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Heroes: What's in Store for Hiro

With less screen time and a storyline that's getting more and more complicated, Hiro Nakamura is turning out to be one of the least intriguing characters on the fourth season of Heroes-- at least in my opinion. He's stuck in a love story that will most likely have a bad ending (considering his on-screen love interest Jayma Mays is on another show) and he's still struggling with the consequences of his brain tumor. But his portrayer, Masi Oka, seems optimistic about his character's direction. Warning: Spoilers ahead! To Read More Click Here .

Heroes: Series Creator Tim Kring Dishes on a "Strange Alliance'

Can people with special abilities live in the real world out in the open? That seems to be what the Carnival is struggling with, much like the very premise of Heroes. With five remaining episodes left before season 4 comes to an end, we'll hopefully get some answers as Samuel's master plan comes to fruition. Series creator Tim Kring hints on several things to expect for the last episodes, including a strange alliance and what should be done to take down this season's villain. Warning: Spoilers ahead!!! To Read More Click Here .

Greg Grunberg created an iPhone app

Remember Greg Grunberg? He plays telepathic cop Matt Parkman on Heroes and has appeared in a variety of J.J. Abrams programming. He was even the pilot of Oceanic 815 which crashed on the series pilot of Lost (I wonder why he didn't make it to the Star Trek movie?). Well, on top of the rest of his resumè you can add application developer. He created an iPhone and iPod Touch application to obtain mobile coupons called Yowza!!! As someone who also holds more than one job, I can certainly respect anybody who can successfully do so, particularly if that person is a working actor who probably doesn't need the extra money (or does he?). Looking over the app, it's pretty well done. I can say this with some authority since I'm an application developer as well. There are at least two coupons that could easily come in handy in my day-to-day dealings. Since it's a freebie, if you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, the download is recommended. Source Here

Heroes Star Masi Oka Talks Cancellation Rumors, Missing Nathan Petrelli & The Red Cross - Starpulse

Masi Oka is our hero. He's been spending the holiday season pimping the Red Cross and asking people to volunteer. He also spilled a little about "Heroes" to Starpulse and what to expect in the season's final few episodes. To Read More Click Here .

Heroes Cancellation Buzz: Winter Return Met with Ratings Plummet - Featured

Heroes ' ratings have been dropping all season, and after its winter return last night, it's looking more and more likely this season could be Heroes' last. Back in its heyday, Season 1 averaged around 16 million viewers, and it has only dropped since, starting Season 4 this fall with 6.1 million ( more ), then ending its fall chapter with 5.9 million ( more ). The slow but sure drop was reason enough to believe Heroes was dropping into its cancellation, but now with its 2010 winter return last night only bringing in 4.9 million according to EW's Ratings Report , I'd say it's official that this one is on the edge of cancellation. I'll admit I'm also hoping it is the end considering I found the big hyped 2-hour return last night really hard to get through, and even the usually redeeming Sylar storyline was not that thrilling. It seems the show is just going in circles trying to figure out how to redeem itself to viewers instead of focusing on telling the story they'd laid out to tell. So with those ratings and the way this season is going, my vote is to find a decent conclusion and end it this year. What's your vote? Are you part of that million who have just stopped watching? Are you still hoping for the show to find its way and get stronger, or are you like me - still watching, but ready to wrap it up?

Heroes Season 4, Episode 15 Preview: 'Close to You' - Featured

In the next " Heroes ," H.R.G. recruits Matt to help him take down Samuel, as they use his long-lost love, Vanessa (guest star Kate Vernon), to lure him to them, but Samuel has his own plans for Vanessa in the works. Meanwhile, Hiro and Ando go to extreme lengths to save Dr. Suresh. Elsewhere, Peter's introduction of Emma (guest star Deanne Bray) to his mother brings forth visions of a very grim future. Peter discovers that Samuel has given Emma a cello that has the compass tattoo like the one he has. "Close to You" is slated to air on Monday, January 11. On another news, it has just been revealed that "Heroes" is the most-pirated show of 2009 despite its low viewership. According to Torrentfreak, "Heroes" was downloaded 6.58 million times last year, meaning more people watched it illegally than legally. Coming second is "Lost" followed by "Prison Break", "Dexter" and "House M.D." in the top 5. Source & Preview

