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Holli Ugalde Beats Jay Santos in 'Hell's Kitchen' Finale

Holli Ugalde, the banquet chefwith minimal experience in the dining business, managed to trample competition and lover Jay Santos in the seventh season of "Hell's Kitchen". The 24-year-old won the final challenge on Tuesday, August 10 finale and officially becomes the head chef of Gordon Ramsay's The Savoy Grill restaurant in London. "Holli won because she's grown as a chef more than any other chef in Hell's Kitchen," Gordon said. "At the start, she was barely noticeable. But then, she got her confidence, she emerged, and there was no holding her back. I'm absolutely thrilled she'll be working for me at The Savoy Grill in London." Holli herself was in positive mood, saying after finding out that she is a winner, "I am so excited, yeah! It's crazy." Meanwhile, Jay who fell in love with Holli during the competition said, "I'm not psyched about losing, but it was very close and Holli did a great job and deserved to win." Source Here

Who Is the Winner of 'Hell's Kitchen'? (VIDEO)

Well, it's time to get down to it. All good reality shows must come to an end. So, on 'Hell's Kitchen' (Tue., 8PM ET on Fox), we finally learn who is the winner of the entire series. It comes down to a battle between Jay and Holli. Only one can survive. And your winner is ... [Spoiler alert.] ... Oh, wait. Let's not reveal that yet. Host Gordon Ramsay makes the two final contestants open a door. And that door leads to success -- or, at least, it leads to victory on the show and a new job working for Gordon in London. Here is what Jay has to say, while he turns the door handle: "This is monumentally life-changing." Here is what Holli has to say: "This is your whole entire future, right in front of you." And your winner is ... Source & Video

'Hell's Kitchen' Season 7: Where Are They Now?

Hell's Kitchen is over for another year and that means it's time for everyone involved to move on with their life. Actually, they moved on about a year ago, since that's when the season finale was shot. For some, it was back to business as usual, while others, including Gordon Ramsay himself, are facing all new challenges. Gordon Ramsay Though most TV viewers know his face, not everyone is flocking to eat at Ramsay's restaurants and that has left the celebrity chef in a bad place financially. He's had to close one of his pubs in London and has built up a mountain of debt. No worries, though, because according to a report in the Daily Mail, Ramsay is about to net £5 million for selling off his share of his TV production company. But money could be the least of Ramsay's problems now that Sarah Symonds has announced the release of her steamy tell-all book, "Memoirs of a Mistress: My Time with Britain's Most Fiery Chef." To Read More Click Here .

Preview of 'Hell's Kitchen' Season 7 Finale

On Tuesday, August 3 episode, Gordon Ramsay cut Autumn Lewis and Benjamin Knack from the run as "Hell's Kitchen" seventh season winner. He narrowed it down to Jay Santos and Holli Ugalde, lovers at the time of the taping, to compete at the finale and win a head chef position at London's The Savoy Grill. "Holli, I'm going to mop the floor with you and your face," Jay said in the promo for the August 10 episode. "I feel like it should be a slam dunk." Meanwhile, Holli said, "I will do whatever it takes to win." To Read More Click Here .

Gordon Ramsay Sends Home Two of the Final Four as 'Hell's Kitchen' Heads to Finale (VIDEO)

Well, it's all over except for the crying (and there's some of that taking place as well). Tonight, on 'Hell's Kitchen' (Tue., 8PM ET on Fox), we had four contestants left. But only two could make it to the finals. That's a 50% chance for everyone. [Spoiler alert.] And our winners are ... Jay and Holli! So, Autumn and Ben are kicked off. But formerly tough-guy host Gordon Ramsay has been having some weird trouble of late -- as in, he's been acting nice. Ramsay seems like he's tearing up for a second when he has to kick Autumn off; but then he recovers. Gosh. At any rate, the two competitors for the finals are Jay and Holli. It's time to begin sharpening the knives. Each will get a chance to cook a perfect meal and win the entire contest. So ... are you dudes on Team Jay or Team Holli? Source & Video

'Hell's Kitchen': The Games People Play

Hell's Kitchen is a competition series about chefs, but it's not necessarily about finding the best chef. If it was, then each round would involve cooking or running a restaurant and nothing more. But to make it to the finale of Hell's Kitchen, you have to be more than a great chef. You have to be a master of playing and beating the mind game. Tea and Sympathy Last night we witnessed Ben rise up from his deathbed only to turn in a near perfect dinner service without so much as a whimper. There's no doubt his back was aching. . . at first. But it's obvious that he wasn't hurting that badly when he decided to return to the kitchen after telling the others that he quit. In this case, Ben might have been the victim of his own mind games. When he lost the challenge to Holli he was faced with the real possibility that he might not win the title. Rather than face defeat, his body gave him a reason to quit. There's a big difference between, "I lost Hell's Kitchen to a female chef" and "I would have won, but I an injury forced me to leave before my time." To Read More Click Here .

