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Him & Her Series 3 Review “The Proposal”

After the sweet nothingness of last week’s  Him & Her , more might have happened in ‘The Proposal’ than has happened during the series’ entire run. For a show famous  for its uneventful-ness, we sure do get through a lot of life-altering events. As can be deduced from the episode’s title, Steve finally gets around to proposing to Becky. With an (over)planned night of food, cheap cider and box-sets lain out in front of them, you just know  that their friends and family will be storming in to ruin the moment. And they do, as Shelly brings around a drunk and disorderly Laura and their night instantly goes to hell. With Shelly in the flat , Dan is never far behind, and Paul soon arrives with his ‘Pilates friend’ Graham to deal with his fiancé and future baby-momma. Read More... //

Him & Her Series 3 Review “The First Date”

So far, this third series of BBC3’s  Him & Her  has all about Steve and Becky moving forwards with their lives, but this week takes a step back to remember their first date . It’s not quite their first meeting, which seems to have been on a night out previously, but it still has that particular awkward tension that comes with making small talk with someone you don’t know very well. The sweet affection is still there underneath all the chit-chat and mundane observations, but that’s probably due to the actors’ familiarity with each other. Overall, this is as uncomfortable to watch  as it is to experience. This isn’t always a good thing, of course, and the episode lacks that comfortable and familiar quality the series has gathered over the last three years. It’s lovely to see the pair meet, and the final moments in which Becky decides to stay in the flat for their date are as sweet as they are prophetic. Yes, even on their first date, the couple don’t manage to actually get through the front door. They have fewer visitors than normal, too, with only Dan trespassing on their time together. Read More... //

Him & Her Series 3 Review “The Father-in-Law”

The planned proposal is still looming over the as-of-yet undisturbed lives of Steve and Becky, and things seem to be stacking up against them faster and faster this week. As always on  Him & Her , the couple’s friends and family take great pleasure in meddling and, in ‘The Father-in-Law’, it’s going on all under Becky’s unsuspecting nose. We start off with the flat having been trashed and burgled though, as Becky’s dad Nigel points out, it’s only slightly messier than usual. Steve’s main concern is obviously the engagement ring  that he’d previously hidden inside the toilet, and the whole episode turns into a twisted game of cat and mouse between Steve and Laura. Laura is actually becoming more and more unpleasant every week, and is still adamant that her sister not get married before her. Read More... //

Him & Her Series 3 Review “The Happy Couple”

After a sweet and charming two-part opener to series three of  Him and Her  last week, episode three, ‘The Happy Couple’ gets back to the series’ gross-out roots and sidelines Steve and Backs in favor of the madness that surrounds them. With the proposal put of the back burner both by Steve  and by the show itself, we’re free to focus on the mundane day-to-day of the couple again. Regarding the title, they actually seem like the only happy partnership in the world right now, with Shelley and Dan still skirting around one another, Laura bullying Paul into submission at every opportunity, and Steve’s mother having trouble with her own relationship. There are some grim home truths, painfully awkward humor and plenty of toilet gags – so business as usual then. Read More... //

Him & Her Series 3 Review “The Ring” & “The Sister-in-Law”

The most uneventful sitcom on television,  Him & Her , is back for a third season, as we pick up with 20-something couple Becks and Steve at a very exciting time. This week’s double bill introduces us to Steve’s quest for the series – planning a proposal for Becks before she finds the ring hidden in the flat. Last series, the couple’s friendship group imploded in a mass of dysfunction, and it seems nothing much has changed since then. While Steve and Becks are in a really good place, Laura is lauding her sneaky pregnancy over the rest of them, including Paul, and Dan has gotten what he always wanted out of Shelly. A complete bridezilla, Laura isn’t best pleased when she discovers Steve’s plans for him and his sister, and it looks as though he’ll have to win her over before he does anything. Read More... //