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Homeland: Can Saul & Co. Really Trust Javadi?

  The important pieces of Saul's plan finally seem to be in place on Homeland . But will the risky gambit actually work? With Brody ( Damian Lewis ) now in Iran and in the custody of recently turned CIA asset Majid Javadi ( Shaun Toub ), the pair must now move into Tehran to attempt to assassinate Javadi's boss and therefore make it possible for Javadi to move into power.  According to Showtime, on Sunday's episode (9/8c), the mission is compromised when a ghost from Brody's past causes his commitment to the mission to falter. Complicating matters further, the always unpredictable Carrie ( Claire Danes ) comes to Tehran to help set up an extraction plan for Brody.  Read More... //

Homeland Season 3 Finale Scoop and More from Jaylen Moore

Homeland Season 3 Finale Scoop and More from Jaylen Moore Celebified hit the red carpet at this year's Saving Innocence Gala and caught up with Jaylen Moore of Showtime's Homeland. Hear what he had to say about the show's remaining episodes, including some buzz about the upcoming finale.

'Homeland' 3.11 Preview: Brody Is a Serious Liability

Saul and Senator Lockhart ponder whether they should end the mission and kill Brody.  Read More... //

'Homeland': Brody's Journey from Junkie to Fighter

With Brody back into the United States, Saul is working on stage 3 of his plan to get Brody ready to go to Iran. When Brody arrives, he's a junkie and has no desire to live. Check out Brody's journey from junkie to a fighter.   Read More... //

Homeland Season 3 Episode 10 “Good Night”

Homeland  “Good Night Season 3 episode 10 airs Sunday Dec 1st, 2013 at 9pm et/pt. Episode Synopsis : Homeland Season 3 Episode 10 “Good Night” – Brody embarks on a high-stakes mission, but his fragile condition threatens the operation. Meanwhile, Quinn makes an uncomfortable discovery about Carrie; and Fara is forced to rejoin the team due to a sudden crisis. Read More... //

'Homeland' newcomer Jared Ward on whether Brody can pull off the Iran mission

"Homeland" is introducing some new players as Season 3 heads into its final few episodes. Among them is Jared Ward, who plays Navy SEAL Yousef Turani. Yousef befriended Brody in last night's episode, "One Last Time," before they headed off to Iran to try to assassinate General Akbari. The big question surrounding this mission is whether Brody can actually pull it off. His dedication to the American government is always in question, but Ward thinks that Brody will put his body and soul into the assassination attempt. "Considering what's at stake for him with his family and with his daughter and everything, I think he's really kind of trying his best to do it. But you never know," Ward tells Zap2it. "You never know what happens in the situation to come. I do feel like it seems he loves his family so much that he'll do anything for them." Yousef and Brody get one moment... //

'Homeland' 3.10 Preview: Mission Goes Awry

The mission to get Brody crossing the border does not go as planned as the border is blocked.  Read More... //

Homeland: How Does Brody Figure Into Saul's Master Plan?

Homeland   fans who have missed Brody will certainly get their fill in Season 3's final four episodes. On Sunday's episode (9/8c, Showtime), it becomes clear that not only has Saul ( Mandy Patinkin ) known all along where Brody ( Damian Lewis ) has been hiding, but also that Saul is counting on Brody to pull off the second part of Saul's master plan. There's just one problem: Brody is hooked on heroin and Saul has only nine days before he loses his ability to call the shots as the CIA's acting director. Plus: Who's to say Brody wants to have any part in Saul's game? That's where Carrie comes in... //

Top Moments: Person of Interest's Fallen Hero and J.Law Gets Cozy with Dave

Our top moments of the week: 14. Best Power Move: Annie finally kills Henry on Covert Affairs in an empty alleyway in Hong Kong, but the biggest game-changer comes halfway around the world. Back at Langley, Calder is nominated to fill the vacant DCS seat, at least temporarily, after Braithwaite's suicide. Though hesitant to accept it at first because he doesn't want to overstep on Joan, who's just...   //

‘The Bridge’ EP Meredith Stiehm Returning to ‘Homeland’

Meredith Stiehm is returning to her “Homeland” — but she’ll still be hanging around “The Bridge.” Stiehm, who serves as executive producer for the FX series “The Bridge,” is heading back to the Showtime drama “Homeland.” where she served as executive producer until last year.   Read More... //