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Another Hero: Brea Grant

Brea Grant - last seen on Friday Night Lights - will be joining the cast of Heroes as a young woman with the power of superspeed. We'll first learn of this power when she utilizes her abilities to steal some paintings from an art museum! Heroes returns to NBC on September 22! Source: TV Squad

MegaCon '08: Adrian Pasdar SPOILERRIFIC!

source: livejournal vote_petrelli at : SPOILERS: He inadvertently revealed that Nathan is coming back for season three for various reasons. A fan asked him if he would like to direct an episode of Heroes, and Adrian started to say "Well, I'd like to, but with the shooting schedules usually running ten days, so you'd be putting yourself out for..." and then he kind of trails off realizing that he was saying "Well, I'm gonna be filming, so it'd be hard to direct too." Hahaha. Then he was kind of like "uhhhh..." He also referenced Nathan constantly in the present-tense. He jokingly mentioned a "theoretical" scenario for how season two really ended. He was like the clues were all there for what really happened. He posed the scenario that Nathan wore a vest and either a) knew the attack was coming b) planned it himself Both were really interesting, and he really seemed to be pushing them, because the guy who was leading the Q & A (can't remember his name) was like "You used the word 'vest' twice" and Adrian started laughing. Adrian alluded to the fact that he will have a lot of scenes with Claire next season, and him being a father will be really important. There will be a lot of the Petrelli dynamic in season three, esp. with regards to Nathan and Peter and their mother "trying to bring her back from evil." I think Adrian said she was the 'Queen-Bee of the Darkside' or something. We LOL'd. Season three will be awesome, and will fix the problems with season two. He seemed really optimistic. Unfortunately, he kind of hinted at the fact that Nathan will, eventually, die. That's all I'll say for the Q & A, if you have any more specific questions, I'd be glad to answer them. And I'm sure video will be released soon. I saw some people video-taping. ETA : I decided to remove the autograph and photo because I just realized.. if the writers/etc. read every post about “Heroes�, I will be guilty by association on this post. LOL. Yes, I am little paranoid, but they're still over at my lj. ETA : Things I remembered: He mentioned that every letter written to NBC, the writers, etc. gets read and that the fans play a big part in the show. Likewise, Adrian said he reads every. single. comment. on his buckshotwon account. I ? him. Also, when a fan mentioned Just Like a Woman, Adrian went "I looked good." The crowd went: *WOOOOO!* and then Adrian laughed and said "I mean, I looked good in a dress." The crowd went: (even louder) *WOOOOOOOOOO!!* Adrian = LOL! ETA 2 : Another thing I remembered (yes, I typed this hastily, can't you tell? Hahaha) When the Q & A dude (still can't remember his name) was like "I'll take one more question." Adrian was like I'll take a more. I'm here for you guys. Crowd: *WOOOO!* I dunno, it just seemed really sweet. ? Hahaha. Actually, everything he said was utterly adorable. source: livejournal vote_petrelli catch the full review on the address above

Eriko Tamura Offers Heroes Spoiler

Japanese actress Eriko Tamura, who played the 17th-century love interest of Hiro (Masi Oka) on NBC’s Heroes last season, offered SCI FI Wire a few spoilers about what’s next for her character as the show readies itself for a third season. Tamura said that her character, Taeko, was supposed to be transported to the present in episodes that were scripted but not finished before the writers’ strike commenced last fall. “I am going to be in the present, yes,” Tamura said in an interview. “I actually had a few episodes of the script then,” Tamura said, adding: “Suddenly, the strike happened, so we had to stop the shooting.” Tamura added that she expects to return to the show for the upcoming third season, which begins production in May. “We are not to that point where they think about the storylines yet … because of the strike,” Tamura said. Taeko appeared last season in episodes in which Hiro, transported to Japan’s past, falls in love with her as he pursues a mission to save Japan. Heroes returns in the fall. Source:

Season 3 titles episodes 1 to 4

Well, even if unofficial, the titles of the first four episodes of Heroes Season 3 have been posted all over the Interweb… we might as well post them here too BUT with a warning: they’re not official (at least yet) so take it with a grain of salt. The same ‘rumors’ include air date, writer and director of each episode. The -unofficial- titles of the first 4 episodes of Heroes Season 3 are: Episode 3×01: “The Butterfly Effect” / Sept. 15, 2008 Written By: Tim Kring Directed By: Allan Arkush Episode 3×02: “Dreamtime” / Sept. 2008 Written By: Tim Kring Directed By: Greg Beeman Episode 3×03: “One of Us, One of Them” / Sept. 2008 Written By: Joe Pokaski Directed By: Sergio Mimica-Gezzan Episode 3×04: “The Year of Our Lord” / Fall 2008 Written By: Aron Coleite Directed By: Adam Kane NBC has so far not confirmed or denied these rumours Source: various

New Characters?

below is some context of information i have found prior to the return of heroes. the source can be found at the web address below In his weekly column Michael Ausiello, answering a fan’s question, revealed some information about two new regular characters that will debut during the third season of Heroes - Heroes Volume 3: ‘Villains.’ Ausiello answer: Question: Any more Heroes scoop? Ausiello: Two new recurring roles are being cast, both of which are slated to debut in the Season 3 premiere. “Joy” is in her early twenties and described as “quick on her feet — and adept at getting herself into and out of trouble.” Senator Robert Malden, meanwhile, is in his fifties and a political straight shooter.

Heroes: Webcomic "Mini-Spin-Off"

Since Heroes has abandoned us until fall, get your superhero fix with this cool webcomic! Heroes writer Chuck Kim calls it a "mini spin-off," which focuses on The Company. The comics will be published on NBC: Heroes Novels every Tuesday beginning April 15th. Read more on 'Heroes': Exclusive Peek at New Webcomic

David Anders Talks Heroes Season 3

Being a die-hard Alias fan, I will love David Anders in anything that he does, even if that includes what was arguably the worst storyline of Heroes Season 2. So...I am happy to report that Anders has confirmed he will be appearing in at least one of the first 6 episodes of next season of Heroes, and if he has his way it will be even more. Read more about it on BuddyTV: David Anders Talks Heroes Season 3

Eriko Tamura will be returning

Eriko Tamura, who played Yaeko in Season Two of Heroes, will be returning when the show comes back. "I really enjoyed working on that show, its a great show and I am going back for the third season," Tamura told CBR News. "As soon as I'm back in LA [I'll begin shooting], but I can't talk about it." She has also revealed that her return appearance will be in the present day. (Please, no more Fuedal Japan scenes!) - Hayden Panettiere is filming a movie, so the first few episodes of Volume Three might be Claire-lite. - Despite not being signed as a series regular, Kristen Bell (Elle) is expected to come back at some point and continue her arc. - The new season may start in early September, and it will be extra-long.

Kristen Bell on for Season 3!

Heroes begins production for Season 3 in May, so what can we expect? One thing we can look forward to is more Kristen Bell! Originally, Bell was only signed on for some episodes of Season 2, but now it's looking like we'll be seeing more of her next season, though she won't be quite as featured as she was this past season. Read more on Get Reel: Heroes Brings on the Elle

Heroes are here

The 3. volume of Heroes isn't starting now but somewhere on spring.the writer of Heroes (Tom Kring I belive) isn't striking and btw I think he already sold the entire screenplay to NBC so the episodes will kepp coming no matter if the writers are on strike! Going to check on Prison Break now byee