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'Hell's Kitchen' Season 13 Premiere Recap: SINsational or Just Devil's Work?

It seems like only last month that we said goodbye to Hell's Kitchen, yet tonight launches Season 13. With this show, you are never sure what type of chefs will be under fire or what Ramsay has planned. Are we ready for our sinful, guilty pleasure? Let's hope the chefs are!   Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Season 12 Finale Recap: The Winner Is...

Hell's Kitchen will crown the Season 12 winner tonight and it will either be Jason or Scott. While Jason has always had confidence, it is only lately that Scott has stepped up to the bat. Who will win? Only an hour to go before we find out.   Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: And Then There Were Two

Hell's Kitchen is down to its final four. With Scott and Rochelle in the midst of a potential meltdown, it looks like Melanie and Jason may have this whole thing wrapped up. Do I buy that? No way! This is Ramsay after all.   Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: There is No Joy in This Kitchen Tonight

Summer's here and Hell's Kitchen is hot. Not as hot as in the past, as the five remaining chefs rarely lose their cool. Joy and Jason are the most vocal of the ones remaining while Melanie and Rochelle seem to be focused on the win. Scott -- well, he's in la-la land some of the time when not messing up.   Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Who is Ramsay Without Fireworks?

Hell's Kitchen always provides fireworks and it seems expected from Ramsay as we approach the Fourth of July. Will any of these cooks become independent? So far, they have the arrogance but not the skills. Also, will any declare war on Gordon Ramsay? We celebrate our independence from England but I'm sure Ramsay wants his independence from these cooks!   Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Who Gets a Black Jacket?

Last week, the competition Hell's Kitchen promised to provide featured a spot in a calendar and a black jacket to the winner. Unfortunately, Ramsay wasn't happy with six of the entries. Will Joy's dish win the coveted jacket or will he declare them all losers? And is Paul just the person to be meaner than Ramsay? I don't think we will have long to wait for answers. So, let's get with the latest episode.   Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Recipes Galore, but Can the Chefs Cook?

Hell's Kitchen lost Anton last week. With the chefs shrinking (and sinking), the merge can't be far off. Will a real leader emerge from either team? Will Rochelle win it all because she has come on strong the last few weeks? It's going to be a scramble for these cooks to make it to the finish.   Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: When Egos Fly

Hell's Kitchen looks to be turning up the heat and the cooks are feeling the pressure. We've already seen the battle lines being drawn. As the number dwindles, more and more chefs will take a stand. The question for this week's episode is: will this be Anton's last stand?   Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Love Is Never in Bloom

Hell's Kitchen is hinting that love blooms tonight. We've seen this theme before on other shows and it usually fizzles very fast. With the way these guys throw each other under the bus, I doubt any "love" will survive one service. Let's sit back with our popcorn and see if true love survives dinner service.   Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Charity for None

I hope tonight's episode of Hell's Kitchen is good. I need something calm and relaxing after dental work. Do I think it will be? Come on, this is Hell's Kitchen with incompetent chefs and egos out the door. With the shake-up of the teams, ego must adjust. Can Anton and Scott adjust to working together on the "Red Team?" How will Sandra and Rochelle adjust to being "Blue?"   Read More... //