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'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Gordon Ramsay is Embarrassed by One Team

The preview for this episode of Hell's Kitchen mentions the old theme of sabotage. I wouldn't be surprised. It happened in season 1 and, to a lesser extent, in every season since. The question for this year's contestants is: are these chefs on Hell's Kitchen smart enough to conceal it? My guess is no, but half the fun of watching is trying to figure out just how quickly Gordon Ramsay catches on.   Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Do the Women Finally Escape Elimination?

Hell's Kitchen has been unpredictable this season. The Red Team wins the challenges yet is constantly ejected from their kitchen during dinner. Meanwhile, the Blue Team can't win a challenge yet manages to hold their own through dinner. What's with the emotions this season? If they're not crying, they're screaming. This episode looks to have sirens, but I'm sure it's not what we think.   Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Does Monique Leave After Becoming a Target?

With Hell's Kitchen , you never know what the chefs will do. We've had those that sabotaged others, those that have lost their minds and those who have admitted defeat before leaving the kitchen. Compliments come and go from Gordon Ramsay and others. If a compliment turns someone's head when 15 chefs compete, you better believe that it will be short-lived. This is, after all, Hell's Kitchen .   Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: How Does Gordon Ramsay React to the Red Team's Elimination Plan?

On Hell's Kitchen , you never know what to expect. Will ambulances show up or will a chef nominate himself? Both spell disaster, but one thing is for sure so far this season: this year has proven to be so out of control that Gordon Ramsay decided to visit the dorms himself. In 13 seasons of watching Hell's Kitchen , I've never seen that happen. So what new surprises does Hell's Kitchen have this time?   Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Which Chef Gets Caught Cheating?

Hell's Kitchen has gotten off to a quick start with one cook now gone from both kitchens. The question is: do any of these cooks have what it takes to make Chef Gordon Ramsay happy? We've seen some signs of good chefs each week, but then they let us down. It looks like this episode could get intense.   With the men down a man, they don't seem sad. In fact, Michael is happy he dodged a bullet and the rest are talking about fighting back. None are sad that Cameron is gone.   Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: A Day at the Marina Proves to Be Hard Work for One Team

Season 14 of Hell's Kitchen is already starting to heat up from the look of things. Could we have another romance in the kitchens? Of course, if that happens on Hell's Kitchen , jealousy will follow. The real question is, will the jealous person be male or female? With the men actually finishing the first dinner service, are they the strongest team this year? Inquiring minds like mine figure it was a fluke.   Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Season 14 Premiere Recap: The Ladies Start Strong But Do the Men End Up Winning?

Hell's Kitchen is back for season 14 with Chef Gordon Ramsay as its head. Always seeking perfection, Ramsay always has one chef on Hell's Kitchen rise to the top. First, though, he has to separate the good from the bad and, well, we all know how he does it. Andi and James are along as sous chefs, so they will be a big help. With 18 new chefs, one is bound to be able to meet Ramsay's standards.  Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Season Finale Recap: And the Winning Chef Is...

Tonight's episode of Hell's Kitchen will crown the season 13 winner. Maybe it's me, but there haven't been any stand-outs. From the alliance to the egos, they have forgotten that the guest is the one who matters. Will tonight have the chefs shining or failing?   Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Reveals Winner of Season 13, Gets Renewed for Season 15 and 16

Sade Dancy will get an opportunity to work with Gordon Ramsay, but another chef wins the grand prize and gets chosen as Gordon's new head chef.   Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: When Steaks and Lobsters Rule the Kitchen

We're heading to the finale of Hell's Kitchen with back-to-back episodes tonight. Who will be eliminated? Will the six remaining chefs even make it to the dinner service? It's going to be a roller coaster ride tonight so let's get started.   Read More... //