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'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Nuts and Pork

Another service, another Hell's Kitchen starts. You have to wonder if the Blue Team understands the concept of "team work" this year. The Red Team seems to be holding it together better this time but cracks are developing. So far, both teams have shown a total lack of respect and contempt at times for each other. If it wasn't so sad, I'd laugh.   Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Man Down?

As I ponder how bad Hell's Kitchen will be tonight, I have to wonder who out of these cooks will win. With the show already on the fall schedule, I hope Ramsay and company are looking for chefs that inspire and not make us despair. Have any of you found one chef you want to win it all? So far, I have seen no one inspiring.    Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen:' What Were This Week's Critiques, and Who Went Home?

This year, Hell's Kitchen has its share of misfits who want to make it big. What better way for Ramsay to see just what they're made of than to do evaluations. I wish he'd give letter grades tonight. I know how many "F's" I'd give! It's going to be a wild night as people disagree with his assessment but it will be fun to watch them fall apart.   Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: A Grecian Tragedy

Hell's Kitchen goes "Southern" tonight with its cuisine. I really can't believe that Gordon Ramsay would serve fried chicken to his guests. Ever since I grew up, "Southern" the food always equals comfort food. Somehow I don't think the fried chicken my grandmother made would fit on Ramsay's table. Let's sit back and watch. This may get interesting, fast.   Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Fire and Children Don't Mix

Tonight is Family Night in Hell's Kitchen . With the language these cooks have been using, I hope that Ramsay has earplugs for each young guest. Wonder who will mess up a hamburger and fries? When you give this crew fire, they can burn the place down. It's going to be an interesting evening as we watch the teams battle to feed hungry children.   Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: The Kitchen's Hot, The Chefs Are Cold

On Hell's Kitchen , chefs come, but most go. The Blue Team just can't seem to keep it together. Even with the Red Team fights, the Blue Team loses. What will it take for them to win? Better yet, can they do it on this episode?    Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: A Wedding of Gloom?

We've been promised a wedding on Hell's Kitchen tonight. That means the stakes are high, and these chefs still appear clueless. Can they pull it together long enough to have two teams that actually work together? Will they go down in smoke? Will Ramsay be embarrassed at the wedding feast? Hold onto your hats, it's probably going to be a rough night.   Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Blue Loses Again

Well, the chefs of Hell's Kitchen seem as incompetent as ever. Will they ever finish a dinner service? Do they believe in lying, cheating and stealing? Let's settle down for an interesting night with the Red Raiders and the Blue Blahs teams.   Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: What to Do with Cooks Like You?

We can always count on  Hell's Kitchen to erupt into chaos. That's certainly what we have had going on these last two weeks. Can these chefs realize that it takes an entire kitchen crew to win a challenge? Will they buy a clue and remember the recipe? Will Ramsay kick anyone out of the kitchen tonight? More importantly, will he dismiss one early? It's going to be an interesting hour.   Read More... //

'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: School Is in Session, Ladies

Hell's Kitchen starts the week off with the men's team down by one chef. Not only that, but it looks like Ramsay sends them back to preschool! Who is up to the challenge? Better yet, who can survive another dinner service? We know that Ramsay doesn't send out food that he calls "crap." It's another night of testing for these misfits that I hope doesn't lead to fists being thrown.   Read More... //