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'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Is it Sterling's Time to Shine?

On Hell's Kitchen , there is one thing that you know always will happen -- a cook goes power mad. This year, we've already seen our share with the unholy trio and Bryant. The previews would lead us to believe that Sterling does the same tonight. Will he shine or will he take the walk of shame on Hell's Kitchen ?   Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Is Bryant Leading the Blind?

Last week on Hell's Kitchen , we lost Aaron, but was that a big loss? Previews seem to imply that Bryant plans to take out his entire team. Would Ramsay allow this? You know he has to know what Bryant plans. It would mean black jackets and the series ending before Christmas. So this week's Hell's Kitchen may have guests wishing for something to be thankful for.   Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Bollywood and No Food Romance

Hell's Kitchen is now down to nine chefs with the departure of Steve and Frank. Does that mean we're down to the cream of the crop? Considering the egos left, the chefs still don't understand what makes a good leader. To lead, you must listen. Who left in the kitchen really listens?   Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Rock 'n' Roll Rules While Frank Cries

Well, last week on Hell's Kitchen , Chef Ramsay gave all chefs a free pass. No one left, but did they deserve this second chance? There were mishaps galore but all dinners went out. With rock stars coming this episode, I'm sure Ramsay will expect them to do their very best.   Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: The Restaurant Goes to the Dogs!

It's been two long weeks without Hell's Kitchen so many may not remember that Ramsey sent Ashley on her way. While Ashley had some skill, it wasn't enough to make Ramsay happy. Now that the World Series is over, can Ramsay rally the troops or is someone else gone before we even get started? Let's get ready for a grand slam as these chefs try to reach the next level of endurance on Hell's Kitchen .   Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: It's Italian night and the Feeling Isn't Right

Last week on Hell's Kitchen , Chef Ramsay sent Kate home. Was she the best choice? Probably not, but he felt that she let him down. Now, he's going to deal with the Blue Team. Will he keep Sterling for another week or is Sterling out of there? Tonight's Hell's Kitchen should open with a bang!   Read More.... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Chefs Meat and Greet Chef Ramsay's Wrath

The unholy alliance of three managed to survive another week on Hell's Kitchen but it was a close call. Between the women and the men, they can't get a perfect service out of to their diners. What would happen if they did? Oh, that's right! This is Hell's Kitchen after all.   Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Family Night for 14

Last week in Hell's Kitchen an alliance of three has formed on the Blue Team that successfully manages to get rid of JR. This week, will the alliance go after Sterling? Also, we're promised a "protein challenge." Since meat and fish are the stations that crash and burn, I hope Ramsay can take the heat. Add Family Night to the mix, and Ramsay's patience will be tried to its limit.   Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: 15 Chefs and Trouble Keeps Brewing

Hell's Kitchen has 15 chefs left and one looks to be headed to the hospital as the episode wrapped up last week. We have always known that stress plays a role in these things, but I always thought the stress affects Ramsay more than the chefs. Tonight may prove interesting as Ramsay will be looking for perfection with chefs who aren't up to the job. The burning question is: is Jennifer able to continue?   Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: The Blue Team Shines While the Red Whines

When Hell's Kitchen started last week, my first thought was that the women were acting so strong again! How quickly was I proven wrong, though! Neither team is strong and neither team knows how to cooperate. Somehow I think this season has more bad cooks than excellent chefs.   Read More... //