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'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Chef Ramsay's Shocking Double Elimination Rattles the Teams

Chef Gordon Ramsay has had enough of the Blue Team. So far in season 16 of Hell's Kitchen , the new Blue Team has not been able to work together as a solid unit. This has caused them to have two disastrous dinner services in a row, while the Red Team is running away with the whole thing. Now, in an effort to save the Blue Team, Chef Ramsay wants one member from the Red Team to switch sides and save the failing chefs. Which Red Team chef will take on this responsibility? And will this plan work or completely backfire? Let's find out in this episode, titled "Dancing in the Grotto." ...Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Which Team Implodes After the Dinner Service?

Chef Gordon Ramsay's cast switch-up on season 16 of Hell's Kitchen may have changed the competition forever. After he moved some of the men to the Red Team and some women to the Blue Team, the Red Team emerged as the clear frontrunners, as the Blue Team crashed and burned during the dinner service.  ...Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Chef Ramsay Shakes Up the Competition With a Shocking Twist

The chefs on season 16 of Hell's Kitchen have hit a new low. During the last dinner service, both teams gave abysmal performances, causing them both to lose. Chef Gordon Ramsay also gave them a chilling warning: Get it together, or he will eliminate them at an even faster rate. Can the chefs step it up, or will this season come to an end quicker than we thought? Let's find out in the new episode, "Don't Tell My Fiance." ...Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: The Blue Team's Plan To Rid of Fellow Player Backfires

The last elimination on season 16 of Hell's Kitchen caused the Blue Team to become an even more divided team. A bitter feud broke out between Andrew and Devin, with the majority of the Blue Team sticking by Andrew and trying to get Devin eliminated. Devin is not the only chef feeling cast to the side by their team. In the new episode, "Let the Catfights Begin," one member of the Red Team's lackluster attitude will push her teammate too far, which could bring the end to their once solid team. ...Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Has One Chef's Ego Become Too Much for Chef Ramsay?

The most recent elimination on season 16 of Hell's Kitchen has, yet again, proved that with Chef Gordon Ramsay, anything is possible. After the Blue Team lost the dinner service, Gordon was deciding whether to eliminate either Aaron or Koop. However, he shocked the chefs by actually eliminating the Red Team's Gia instead. Will the Red Team be able to recover from this shocking moment? Let's find out in the new episode, "Walking the Plank." ...Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Chef Ramsay Makes a Shocking Elimination

For the first time in season 16 of Hell's Kitchen , the Red Team may be in trouble. The women started out this season strong and united, as they schooled the Blue Team in just about every challenge thrown at them by Chef Gordon Ramsay. However, the Red Team fell a part during a recent dinner service, causing an epic fight to break out between Gia and Kimberly. Let's find out if the women can recover in this episode, "Surf Riding & Turf Fighting."   ....Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Does the Red Team Begin to Fall Apart?

The Blue Team just hasn't been able to get their act together on Hell's Kitchen season 16. So far, they have lost two of their chefs and went through two disastrous dinner services. Have they gotten rid of enough dead weight to finally beat the Red Team? Let's find out in this episode, "The Yolks on Them." ...Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Can the Blue Team Make a Comeback?

When we last joined Chef Gordon Ramsay and the 18 new chefs during the season 16 premiere of Hell's Kitchen , the Red Team completely dominated the first two competitions. The Blue Team, on the other hand, was left divided and in chaos, as Gordon eliminated the first chef of the season, Pat. Will the Blue Team be able to make a comeback? Let's find out in this episode, "Crepe Grand Prix." ...Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Season 16 Premiere Recap: Gordon Ramsay Returns with 18 New Chefs

Our favorite chef is back! Gordon Ramsay has returned for season 16 of Hell's Kitchen . This season, 18 brand new contestants will compete for the opportunity of a lifetime -- to be the head chef at The Ventian Las Vegas' multi-million dollar restaurant, Yardbird Southern Table & Bar, along with $250,000. Which chef will prevail, and what does Gordon have in store for the contestants this season? Let's find out in the premiere episode. ...Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Who Falls For The Sabotages?

Previously on Hell's Kitchen , our chefs served up some high-schoolers, and despite the fact that Jared won the challenge, his performance during the service was pretty pitiful. Chef Ramsay decided to get rid of Manda as well, for a double elimination. Now it's down to the final three -- Kristin, Ariel, and Ashley.   "I've never seen him send two black jackets home, ever," Ashley says, kind of in disbelief that her BFF Jared was sent home. Ariel is also in complete shock. The three chefs head back to their loft, and feel elated for staying in the game. "There's no taking me down," Kristin says before slumping down in her chair after the emotionally pressing night.   Read More... //