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Homeland Stars Claire Danes & Mandy Patinkin On Series Imperative: Attention Must Be Paid To A World In Crisis

An awards magnet for Showtime over the course of its six seasons, Homeland has netted the premium cabler four Golden Globes and six Emmys , always with afinger on the pulse of current world eventsa fact that the series stars, Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin , dont take for granted. In the midst of production on Season 6, Donald Trump was elected President, leavingthe series writers to re-examine their position, and ultimately bringing out themes that became much more ...Read More... //

The Cast and Creator of Homeland Look Back on Creating Season 6 in a Post-Trump World

I was storming around my house saying Were completely irrelevant! ....Read More... //

House of Cards and Homeland actress hits the stage as a man

Nothing says power like a woman in a pantsuit. Look where its gotten Elizabeth Marvels characters: Heather Dunbar nearly toppled Frank Underwood in House of Cards, while Elizabeth Keane rules the White House in Homeland. Now Marvels wearing the pants again, in Shakespeare in the Parks Julius Caesar. Following in the sandals of Charlton Heston,...   ...Read More... //

How 'Homeland' Turned New York Into a Makeshift Middle East

TV pros give the Big Apple exotic alter egos in series such as 'The Americans' (Manhattan doubles as Washington) and 'Madam Secretary' ("We've pretty much shot every continent except Antarctica"). ...Read More... //

'Homeland' Star Discusses Getting Killed Off Twice

The actor behind the season six finale casuality speaks up.   ...Read More... //

Homeland's Season 6 Finale Just Killed Off a Beloved Character

Well we're not surprised, but we aren't happy either. After almost doing it and threatening to do it and doing it and then going back on having done it more times than we can... ....Read More... //

Homeland EP Talks Shocking Season 6 Finale, Emmy Bid & Damian Lewis Return

SPOILER ALERT:This story contains possible details of the Season 6 finale of Homeland that airs April 9. We really hope that this year's finale sets up the final progression of this series, Homeland showrunner Alex Gansa says of the April 9 Season 6 ender on Showtime. Shocked is always a good emotion to evoke as well, so I guess I would hope they would be shocked as well, the circumspect EP adds of an extremely germane season of the Claire Danes -led series that has  ..Read More... //

'Homeland' Kills Off Major Character in Season 6 Finale

This character meets his/her demise after suffering a near-death incident in the fifth season.  ...Read More... //

Homeland Star On Tragic Finale Twist, Last Scene Injury & Dream Farewell Scene

SPOILER ALERT : The story includes details about the Season 6 finale of Homeland . Homeland s leading men tend to have pretty short expiration dates though they die as heroes. Damian Lewiss Brody started off as a traitor before redeeming himself and sacrificing himself for his country in the Season 3 finale. His mantle was carried by another British actor, Rupert Friend . His enigmatic assassin Peter Quinn started off as a recurring character in Season 2 originally brought //

Homeland Finale Preview: Carrie and Keane Make It to the White House

With just one episode of Homeland left this season, weve still got quite a few mysteries left for Carrie and company to untangle. But Sundays finale (Showtime, 9/8c) does resolve one thing: Keane is officially President now! All season long, asPresident-elect, Keaneshands have beentied on all matters foreign and domestic. But in the photo above [] //