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'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Love is Blind

When we last left Hell's Kitchen , the Blue Team nominated Dannie and Manda for elimination. This one was super important, since it was the final elimination where both teams were up against each other -- it's the infamous black jackets from here on out. While Chef Ramsay admitted that the decision was hard, and while teasing that Jared might actually be the chef going home, he went with Dannie. And we learned that Dannie is a boxer? Huh. Anyway, we're now down to five.   "Top five bitches, who'da thunk?" Manda says, before celebrating with some champagne with her fellow chefs. Ashley and Jared, who might be in love, are especially happy. "It just feels so good to be experiencing this with her," Jared says about Ashley. Ashley comments that there's no way she'd have let Jared go home. "You're too good to me," Jared replies.   Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: The Blind Taste Test Gets A Makeover

During the last Hell's Kitchen challenge, the Red Team and Blue Team were dangerously close. But, it doesn't mean that our chefs are constantly handing over perfect dishes. While the dinner service was their best ever, raw dishes were still being delivered, and Ashley had such a poor service that she was brought to tears. Lucky for her, it was Jackie who was eliminated. ...Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: What Brings Ashley To Tears?

When we last left our Hell's Kitchen chefs, there was a massive disagreement between Jackie and Kristin -- and Jackie, being the classy lady that she is, dumped an entire ashtray on Kristin's shoulder. Also, Chef Ramsay decided to kick out an insane amount of chefs during dinner service, which was oddly comical.   After Chad's unfortunate elimination, Frank notes how aggravating it is to be the target. He's livid over the fact that his name was mentioned during elimination. "Just keep doing what you do, and soon you won't have to worry about them," Kristin assures him. Frank believes that it's a shame he has to work with so many backstabbers.   Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Who Dares To Fight Jackie?

We last left Hell's Kitchen with some poorly cooked scallops and burned tuna. So in short, it was like every other week on every season of this show. Chef Ramsay chose Joe to eliminate, which was a bit of a shock to his teammates. "We weren't ready for that," Manda says. Kristin is especially perturbed, since she never thought they'd lose Joe before Jackie....   Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Aiming For a Win

Tonight Hell's Kitchen is competing against the Victoria's Secret Swim Special with guest stars Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas, so it looks like Chef Ramsay is going to pull out all the stops to make sure his viewership stays strong. It looks like our chefs will be equipped with a bow and arrow sometime tonight, you guys. Let's hope they point it at the target, and not at each other. (I'd be worried about fatalities between Manda and Jackie, especially.)   When we last left the chefs, there was a bit of a switch-up. Chad is now repping the Red Team, and Dannie has been moved over to Blue. "I think Chad on our team will work extremely well," Kristin says. She has a lot of respect for him, which is good. Hopefully he'll be able to communicate with the ladies better than he communicated with Jared. ...  Read More.... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Which Chefs Get A Personal Lecture?

Previously on Hell's Kitchen , our chefs nearly screwed up a huge reception dinner for Chef Ramsay's former sous chef Andi, partially because Jared got nervous and served up raw chicken, and partially because Dannie didn't know anything about non-stick pans. For some reason, Chef Ramsay sent Hassan home, which made zero sense, as he didn't really do anything wrong. Ariel was also confused, as she was rooting for Dannie to be the eliminated contestant.   Read More...   //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Who's Getting Married In Hell's Kitchen?

Previously on Hell's Kitchen , our cheftestants had to know how to spell as well as cook. (Sure, the term "cheftestants" might be a Top Chef term, but hey -- it's fun to say.) Ariel and Jared were the hotshots on either team, and were solely responsible for nominating teammates to be sent home. Eddie was the one that Chef Ramsay ended up kicking out of the kitchen for good, sparing Jackie for (at least) one more dinner service.   After the elimination, the chefs celebrate with beer and wine on the patio. Ariel imbibes a bit too hard, admitting she'll likely have a hangover the next night. While walking to the bathroom, she pulled a tendon in her ankle. "Stay off of it for six weeks," the Hell's Kitchen medic advises. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.   Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Cooking With Carts

Previously on Hell's Kitchen , there was some bad blood between Hassan and Dannie, and all of the chefs royally screwed up Family Night especially Kevin who was kicked out mid-service, permanently. The Blue Team also lost Alan, which I personally think was a misstep. Manda has been reassigned to the Blue Team, so hopefully she can get them into shape.   Right after elimination, Jackie thinks Ashley is acting a little two-faced, mentioning the fact that Ashley has fake boobs while hurling insults. "You can never run a kitchen, honey. Never in a million years," Jackie insults. And since she's Jackie, she doesn't know when to call it quits with the harsh words. Manda reiterates that she's so thankful she's no longer on the Red Team anymore.   Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Creating A Magazine-Ready Platter

Last week on Hell's Kitchen , Dannie and Ariel had some harsh words to say to each other, and the Red Team was in such poor shape that Chef Ramsay forced Hassan to switch teams and try to even out the competition. While this definitely isn't a Hell's Kitchen first, usually Chef Ramsay performs the ol' chef switcheroo in later episodes. I guess when you have chefs that have the gall to serve Kris Jenner bad food, things need to be remedied quickly.   Jackie celebrates being saved by giving her team the double thumbs up, keeping it classy as always. Supposedly, she's been nicknamed the "cancer of the team" by her teammates, and while that's a harsh title, it's somewhat true.   Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: The Great Duck Hunt and the 'Fowl' Mouth

Last week on Hell's Kitchen , the chefs had to deal with communication -- a simple task that many, many failed at. After the ladies lost, they all seemed to turn on Jackie, who decided to use the punishment time to air out her dirty, sailor mouth. We also had Meese, who threw out a perfectly good meal. But it was Vanessa who went home. Poor Vanessa. She's had such a rough edit.   Dannie is in disbelief over Ariel's decision to go rogue with her nominations. "Everyone besides you thought that Vanessa was the weakest chef," Ariel says. After all, Chef Ramsay decided to send her home. While Dannie is still confused over this decision, Ariel decides that the best way to shut her down is by simply yelling that the conversation was over.   Read More... //