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Heroman - Season 1 - Episode 26 - Review: "Faith"

The final arc of the series has brought us to what I've found to be a really good point as we're seeing Washington DC under siege in a very detailed way. Joey and Heroman, along with Will, are finding themselves facing off against Kogorr once again after he's been absent since the first arc. Instead of making him a recurring threat by showing up every episode or in every arc in between, they kept him out of the picture until now and that adds a nice element to it. And Kogorr is definitely ticked off about all of it as he intends to completely end the world, with the audience getting a nice view of some serious destroyed other worlds that the Skrugg have visited. Joey is running out of time to deal with things though as Hughes informs the rest of the gang that they need to get away as the whole area is about to be wiped off the face of the Earth. Not that you'd think it would have much effect on the Skrugg technology. That was a big theme at the start and realistically humanity has not made anything since then through what research they got that would deal with the Skrugg outside of befriending Heroman and Joey. With the epic battle for the fate of humanity at hand, Heroman does the expected job and there aren't any real challenges here that you can't predict. Yet, it is thoroughly enjoyable, even if not on the scale as the opening storyline. Read More Click Me!

Heroman - Season 1 - Episode 25 - Review: "Crisis"

The fact that Heroman makes a Close Encounters of the Third Kind reference makes this episode tops in my book right from the start. The series is attempting to hit its second high point with the end run arc by having Kogorr resurrected in Washington DC and things are going apace there pretty darn well as a massive structure has formed and Kogorr's form is definitely there and taunting them pretty easily even while he's still somewhat incapacitated. The setting for this is pretty solid as we see DC overrun with Skrugg growths as well as a large amount of regular structures that I continue to be impressed by how accurate they're making it look at the really key moments. DC definitely looks the best it ever has in anime form here. Kogorr's quest for power and domination of the world takes an interesting route. The five sphere's have arrived in DC and one of them has already turned to liquid inside the main structure that's reviving him. It's giving him more of what he needs, but mostly he wants to just devour and eat everything. Which becomes very plainly true when Kogorr starts gobbling up even his allies, quite literally, in order to feed the burning need inside of him to become bigger, stronger and more powerful. It's that moment that helps to turn the show a bit darker and pust everyone on edge as his tentacles fly everywhere and grab at pretty much anything living that's moving that it can see. Kogorr's physical change throughout it is neat as well as he retains some elements of what he once looked like, but becomes much more elongated and in a way seems far more primal. Read More Click Me!

Heroman - Season 1 - Episode 24 - Review: "Resurrection"

With the Skrugg now revived in some form and making a move on Washington DC, things have moved quickly now that Joey has said what he wanted to with Lina and has been flown out by Hughes to help out. Though it's somewhat goofy when you look at it with Heroman and Joey just running down the streets to get to their destination once dropped in, it does show us that Joey has some athletic ability, likely enhanced by his connection with Heroman, and it helps him from being just a controller of the situation, ala Ash from Pokemon. Instead of just directing Heroman, he's able to be actively involved and threatened. Joey still doesn't look the traditional hero, but he's carving out his place rather nicely. The invasion of DC is pretty nicely done, though I'm sure there are inconsistencies that the natives can find, but just from my few trips there they captured a lot of the look and feel far better than almost any series I can think of that's had an excursion into the capitol. While Heroman and Joey deal with various attacks, filmed by the news network from earlier in the series, Denton is setting up things to help out Heroman when the battle gets really precarious as he has the help of Lina, Psy and Holly. Taking into account what happened in his last main battle against the wacky scientist and the MR-1 robot, Denton is rather proud of what he's designed and how it will help. It's good to see the supporting cast in a real support role here while we see Joey making his way through the invasion covered streets of the city. Read More Click Me!

