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TV Sitcoms That Lasted Way Longer Than They Should Have

There are TV shows that come and go without doing much more than scratching the collective consciousness of the American public and then there are those that stick around for a while because we love them so much. But after so many seasons some shows dont feel the need to move on or develop any further and it becomes a drag to see them churning out the same thing day in and day as they begin to grow stale and dull. You really hate to see this happen to your favorite shows but there are times when even the best   ...Read More... //

Heroes Actor Thomas Dekker Comes Out as Gay After Being Outed by Bryan Fuller

Bryan Fuller discussed how Dekkers character was het-washed in an Outfest speech.  ...Read More... //

'Heroes' Showrunner Tim Kring on Why TV Should Be More Like Netflix

At Romes MIA market, two leading showrunners discussed current challenges facing the TV industry.  Read More.... //

Masi Oka Boards Jason Stathams Prehistoric Shark Thriller Meg

This is a lot to process. ... Read More... //

In defense of 'Heroes' season 4

In advance of the 'Heroes: Reborn' finale, EW revisits the most critically panned season of its predecessor.   Read More... //

Does Heroes Reborn Have the Power to Revive the Series?

Creator Tim Kring breaks down the new series and what it means for the future. //

'Heroes' Alum Inks Re-Ups at Warner Bros. TV

Aron Eli Coleite's next project is TNT drama pilot 'Home,' alongside Jerry Bruckheimer.   Read More... //

Heroes Reborn: Official Poster Teases 'New Phenomenon' in NBC Revival -

Take one look at the withering stares of the Heroes Reborn cast, and you’ll know this is not a group with whom you want to mess. TVLine can exclusively reveal the latest key art for NBC’s upcoming Heroes reboot, in which cast members Jack Coleman , Zachary Levi , Ryan Guzman , Robbie Kay , Danika Yarosh , Judith Shekoni and Kiki Sukezane bring the promise of a new phenomenon. Read more at .

Heroes Returns To Comic-Con, Where It Made History, With Reborn Event Series

Heroes was a pivotal show in the evolution of Comic-Con as a launch pad for TV series. In 2006, the pilot for NBC everyday superhero series took the convention by storm, scoring big with fans and turning the then-little-known new drama series into an overnight online/social media hit, leading to a very successful fall TV premiere.   Read More... //

NBC's 'Heroes' to Get New Tie-In Comic Book (Exclusive)

Series will be co-written by the NBC show's supervising producer.    Read More... //