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Beneath all the gore and sex and general campy weirdness, Hemlock Grove is a show about people who look like monsters on the outside slowly becoming monsters on the inside. That's very evident in the show's third and final season, which debuted on Netflix last week. This is by far the darkest and most depressing season of the three. And maybe because of that added darkness, it's also the best. As flawed as Hemlock Grove still is, at least it goes out on a high note. READ MORE...

'Hemlock Grove' season 2 finale recap: Love hurts

Like any good horror story, we get suckered into thinking that this  Hemlock Grove  finale will be quiet; a satisfying if not low-key denouement to the carnage unleashed in the previous episode. And then we hit the 20-minute mark. Not only does the storyline take off in a wholly unexpected way, but its killer cliffhanger will have audiences clamoring for a third season of this Netflix original! The first shocker is that all the members of the killing arms of the Order of the Dragon are well and truly dead. Of course, there is still no word from the Chancellor, so whether that storyline reemerges next season remains to be seen. And because the butler has been killed, Roman, Peter and the gang are left to clean up the bodies. But Miranda, who is understandably freaking out, quickly interrupts their work. While everyone scurries off to deal with the fallout, Miranda stays back with Nadia. It’s a good thing, too, since she has gone from miraculously expressing breast milk to leaking blood. Read More... //

'Hemlock Grove' recap: Strange bedfellows

We are closing in on the end of  Hemlock Grove ’s excellent second season, and that can only mean two things: plot resolution and a whole lot of unsettling carnage! Picking up where the previous episode left off, “Tintypes“ is all about strange bedfellows and metamorphosis. From the unholy alliance of Chasseur and Norman to the respective transformations of Roman, Peter and Shelley, the stage is set for one delicious, gore-tastic finale. Read More... //

'Hemlock Grove' recap: Adventures of a baby-killing death squad

When people ask whether they should invest in watching Hemlock Grove , I plan to point them to this episode. Not only does it feature some of the best performances in the series’ run, but the convergence of storylines and seemingly dropped plot points makes this a truly satisfying outing for fans. Add to that multiple shocking reveals and a humdinger of a conclusion, and you have the recipe for a seriously satisfying hour of television! Read More... //

'Hemlock Grove' recap: Prycilla gurl, you in danger!

Before we delve into the latest happenings in  Hemlock Grove , I want to give a much-deserved shout-out to those responsible for the show’s cinematography. From Miranda’s dream sequence to Roman and Peter’s respective animus morphing, this show’s visual style is rivaled only by that of NBC’s  Hannibal . Not only is it lush and expansive, but the cinematography actually becomes a character in its own right. It’s a feat that is doubtlessly appreciated by fans. Read More... //

'Hemlock Grove' recap: Love in the afternoon

As a show that is well aware of its horror roots,  Hemlock Grove  is not a program that relies upon a continuous series of “shock and awe” to captivate its audience. Rather, the creative team behind this horror/supernatural hybrid takes a page from classic film and trusts the audience to derive its chills and thrills not only from its graphic shocks, but also from a horror that is more cerebral. In a time when almost every drama feels the need to end each episode on a cliffhanger, the approach is a narrative gamble. And it’s one that finds its payoff in the sixth episode of the new season, entitled “Such Dire Stuff.” Read More.... //

'Hemlock Grove' recap: Mama drama

If the first four episodes of  Hemlock Grove ’s new season were concerned with mythology and character building, its fifth episode marks a significant turn toward accelerated plot movement. It is a well-timed execution that propels every character on the canvas into a new position, while also offering increased character stakes. Further adding to this episode’s cohesive feel is its focus on the maternal: From Miranda’s reluctant role as a baby wet nurse to Olivia’s desire to protect Roman at any cost to Lynda’s sad farewell, much of the action of this episode centers on mothering in all its various stages. These emotional renderings work to underscore the ample gore and highlight the delicious depravity that runs amok in the episode entitled “Hemlock Diego’s Policy Player’s Dream Book.” Read More... //

'Hemlock Grove' recap: A well-dressed predator

If there is one representative scene in  Hemlock Grove ’s grotesque-laden fourth episode, it is the hapless drug dealers having their testicles removed by their insane boss as scenes of lions devouring a zebra play out on the television in the background. Like Darrell Roodt’s  Prey , which contains a similar zebra disembowelment, “Bodily Fluids” is largely concerned with the art of the hunt. From Roman’s predatory stalking of potential human meals to children being preyed upon by masked killers, the intersection of the hunt and horror is readily evident. Read More... //

'Hemlock Grove' recap: Bad moon rising

When it comes to fulfilling audience expectation, modern horror is at a distinct disadvantage. Not only are the genre’s tropes so widely known that they become fodder for parody films, but clearing the hurdle as to what must be shown in order to tap into the grotesque is higher. Two ways around these obstacles are infusing the narrative with both humor and mythology—two approaches  Hemlock Grove  utilizes well in the episode “Luna Rea.” We are only three episodes into the new season, and already the body count is mounting. Yet this episode kicks off not with a murder but with a resurrection. Audiences will remember that in the show’s first-season finale, Christina Wendall’s (Freya Tingley) screams could be heard coming from beneath her gravestone. It’s a plot thread that had gone ignored up until now. Read More... //

'Hemlock Grove' recap: A new girl in town

Does a horror-based television show have to be frightening all the time in order to be effective storytelling? According to  Hemlock Grove , the answer is no. Instead of giving us chills, the second episode of the new season is a quiet and meditative character piece that is surprisingly effective. Not only are formerly clunky characters rehabilitated, but the lead characters also acquire some needed nuance. But before we jump into the recap, the creative team behind this show deserves praise for the way it weaves in subtle homages to the great horror films. This episode in particular has so many references to the horror film  Psycho  that there is no way these moments are accidental. From the bird motif to the taxidermy to the shower peeping to that motel sign, it is fitting that this quieter episode evokes moments from Hitchcock’s character-driven classic. Read More... //