Heroman - Season 1 - Episode 23 - Review: "Sortie"

Since the end of the invasion by the Skrugg, things have been rather quiet when you get down to it as the issues have largely focused on human related problems, such as one cracked mad scientist and other issues. There have been a number of Skrugg tinged episodes, such as Lina's brother or dealing with the island where experiments went awry because of the Skrugg influence later on, but now there have been numerous incidents across the country that are popping up where Skrugg remnants are causing problems. You know it's getting serious as Will is making a new appearance and trying to deal with it himself before it gets too big, but seeing a sizable group of Skrugg wrecking havoc inside a military installation shows that they're gearing up for some serious trouble. Attempts at a serious plan of attack for investigating all of this goes out the window pretty quickly, thankfully, as the Skrugg go big by taking over the White House once they get the little bit that they need from the bunker they've sprawled through. The feeling of something big returns easily when the Skrugg get into this mode and we see their particular tentacles moving all over Washington DC, but we have to get the personal side out with Joey first as Hughes is getting him ready for a trip to the capitol so he and Heroman can do what's necessary. Joey's all intent on doing just that, but he has to have some personal time with Lina first, knowing that there is even a slight chance that he won't make it back because it is an alien invasion force after all. It's endearing that the first thing he wants to do before going is to admit his feelings to Lina. Read More Click Me!

Heroman - Season 1 - Episode 22 - Review: "Memories"

The idea of heroes has been a central part of this series from the start with Joey wanting to be just that and getting an opportunity to do so. What's been interesting about it is that not only has he been a controlling figure over the main hero of the series, Heroman, but he's also had a number of heroic moments himself. Rather than keep completely to the sidelines and just ordering Heroman around, he's managed to get out into the action pretty often and put himself at risk as well. Whether he realizes it or not, he's done a good job of defining himself as a hero, even as he's being asked just what is a hero. And for Joey, a lot of that comes naturally because of his father. Through a flashback, tinted through Joey's eyes, we learn of a mining accident years ago where his father ended up being the rallying voice in keeping people alive but he was also the one who sacrificed himself so the others could live. There are many in town who remember him very well because of this and that's something that really warms Joey's heart because of his love for his father. Which contrasts the existing family situation that Lina has as she's still very concerned about Will, who has actually come to visit her in the middle of the night to check on things at the house. He won't return fully, and that haunts her. Even more so because her father has now said to no longer concern herself about him because Will is dead. Will's disappearance and presumed death during the Skrugg invasion has driven a strong wedge in the family that isn't going to be easily repaired. Read More Click Me!

Heroman - Season 1 - Episode 21 - Review: "Emotion"

Heroman is getting back on track slowly after a couple of awkward episodes here and there. Largely, the show hasn't truly found its voice in the post-Skrugg world as it's mostly dealt with the fallout in an almost secondary way. Little things here and there, but the bulk of the time seemed to be spent dealing with a particular mad scientists bent on revenge. Revenge! Now that it's trying to move forward again, it's dealing with an interesting Skrugg remnant that's been hunting around the countryside for a bit and causing trouble, which may also be responsible for Denton's disappearance and most definitely the kidnapping of Joey's sister Holly. Amusingly, Psy plays it up that the abductor may be regretting that move already knowing Holly, but even Joey isn't up for playing that game at this time. Though it's been touched on before, we do get a more formal flashback now showing what happened in the fairly recent past with Will and Psy. Psy's been a difficult character to nail down because his personality doesn't come across well and his time spent with the crutches for awhile now has him fairly problematic. So going back to a time when he and Will were on the football team together, and both really good players who were adversarial with each other but still managed to work well, really does feel off. Even after everything it's not easy to see Psy as a star football player as it doesn't connect well. Seeing the way there's some thread of responsibility between Will and Psy for his broken leg that ended up being far worse than first thought. The adversarial nature between the two is a lot clearer after this and it does make you want to re-examine some of the earlier material between the two. Read More Click Me!

