, improvement wasn't hard. The highlight was Ji's miso-sake marinated sea bass, although her dish was quickly followed by a camel's hoof, diapers, and something gone bananas. Later that night, the contestants retired to the dorms to decide on a team name. Did anyone get the point of this? The teams never used their names. It made more sense last season when we chose team captains. Although, we didn't really use those either. Read More Here

Finale Is Compete to 1#

The Hells Kitchen finally is over what an surprising end there was it turn out Petrozza have every thing under control until chees and meat already run out on the first tickets, and Christina getting trubel with matt serving raw fish and orders coming back. and what are going on whit Jen when she shout' s down how is going to end? don't miss out on season finally of Hells kitchen.. It will be end that will sock you.


Dag I thought this was the final! Then it left ya hanging....until next week

Season 4 Episode 7 Review

What a great episode. The dynamic of the teams really changed in this episode. Matt came out on top, Ben shows his weak side, and Bobby was quiter than usual. I didn't realize Matt was such a great cook, I thought he was simply whiny but he really shined tonight. Ben and Jen broke down completely. They were the stars of the show and Chef Ramsey seemed to like those two so I don't know what happened to them in this episode.. Next week's episode looks even more over the top. I would think the service would be a lot steadier by now, but maybe Chef Ramsey breaks down these people more than he realizes.