TV Tonight: What's on Monday 1/4 - Featured

Rejoice, Reelers! It's the first big TV night of the new year, and while not all our favs are back yet, there are actually new episodes of new and returning shows tonight! Check out what's on: 8/7c Heroes on NBC The Bachelor on ABC The Secret Life of The American Teenager on ABC Family 9/8c Another new Heroes on NBC Make It or Break It on ABC Family MythBusters on Discovery Channel Intervention on A&E 10/9c Conveyor Belt of Love on ABC The Jay Leno Show on NBC Men of a Certain Age on TNT 11/10c Chef Academy on Bravo What will you be watching?

2010 TV Wish List: Kendra's Top 10 Wishes for the New Year - Featured

Here at SideReel we've reviewed 2009 TV , so now it's time to look ahead at TV in the new year! Here are my top 10 wishes for what I believe will make TV in 2010 great. Heroes improves the carnival storyline While it seems like an interesting idea for heroes to be free and open about their powers by showing them off in a carnival, Heroes tried introducing new heroes in Season 2 and it failed, and it doesn't seem like that's turning out any differently for Season 4. Here's hoping that this carnival storyline will get to the point sooner rather than later in 2010 so we can see what it has to offer beyond a distraction from the show having no direction with its original characters. Glee has more to give Being a true blue gleek, I'm not saying I don't have faith in Glee continuing to be fantastic, but after all the main storylines coming to a head and/or conclusion in the fall finale, my Glee hope for 2010 is that they didn't burn themselves out trying to impress and keep Glee on the air this fall. Grey's Anatomy improves or gets canceled While Grey's has been losing its way and fans for a few years, I'd say between the Denny ghost storyline, George dying, Izzie living then disappearing, and trying to work in the recession, 2009 was a bad year for Grey's. It's hard to keep a show going six seasons in, and since Grey's is not proving to have a lot more to offer, I'd really like 2010 to be the year where Grey's gets its act together or decides to call it quits with the chance for a proper conclusion. Isn't it time to just know MerDer lives happily ever after already without us having to watch them from week to week? Huddy actually happens on House We've been playing the will-they-or-won't-they game with House and Cuddy for 5 1/2 seasons now. This past year brought the closest call yet on them getting together, then when it didn't happen, it almost seemed like it was going to be the final word that it would never happen for them... and then that didn't happen. After getting so close this season, I think 2010 needs to finally be the year where they just decide already if they're going to get together or not. I think the show can go on either way, and it's just getting exhausting to continue to play the waiting game. Gossip Girl figures out what to do with Serena & Nate's lives Gossip Girl has been a bit of a mess this season with all of the gang except Jenny graduating high school, but I think the worst part of "GG goes to college" has been not everyone just going to college. Serena needed to stay close instead of go to Brown, but that decision should have led to going to the same college as the rest of the group instead of trying to have a job. Along with that, Nate needs to stop with all the external family drama that makes his storylines too separate from the rest of the group as well. My big wish for 2010 that I think would greatly improve GG overall is to figure out what Serena and Nate are doing already, and hopefully that will lead to focusing on college, new friends, and new drama! The Office baby adds to the show As an enormous Jim and Pam fan, their wedding was definitely a big TV highlight for me in 2009, but the immediate addition of a JAM baby makes me a little nervous. Since it threw off the dynamic of the show and cast when Pam was off in NY at art school, I worry that a new baby could take Pam out of the mix for a while, and mess with the balance and humor of the show instead of adding to it. So, here's hoping The Office gang has a good plan for baby JAM and how baby storylines can add to the show instead of messing with what we love! True Blood has a better villain storyline for Season 3 Season 2 of True Blood was amazing, but I while MaryAnn was an interesting villain, her entire story was not great. I much preferred Season 1's murder mystery plot to the devil woman + town madness theme of Season 2, so my wish for the new True Blood season of 2010 is that there will be a much more solid season villain theme to go along with the surrounding awesomeness! Dollhouse has a proper series conclusion It is sad to see Dollhouse go so soon especially after such a good fan fight for it last year, so the only acceptable way to see this one go out is with a bang. Joss Whedon and his shows have become famous as one season hit wonders, so now that Dollhouse not only got a second season, but enough of a warning of its cancellation to write a good conclusion, my hope is that all those working on the show really do it justice for the fans. Annie and Jasper go to jail on 90210 This is probably my most outrageous TV wish for 2010, but it's what I really want, so I'm sayin' it! Jasper going to jail is probably a little more reasonable considering he's a drug dealer with no complicated details around that illegal fact, but since he's so young, he may get off easy even if he does get in legal trouble. But he's just so annoying, I hope this character can be taught a serious lesson... which leads me to our ex-90210 leading lady, the insanely annoying Annie! Her crime is a little more tricky being an accident and her being a scared, confused teen, but drinking and driving, and a hit-and-run, and a witness? That sounds like a good possibility for her to get in some serious trouble if it goes to the police, and in my dream of dreams, I'd love to see good girl-turned-really-dumb-and-annoying-pretend bad girl go away for a while - however that may be done. Cougar Town gets canceled While this isn't the worst new comedy, it's not the best. My 2009 wish was that this would be Courteney Cox Arquette's fun and fantastic return to comedy, but instead it's just a cute, tolerable 30 minutes of predictable characters saying predictable things. So my hope for 2010 is that this one just ends quietly instead of going on to a second season which will predictably slide downhill into a much more embarrassing cancellation. What are your 2010 TV wishes?