Heroman - Season 1 - Episode 20 - Review: "Missing"

With the mini side story of sorts of the island adventure of with, Heroman has a chance to get back to something a bit more normal and not quite so fillerish. While the story had some decent elements to it at times, and bathing suits, it definitely felt like the kind of side story that had little importance overall for a lot of it and very forced. With the relationship that Joey has with the government now, you'd think they'd be used a bit more for figuring out the big important events of the day. And you hope they get to that. Instead, we have a story that focuses on them dealing with missing animals in the southwest US. Some people are playing it smart though as these missing animals has also led to missing people. Lina's father, already someone who has had it rough during the Skrugg invasion, takes it to the natural destination by not letting Lina go to school or out of the house. Making sure she's safe after all that's happened comes across as, you know, good parenting. It also gives her a good reason for not going on any adventures for the short term since she's stuck in the house. So to compensates, this episode is a bit Holly heavy as she takes on the detective role to try and figure out what it is that's going on with all the cow abductions and the like. Or so her story goes as she gets everyone dressed up and then proceeds to strip herself down to a tiny bikini and spends the day at the beach. Read More Click Me!

Heroman - Season 1 - Episode 19 - Review: "Survival"

The island adventure continues in this episode from what we saw before after the kids did their round of scary stories only to learn that the place has quite a few monsters. Joey and Lina are out in the jungle itself and along with a new friend they end up running into some nasty little vine creatures with a definite Skrugg bent to them. As much as he tries to call on Heroman though, he gets n love and has to be a bit more creative in trying to shake off the creatures. That leads to him being able to ferret out some information from the islander they came across, who is actually a research scientist who informs them that this island is not a R&R location but rather a place for military experimentation of things not safely done elsewhere. And they're all essentially in the lab now. While he's being told to do everything he can to get the hell off the island, Joey isn't going to do that while leaving his friends there to be caught up in all this craziness. And he's not going to be able to do anything without Heroman, so the trio sets off in search of him at the least so they have a fighting chance. Their journey leads them to seeing that the things on the island are definitely getting smarter and more evolved before they come across Collins and deal with her issues about giant crabs eating her sandals. What becomes more and more evident is that without Heroman, Joey's losing his confidence and is becoming more reliant on finding him so that he can be the strong person he usually is with him. It's not a surprising character flaw when you consider how things have played out since he first got his hands on him nor for this situation. Read More Click Me!

Heroman - Season 1 - Episode 18 - Review: "Separation"

Heroman has had a whole lot going on since the start of the series and it's managed to avoid a lot of quiet fluff episodes for the most part. When it takes to a little down time, we actually have had some good material, such as the first date between Joey and Lina. This time around, with the addition of Joey's teacher, Ms. Collins, they're taking a well earned vacation. The nice part about it is that it's being picked up by the government as Hughes has set them up on a quite island away from everyone so they can just unwind. The show works with the fanservice to good effect, especially as we have an adult woman in the mix now as well, and the animation quality of the designs continue to shine as they frolic in the ocean, especially with Denton showing off his amusing form for it all. The gang has a good bit of bonding on the beachfront with each other and it's definitely good to have Lina back in the mix. While they have a lot of fun during the day, it's the after dinner activities that brings out the real fun as Psy starts in on the tried and true tradition of telling ghost stories to one another. And the one most scared of them is the man of science, Denton, as every little thing freaks him out. But as the weather changes and things become just a bit creepier, everyone starts to get the shivers more honestly. Read More Click Me!

Heroman - Season 1 - Episode 17 - Review: "Legacy "

After the events of Dr. Minami where Joey came to an understanding with Hughes and the government, the peaceful days have seemingly returned again. As Psy says, you know it's peaceful when your biggest worry is that your older sister, Holly, has a huge crush on Heroman and it's making you uncomfortable. Peace doesn't last long for a superhero though and Professor Denton is keeping up on events in the country to see if there's anything unusual going on. And of course, there is, as a series of seemingly random acts of destruction at various key facilities across the country have been going on and he feels that they're all being done by the same person as it shows a pattern of travel. Denton does get dramatic by indicating that these attacks may be a legacy of the Skrugg. And the destination of this mysterious person is definitely Center City, which has Joey and Psy working up a plan to try and figure out what's happening. Amusingly, Denton already has the clue since he's likely to be the end target of this attacker if it is a Skrugg legacy since he has a fair bit of scrap from their invasion in his possession. He wants it defended, but at the same time he's able to use that as a way to draw the mystery person towards them. He's not getting away without at least a couple of less than pleased expressions from the two boys though for having acquired this material and kept it, and keeping it on the quiet. Read More Click Me!