Highschool DXD
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Highschool DXD

"Another Disquieting Premonition!"

Date Aired: Jul 06, 2013

Highschool DXD S2E1
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One morning, Issei wakes up to find Rias sleeping naked beside him until Asia arrives to wake Issei only for Rias to deliberately provoke her, ending up in a hectic morning for Issei. Later, while having his usual school days with his friends, Issei's Dragon arm awakes forcing Issei to meet Akeno to have the Dragon Power removed. After school, Rias and the others arrive at Issei's house to have their usual club activity until Issei's mom arrives and shows Issei's childhood photos. Kiba notices a Holy Sword among the photos of Issei and his friend while playing at that friend's house. Later, while on the way home after Issei completed a contract with his new client, Issei and his friends receive an order to hunt down a Stray Devil at an abandoned factory. The team manages to defeat the Stray Devil albeit with some difficulties due to Kiba not paying attention in the fight. When questioned by Rias, Kiba gestures it off as nothing and leaves soon after. Issei follows, worried about him but Kiba reveals to Issei his purpose of living, to seek revenge against the Holy Sword Excalibur. Later at his house, Issei questions Rias about the Holy Sword and Kiba's past where it's revealed he was part of a project called "The Holy Sword Project" being the only survivor of it. On his way back, Kiba witnesses a priest being killed by Freed Sellzen being further enraged by the Excalibur Freed was wielding, leading to a battle between the two. Meanwhile, two unknown individuals arrive in Issei's town, one of which holds a copy of the photo in Issei's album depicting Issei playing with a childhood friend.
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