Review of Heroes

60 minutes

A select number of unsuspecting people awake to find they have developed superpowers overnight. They become reluctant superheroes with unique powers, from regeneration to mind control, charged with saving the world. Heroes takes the comic book format and seamlessly incorporates it into a live action TV series.
Sep 13, 2015 11:14AM EDT

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This show was on my to watch list fore a long time but never got around to now is Heroes reborn comming so I wanted to see if it was going to be any good. Netflix has all the seasons of Heroes so i started to watch. I am now at Eppisode 9 of season 1 and i am hooked!!! i love the show everything is connecting and the story unfolds beatyful and takes unexpecting twists. It's a combination between the personal struggle of being diffrent and the power some got to help a nother. The caracters somtimes already meeting and all are conecting at a surten moment. I can't wait to see wath is going to happend next. That is i thing also a good thing of the show. The eppisode always stops on a moment expanse so you yust have to start to watch the next eppisode and get suckt in a new storry


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