Heroes: Petition to Continue the NBC TV Show

Shortly after it premiered, Heroes looked like the runaway hit of the 2006-07 season. Due to many factors — poorly-planned hiatuses, the writers strike, unfortunate story choices — some audience members stopped watching. The ratings dropped to dangerously low levels but many believe that the show should continue for years to come. There are certainly plenty of mysteries and stories left to explore. If you’d like to see Heroes continue, there are a few things you can do: Tell your friends and family members to tune in and watch on NBC. Viewers are what is most important to the network and watching the program “live” is certainly best. If that’s not possible, encourage them to record it and watch it soonafter, or watch online. Maybe one of them is secretly a “Nielsen family” or knows one and that will help the ratings. Write to NBC. Let the network know how you feel about the show. Be sure to keep it civil. Everyone responds best to courtesy. Sign the petition below and let the network execs know you’ve signed it. Spread the word and ask others to do the same. The cheerleader’s okay — save the show! To: Tailwind Productions, Universal Media Studios, and NBC We, the undersigned, enjoy watching the Heroes TV show on NBC. The series is a great show filled with a mixture of intrigue and sci-fi action. The stories always leave us wanting to find out what’s going to happen next. Heroes is a very unique show and deserves to stay on the air. The series has always aired on Monday nights, pitted against some of the toughest competition in primetime. If the ratings aren’t measuring up, why not try airing it on another night? Please keep producing and airing Heroes, a one-of-a-kind show.

Heroes: Season 4 Episode Guide

Heroes, currently on its fourth season, continues to shed light on people with abilities and bring new mysteries to the fold. In the Redemption volume, we meet the mysterious carnival clan whose intentions are unknown while familiar faces adjust to new stages of their lives that will challenge their perceptions of the world and their abilities. If you want to catch up on what's happened so far on Heroes season 4, check out our guide after the jump. To Read More Click Here .