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Gordon Ramsay Sends Home Two of the Final Four as 'Hell's Kitchen' Heads to Finale (VIDEO)

Well, it's all over except for the crying (and there's some of that taking place as well). Tonight, on 'Hell's Kitchen' (Tue., 8PM ET on Fox), we had four contestants left. But only two could make it to the finals. That's a 50% chance for everyone. [Spoiler alert.] And our winners are ... Jay and Holli! So, Autumn and Ben are kicked off. But formerly tough-guy host Gordon Ramsay has been having some weird trouble of late -- as in, he's been acting nice. Ramsay seems like he's tearing up for a second when he has to kick Autumn off; but then he recovers. Gosh. At any rate, the two competitors for the finals are Jay and Holli. It's time to begin sharpening the knives. Each will get a chance to cook a perfect meal and win the entire contest. So ... are you dudes on Team Jay or Team Holli? Source & Video

'Hell's Kitchen': The Games People Play

Hell's Kitchen is a competition series about chefs, but it's not necessarily about finding the best chef. If it was, then each round would involve cooking or running a restaurant and nothing more. But to make it to the finale of Hell's Kitchen, you have to be more than a great chef. You have to be a master of playing and beating the mind game. Tea and Sympathy Last night we witnessed Ben rise up from his deathbed only to turn in a near perfect dinner service without so much as a whimper. There's no doubt his back was aching. . . at first. But it's obvious that he wasn't hurting that badly when he decided to return to the kitchen after telling the others that he quit. In this case, Ben might have been the victim of his own mind games. When he lost the challenge to Holli he was faced with the real possibility that he might not win the title. Rather than face defeat, his body gave him a reason to quit. There's a big difference between, "I lost Hell's Kitchen to a female chef" and "I would have won, but I an injury forced me to leave before my time." To Read More Click Here .