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VIDEO: Man Hoards Himself on Hoarders

Randy Senna is something of a local celebrity in the resort town of Wildwood, N.J., where he once ran a boardwalk game center called Flipper's Fascination. He's been the subject of profiles and a forthcoming documentary, in which he's generally regarded as an eccentric. Now, it turns out — at least according to Hoarders (Monday, 9/8c, A&E), he's a hoarder. You know how it goes: the medium is the diagnosis... //

VIDEO: Won't Somebody Please Think of the Hoarding Children?

This week's episode of Hoarders (Mondays, 9/8c, A&E) was every bit as fascinating as last week's Season 4 premiere. Billy Bob hoards toys (he was basically the male equivalent of last week's doll hoarder Phyllis, and accordingly received the circus-music score as he went through his collection). He had an amazing meltdown that involved him barking orders at the organizers, which ran counter to their objective (clearing out mounds of his stuff). In the end, his house looked less like a disaster and more like a tightly packed toy museum. Progress is progress! Even more fascinating was Beverly Hills-dwelling Jean... //

Geralin Thomas on Helping Through Hoarders

The question for any show that purports to help distressed and/or disordered people is straightforward: How much is it actually helping? A&E's Hoarders , which returns for its fourth season Monday at 9/8c, is no exception. To help sort it out, we spoke to Geralin Thomas, a certified professional organizer specializing in chronic disorganization. He's appeared on roughly 20 episodes throughout Hoarders ' run. Like the show she's on, Thomas "tends to gravitate to helping people with mental health challenges and physical health challenges get organized." By phone, Thomas told us about the effect that working with challenged people has on her, whether the TV production helps or hurts the organizing process and how the show's exposure of hoarding has helped people pinpoint their own problems...  //

VIDEO: Phyllis Hoards Dolls, Performs Surgery on Them in Hoarders Season Premiere

A&E's Hoarders returns for its fourth season on Monday at 9/8c, and we have an exclusive clip from the premiere. In it, a woman named Phyllis describes her fascination with dolls, which has led her to amass 50,000 of them. The scene in which she performs "doll surgery," amputating the hands of some to be placed on others, is among the oddest moments this very odd show has ever featured... //

Rats! The Tail-End of Hoarders' Season

Only people dead inside could watch Hoarders and simply say, "they crazy!" Sure, there's insanity on parade, but by the end of most episodes, after all the human excrement has been shoveled away, there's usually nothing left but sympathy. For the sufferers. For their families. And especially for the poor Joes brought in to "extreme clean" these dens of disgusting. But last night's season finale pretty much replaced all of that empathy with unshakable shock. In an epic outing of icky proportions, we met a man who hoarded live rats — more than 1,000 of them! — to make up for the pain of losing his wife. Sorry, that's not sad, that's something out of a damn horror movie. It's also apparently unsafe for the rats. Now, do you understand how twisted a sitch has to be to make rodents the underdogs?! And we're not talking Ratatouille-caliber cuties. These were like those hantavirus specials roaming New York. Yet there we were, feeling bad for the vermin who deserved better than the tragic conditions of their stanky captivity. To Read More Click Here.

Must-see 'Hoarders' finale preview: Man hoards rats

Next week’s season finale of A&E’s  Hoarders  goes to a whole new couch-cringe level with a man who has collected more than 2,500 rats. Meet this real-life Willard — he’s single, ladies! — in an exclusive TV Insider preview below Click Here.

When 'Hoarders' Don't Want Help (VIDEO)

People with OCD are often in a mental struggle that's too much for them to handle. And sometimes that struggle leads them to lash out against those people who are trying to help them. 'Hoarders' (Mon., 9PM on AETV) takes a deeper look into one of the most misunderstood manifestations of OCD, and this week it brings out the ugly side of one of its participants. Gordon and his family live in a home filled with junk that's coated with dust and decay, but none of them think they're hoarders. All four of them deny the condition one by one. "We just let things get out of hand," one says. "We just haven't gotten rid of anything," says another. And yet one more: "We are not hoarders. Never have been. Never will be. We are simply called collectors." Collectors of filthy junk apparently. To Read More Click here .

A&E's Hoarders is a record-breaker

If your garage looks like this picture, you may have a bit of a problem. The fact that this is somebody's kitchen means they have a BIG problem. This is an image from A&E's hit series Hoarders. I can't even fathom how somebody puts so much stuff into a kitchen to make it look like that, but I assume they're not doing any cooking on that stove or opening that refrigerator. Hoarders has become a sensation on A&E. Monday night's season two premiere of Hoarders was a record breaker. More people watched it than any other A&E season opener ever -- 3.2 million viewers. That was more viewers than Intervention, which has been A&E's big drawer. So what's the appeal, why are people so fascinated with Hoarders? Like Jane wrote not long ago, we all have some hoarding tendencies inside us. We hold onto old photos and things that we think we may need longer than necessary. You buy a pair of shoes and don't chuck the shoebox because maybe you could use it some time down the road. Or you tell yourself that you'll recycle those issues of Entertainment Weekly piling up on the nightstand. That's pretty normal. To Read More Click Here .

