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Heroes Preview: "The Art of Deception" Season 4, Episode 17

Following a lively debate in the Comments section of our this week's Heroes review - please join it now if you wish to chime in on just how abysmal this show has become - let's take a look at the preview for next week's new episode. It's titled "The Art of Deception" and appears to focus on two developments: 1. Sylar's request that Parkman rid him of his abilities... or he'll kill Parkman's wife. 2. HRG's rifle assault on the carnival. Watch the official NBC promo below and sound off: are you still excited for new episodes? Source & Promo

Looking Into the Heroes Future with James Kyson Lee

For the past four seasons, actor James Kyson Lee has been a fan favorite as Ando Masahashi, one half of the Heroes duo with Masi Oka's time traveling Hiro Nakamura whose fate has been called into question for several months. Now into the fourth season of Heroes, Volume 5 entitled "Redemption", Kyson Lee is hard at work despite no official word from NBC that Heroes will be around for Season 5, Volume 6. After receiving his own laser blasting powers, Kyson Lee and Ando went into business with Hiro for the "Dial a Hero" service that eventually resulted in Ando falling head over heals in love with Hiro's sister Kimiko after Hiro messed with time. Now engaged to Kimiko, James Kyson Lee as Ando is out to protect Hiro after learning his best friend has a fatal illness. After rescuing Mohinder Suresh from an asylum, Hiro blinked all three into HRG's apartment, which is where we last saw James Kyson Lee and his Heroes cast mates. To Read More Click Here .

Heroes: Preview of Episode 4.16 "Pass/Fail"

Hiro's life hangs in the balance as his brain tumor worsens in the Heroes episode entitled "Pass/Fail." Tonight, Hiro is forced to deal with some of his past decisions which may lead to his demise when the verdict of an unexpected trial is revealed. Meanwhile, we also see Sylar seeking out Claire in attempt to get some answers. However, Claire isn't exactly pleased to see the enemy who previously wanted to slice her brain open, not to mention the man who killed her biological father Nathan. Check out the trailer below in which Sylar reveals a tattoo of Claire on his arm and their unexpected kiss. Source & Preview

'Heroes' Actor Loses Relatives in Haitian Quake, Seeks Help

Haiti native Jimmy Jean-Louis, who is perhaps best known for playing "The Haitian" on NBC's Heroes, is struggling to locate his family and friends following the powerful earthquake that struck his nation. "I have not slept yet. The second house that I grew up in was down, and some relatives have died, from what I have been told," Jean-Louis said Wednesday. "I haven't been able to reach my parents. I have heard that they are OK, but I do not know what is going on around them." Haiti, a Creole and French-speaking Caribbean country, "was already a disaster," according to the Heroes actor so the recent catastrophe "makes everything very complicated. We have no roads, just a few, and apparently those roads are blocked. Meaning, it's going to be almost impossible to get through to the people that actually need the help." Now, Jean-Louis is making a desperate real-life plea for help for his home country. The Heroes actor is also using Hollywood Unites for Haiti (HUFH), an non organization he founded that recognizes the unique opportunity that Hollywood has in raising awareness about Haiti and whose mission is to promote sports and cultural activities for the underprivileged youth of Haiti, as a medium to collect donations for the victims of the earthquake. Source & Video

The Return of Adam Monroe!

While some loyal fans are hanging on and defending the drama with every ounce of reasoning they possesses, the ratings don't lie: Heroes jumped the proverbial shark a long time ago. The show has lost over 10 million viewers from its season one pinnacle, an unprecedented figure for a show that remains on the air. Where did it go wrong? We could be here all day answering that question, but many viewers would likely agree on one mistake Heroes made early on season three: it killed off Adam Monroe. The character created by David Anders had become a worthy antagonist on the series, the perfect complement to Zachary Quinto's Sylar. Unfortunately, Tim Kring and company didn't see it that way and had Arthur Petrelli murder Monroe with the touch of his hand. But he makes one final appearance this Monday. As Hiro's brain tumor causes his past decisions to manifest themselves subconsciously, Monroe pops up again. Source & More Photos

