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Hit the Floor Season Finale: No Love Lost Between Ahsha and Jelena (Exclusive Video)

Fans want to know who killed Olivia as VH1's Hit the Floor moves into its second season finale on Monday. But, there's always time for old rivalries to rear their ugly heads. In TheWrap's exclusive preview, Jelena (Logan Browning) reminds Ahsha (Taylour Paige) that if she should dance each time like it's her last time. To her surprise, Ahsha tells her that she does which is something she did learned to do because Jelena was always ready to pounce on her. This is clearly not over. Meanwhile on Monday's season finale, The Devils make a final push for the title. And the mystery of Olivia's murder continues to keep everyone nervous. Things get confusing when the police make a shocking arrest, bonds are tested and all bets may be off.   Read More... //www.thewrap.com/hit-the-floor-season-finale-no-love-lost-between-ahsha-and-jelena-exclusive-video/