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Heroman - Season 1 - Episode 25 - Review: "Crisis"

The fact that Heroman makes a Close Encounters of the Third Kind reference makes this episode tops in my book right from the start. The series is attempting to hit its second high point with the end run arc by having Kogorr resurrected in Washington DC and things are going apace there pretty darn well as a massive structure has formed and Kogorr's form is definitely there and taunting them pretty easily even while he's still somewhat incapacitated. The setting for this is pretty solid as we see DC overrun with Skrugg growths as well as a large amount of regular structures that I continue to be impressed by how accurate they're making it look at the really key moments. DC definitely looks the best it ever has in anime form here. Kogorr's quest for power and domination of the world takes an interesting route. The five sphere's have arrived in DC and one of them has already turned to liquid inside the main structure that's reviving him. It's giving him more of what he needs, but mostly he wants to just devour and eat everything. Which becomes very plainly true when Kogorr starts gobbling up even his allies, quite literally, in order to feed the burning need inside of him to become bigger, stronger and more powerful. It's that moment that helps to turn the show a bit darker and pust everyone on edge as his tentacles fly everywhere and grab at pretty much anything living that's moving that it can see. Kogorr's physical change throughout it is neat as well as he retains some elements of what he once looked like, but becomes much more elongated and in a way seems far more primal. Read More Click Me!