Heroes: Meet Samuel's Long Lost Love Season 4, Episode 16

The day has finally come for Heroes fans to meet Vanessa--- Samuel's long lost love and the one person who could make Samuel's world go crumbling down. In tonight's episode, we learn a little bit about Samuel's love life, Emma's grim future and Noah's plan to expose the carnival. Noah wants to take down Samuel for trying to recruit her daughter Claire but is unwilling to use Claire's compass to locate it. He's got too much pride and is afraid that talking to his daughter again will further ruin their already rocky relationship. Instead, Noah seeks the help of Matt Parkman, who is now a stay at home husband. Isn't he wanted in several states for various illegal acts towards police officers? Anyway, Matt refuses to help Noah considering the last time he helped him, Sylar got stuck in his head. But Matt does help Noah eventually by brainwashing Vanessa into spilling the beans about her former obsessive lover Samuel. Noah uses Vanessa as bait to lure Samuel but the entrapment doesn't work. Samuel kidnaps Vanessa, who gets sent to the carnival, while Noah and Matt track the GPS they gave Vanessa which only leads them to an empty field. Back at the carnival, Samuel holds Vanessa against her will and promises to show her something beautiful, though we never learn what it is before the episode ends. Peter, on the other hand, is revealed to be the next potential Joseph in the making. Right now, though, he's busy dealing with his mother's horrific reaction to seeing Emma in his apartment. He steals her ability to dream about the future and sees a petrified Emma playing a cello in the carnival with Sylar on her side. To prevent this from happening, Peter destroys the cello not knowing that this will only drive Emma away from him and into Samuel's hands. Elsewhere, Hiro and Ando attempt to rescue Mohinder from a mental institution. While Hiro checks himself into the facility as a diversion, Ando uses his ability to manipulate the building's security but then accidentally swallows Mohinder's drugs and passes out. But after all their crazy adventures, the trio manages to escape. Mohinder eventually learns about Hiro's dying condition and decides that electroshock therapy will cure the problem. Source here

'Heroes' 4.16 Preview: Sylar and Claire Kiss

There is a shocking scene being previewed as part of the next week's episode of "Heroes". Revealing a tattoo of Claire on his arm, Sylar demands a help from her but ends up kissing her. Sylar was actually there to get answers to why he isn't quite himself. Meanwhile, Hiro's life hangs in the balance as his brain tumor worsens, prompting him to subconsciously deal with some of his past decisions. Elsewhere, Samuel's plans to impress his long-lost love, Vanessa (guest star Kate Vernon), take a terrifying turn. "Pass/Fail" is set to air on January 18. Recently NBC's Head of Entertainment, Angela Bromstad said there is a high chance the show would be renewed for the fifth season despite its struggling viewership. Creator Tim Kring would pitch ideas for the new season in the coming weeks and NBC will give it consideration. Additionally, Bromstad said there won't be a budget cut. "...actually Heroes has already been very responsible in having a good budget, so I don't think we'd be cutting it," she emphasized. Source Here

Heroes: Preview of Episode 4.16 "Close to You"

After losing Edgar, the former Carnie who was supposed to help Noah take down Samuel, Noah takes matters into his own hands in the Heroes episode "Close to You." To catch up on the latest episode, check out this recap/review. Tonight, Noah enlists the help of Matt in attempt to expose Samuel's greatest weakness: his long-lost love Vanessa (guest star Kate Vernon). However, Samuel has his own plans for Vanessa in the works. Meanwhile, Hiro and Ando try to locate Mohinder and go to extreme lengths to save him. Emma, on the other hand, tells Peter about her encounter with Samuel, the mysterious man who sent her the cello. Later, Peter's introduction of Emma to his mother brings forth visions of a very grim future. Source & Preview

Heroes Cancellation Buzz: Heroes WILL Return, Greg Grunberg Says - Featured

Good news: Heroes completed filming on its abysmal fourth season this week. Bad news: Star Greg Grunberg says complete confidence that the show will return for a fifth season. "[The season finale] is nowhere near a series finale, he said at the People's Choice Awards. It is cliffhanger-y and exciting, but it is nowhere near an end to a series that people are so invested in. It does not tie everything up in a neat bow... I don't have any doubt that the show will be back.'' Grunberg, of course, has no actual say in whether or not the series returns. Nor does anyone that runs Heroes. Of course the show wouldn't air a series-concluding episode without word from NBC that it was giving Heroes the ax. The actor is correct, however, when he cites strong DVD sales and international popularity as two reasons the drama might go on. He's also incredibly off-base when comparing Heroes to another, truly successful, iconic program: Lost announced an end [date] and I think that helped both the people working on the show and the people watching it. They see the finish line and I think it gives them something tangible to invest in and be excited about. It's like it's a movie and they want to see the end of it. That's what I hope happens with our show. In conclusion, based on the way NBC has bumbled the Jay Leno/Conan O'Brien situation - and based on the fact that it clearly has no idea how to run a contending network - anything is possible. But even long-time fans and posters in our Heroes forum appear sick of this season and hesitant to trust Tim Kring to write a new one. Where do you stand? Source Here

Tim Kring Spoils Heroes Season Finale

In an interview with last week, Kring was asked abut Hiro and Charlie. Warning Spoiler Below Instead of just teasing fans about what's to come, he spilled some major beans: "[Hiro's] quest is to find Charlie... we will finally deal with that in the season finale when Charlie and Hiro are reunited." Then again, perhaps we should be thanking Kring. We might not need to tune in to see how this atrocious season concludes anymore! To Read More Click Here .