The 'Hell's Kitchen' Contestants Have a Perfect Night (VIDEO)

What would be the most amazing thing that could happen on 'Hell's Kitchen'? Well, that would probably have to be an episode of the show where chef Gordon Ramsay doesn't hyperventilate and scream at everyone. And amazingly, that's exactly what happened tonight (Tue., 8PM ET on Fox). [Spoiler alert.] The final four contestants worked well together, and didn't have a single dish sent back during dinner service. Chef Ramsay had nothing but praise for them. (Admittedly, he was still sort of shouting his praise at the cooks, but still -- that's about as close as he gets to being "nice," so we'll take it.) To Read More Click Here .

Ben Gets Grilled on 'Hell's Kitchen' (VIDEO)

Chef Gordon Ramsay stepped away from the kitchen for a second on 'Hell's Kitchen' (Tue., 8PM ET on Fox). But that didn't mean that the yelling wouldn't continue. [Spoiler alert.] Once Ramsay leaves, sous-chef Scott is apparently in control. And contestant Benjamin makes the mistake of trying to give an order for the next meal for approximately 0.5 seconds. This then leads to him getting screamed at by second-in-command Scott. "IF YOU THINK YOU'RE GONNA DO MY F#CKING JOB, I'LL LEAVE RIGHT NOW," Scott says. "YOU THINK YOU CAN DO IT?!" "No, chef" is Ben's timid reply. Um, okay. A quick note to the producers of 'Hell's Kitchen.' Working in a restaurant is not the same as being in the army. All the contestants are being constantly yelled at to speed up and work harder -- and then Ben shows initiative for half a second, and he gets screamed at for that too? Wasn't Ben just trying to help out? Is there any way for people to do anything on this show without getting in trouble for it? Source & Video

'Hell's Kitchen': Ramsay Tosses Out Top Chef Just for the Halibut

This week's two-hour Hell's Kitchen was all about beauty and the budget. It started with six chefs, ended with four and a whole lot went on in between. The first hour was all about presentation. The chefs had to create a dish that looked as good it tasted. If Holli's salmon tasted like wallpaper paste, then she accomplished the mission. Her dish was colorless and limp. Jay came in fifth with his dish that looked like a playground in Whoville. Ed and Ben came out on top both with stacked fish dishes that actually looked good enough to eat. Imagine that. Benjamin won the round by a slim margin and it was a fortuitous win since the prize was a makeover for a photo shoot on Epicurious.com. Before the shoot, Ben looked like a 12-year-old farm boy, but the stylists for the website managed to turn him into a rockin' young chef with a spiked haircut, trimmed brows and a trendy new wardrobe. Lookin' good. The near win must have been too much for Ed because he totally lost it during dinner service. He was manning the fish station and he couldn't get it right. Undercooked scallops, overcooked scallops, and the halibut kept going out raw! In his defense, it did seem like the diners were ordering more fish than anything else on the menu, but maybe that's just the way they edited the show. When he reached his boiling point, Gordon Ramsay tossed both Ben and Ed out of the kitchen, but it was Ed and Autumn who were put up for elimination. Ramsay stripped Ed of his jacket for the halibut. To Read More Click Here .

'Hell's Kitchen': Andrew calls it quits during dinner service

Andrew decided he'd had enough of Chef Gordon Ramsay's yelling after just two episodes of "Hell's Kitchen." Wasn't he familiar with the concept of the show before he joined Season 7? Hmm. Things started to go south for Andrew during dinner service when he came up with (what he thought was) a brilliant idea to add a good batch of mashed potatoes to a near liquid batch. His quick fix was (not surprisingly) deemed a disaster by Ramsay -- and when the easily irritable British chef expressed his disapproval in his usual abrasive style, Andrew decided to *gasp* argue back. The blue team stared on in shock. OK, so at this point we're thinking either Andrew definitely hadn't seen the show before coming onboard, or he just has a death wish. Chef Ramsay pulls Andrew out of the kitchen and proceeds to tell him how he's disrespectful and a "joke to the industry." Andrew decides he's had enough, and after declaring that he doesn't want to return to a place where he's yelled at (?!), he walks out the front door. The voiceover tells us this is only the second time in "Hell's Kitchen" history that a contestant has walked out during dinner service. We're not sure what that says for the two who have, or for all the rest who have stayed. Source Here