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'Hell's Kitchen': Andrew calls it quits during dinner service

Andrew decided he'd had enough of Chef Gordon Ramsay's yelling after just two episodes of "Hell's Kitchen." Wasn't he familiar with the concept of the show before he joined Season 7? Hmm. Things started to go south for Andrew during dinner service when he came up with (what he thought was) a brilliant idea to add a good batch of mashed potatoes to a near liquid batch. His quick fix was (not surprisingly) deemed a disaster by Ramsay -- and when the easily irritable British chef expressed his disapproval in his usual abrasive style, Andrew decided to *gasp* argue back. The blue team stared on in shock. OK, so at this point we're thinking either Andrew definitely hadn't seen the show before coming onboard, or he just has a death wish. Chef Ramsay pulls Andrew out of the kitchen and proceeds to tell him how he's disrespectful and a "joke to the industry." Andrew decides he's had enough, and after declaring that he doesn't want to return to a place where he's yelled at (?!), he walks out the front door. The voiceover tells us this is only the second time in "Hell's Kitchen" history that a contestant has walked out during dinner service. We're not sure what that says for the two who have, or for all the rest who have stayed. Source Here

'Hell's Kitchen': 15 Chefs Spoiler

Tonight when Hell's Kitchen airs, the remaining 15 chefs will compete. It will be more difficult than ever to stay in the game, since Chef Ramsay is not patient at all this season. If someone goofs up, they're thrown out of the kitchen. As usual, the two teams will face off in a challenge early in the day. They'll be required to make eggs four ways. The team with the most properly cooked eggs will win a tour of Los Angeles by helicopter! The losing team will have penalty work to do. Then, during the dinner service one chef gets into an argument with Chef Ramsay that could take that person's team right down the drain. I can't wait to find out who it is this time! Hell's Kitchen airs on FOX at 8pm tonight. Source Here