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'Hell's Kitchen:' Why This Restaurant Is the Safest Place to Eat

Hell's Kitchen has to be one of the safest places to eat. As we've seen on FOX's Hell's Kitchen , restaurant goers never know whether they will get fed, orders disappear, there's yelling and slamming of utensils. Sometimes they even leave hungry. But this is part of the experience. While in any other setting the behavior would be viewed as bad service, result in awful reviews and the closing of its doors, Ramsay gets away with it. Diners are there because of Ramsay. This hot-headed chefbelieves in standards and playing it safe. It's his reputation on the line. And while it makes for an entertaining hour of television, we'd totally go there to dine because Hell's Kitchen is the safest restaurant you'll ever visit. //www.buddytv.com/articles/hells-kitchen/hells-kitchen-why-this-restaur-53699.aspx