Tonight's TV Hot List: Monday, Nov. 30, 2009 - Featured

* House (8/7c Fox) Always the dutiful, if fitful, sidekick, Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) gets an episode of his very own. You'll get a peek at the oncology ward, meet his staff and even see him face an ethical dilemma that doesn't involve House (though House does get involved) when he treats an old friend (Joshua Malina) whom he thought no longer needed his professional services. Meanwhile, this is the last episode of the year, so you'll have to live with its Huddy (Luddy?) developments until January. * Heroes (8/7c NBC) Last week's episode ended with Claire and Gretchen embarking on a road trip to wrap up their Thanksgiving break. But this particular trip could spell disaster for the recently reunited pair as they head straight for Samuel's carnival. Things are equally perilous for Peter, who decides to have a showdown with Sylar once and for all. And considering that tonight is rumored to be Adrian Pasdar's last appearance on the show, viewers can expect an eventful meeting between the pair. * Shrek the Halls (8:30/7:30c ABC) In this 2007 holiday special, the green guy is preparing to celebrate his expanded family's first Christmas, but that doesn't mean he's softening up. In fact, visits by Donkey, Puss in Boots, and Gingy soon spiral this celebration totally out of control, leaving Shrek none too merry. With the same voice cast from the movies (including Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy and Antonio Banderas), this top-notch production is a welcome Yuletide treat. * Hoarders (10/9c A&E ) The series that tells the often heartbreaking stories of people trapped by their compulsion to hoard things returns for a second season. The lives of those profiled no doubt elicit compassion from viewers, but this season opener is a story of compassion in and of itself. It follows the efforts of an adult son to help his mother, whose compulsive behavior led to the son's removal from the home 14 years earlier. * Cake Boss (9/8c TLC ) The Carlo's Bakery crew is tasked with creating a confection for the Major League Eating franchise, which gives the bakery heavyweights the not-so-bright idea to have their own eating contest, which they'll no doubt regret. And poor Frankie may also be filled with regret after letting the guys in on one of his biggest fears while working on a cake for the Coney Island Circus Sideshow. Source Here

Tonight's TV Hot List: Monday, Sept. 28, 2009 - Featured

* Trauma (9/8c NBC) If you're into high-octane medical dramas, NBC has a new entry that spotlights paramedics. Perhaps in an homage to ER , which did not shy away from this sort of thing, Trauma blasts onto the screen with a helicopter crash that has a long-lasting personal effect on the show's main cast, which includes Cliff Curtis and Derek Luke. Earnest performances and a glossy look should draw viewers to this pedigreed production, but the accident-of-the-week story lines might get old fast - even with all the pyrotechnics. * The Big Bang Theory (9:31/8:31c CBS) A lot of things bug Lewis Black, so it only makes sense that the cantankerous comic plays an entomologist in this episode. Sheldon and Howard dispute the species of a cricket and make a bet, with their - gasp - most prized comic books at stake, prompting them to ask the expert (Black) to help settle the argument. Meanwhile, Leonard and Penny try to figure out what's next after an awkward first attempt at intimacy. * Lie to Me (9/8c Fox) Human lie-detector machine Cal Lightman (Tim Roth) is back for Season 2. What's new? Mekhi Phifer (FBI agent Ben Reynolds) and Hayley MacFarland (Cal's daughter, Emily) are regulars, and The Shield 's creator, Shawn Ryan, is the new show runner. He plans to beef up character development, which explains why MacFarland is a regular. (Jennifer Beals guest stars again tonight as Cal's ex as well.) Meanwhile, a woman with multiple personalities (Erika Christensen) says she saw a murder. Whodunit? Maybe one of her personalities. * Heroes (8/7c NBC) Now that Claire's plan to blend in at college has failed rather spectacularly after Gretchen spied her walking away from a free fall out of a window, Claire must figure out the best way to handle the unveiling of her secret. But she's not the only one facing consequences from her actions. Matt continues to battle his inner demons at the hands of Sylar, and Peter faces surprise repercussions from his string of heroic acts. * Hoarders (10/9c A&E ) The network's latest docuseries about people with extreme behavioral conditions and those who try to help them concludes its first season. Tonight's two cases: a man whose property is covered with cars, scrap metal and old appliances; and a woman whose 7-year-old son is showing hoarding tendencies. Source Here