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Homeland Postmortem: Show Boss Breaks Down the "Magic Trick" of Season 3

  [WARNING: The following story contains major spoilers from Sunday's  Homeland . Read at your own risk.] If something has seemed off about this season of  Homeland , there's a good reason for it: That's exactly what the writers wanted!  Read More... //

Top Moments: Dancing Rings Our Bell and Hot Chick Rebel Wilson Schools Conan

  Our top moments of the week: 14. Deadliest Temper Tantrum: On The Originals , Klaus tries to rectify the fact that he turned over his daggered brother to his current foe. After a drawn-out plan that costs quite a few lives, Klaus leads Marcel to believe he saved him and, in turn, would return his brother. But in the final scene, Marcel's bratty little mini-witch throws a hissy fit and refuses to give back Elijah before learning how to kill an Original. Klaus better steer clear of Rebekah when she finds out their brother is still gone.  13. Most Mysterious Transformation: On Tuesday's Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. , viewers get yet another hint as to who or what Agent Coulson is after his death in The Avengers . Coulson and the team help save his former protégé, who is surprised by how different he is from when she knew him. "But what did they do to him?" she questions Melinda May. Seriously, we're asking...   //

'Homeland' Season 3: Could Carrie be turned against the CIA?

"Homeland" has been off to a slow start in Season 3, earning some backlash for seemingly retreading on storylines like Carrie being off her medsand being at odds with the CIA. But while some of these plot points seem familiar, could it be that they're heading towards a different end game? After all, at what point will Carrie finally reach the end of her rope with a country that doesn't seem to be on her side? A recurring plot point in Season 3's first three episodes is the fact that the CIA is throwing Carrie under the bus. First her relationship with Brody was leaked, then Saul revealed her bipolar disorder and, as seen in episode 3, he now won't even field her calls. "Tower of David" intentionally paralleled Brody and Carrie's journeys by showing that they're both prisoners of their situations, but the parallel might run deeper than that. Brody was turned against his... //

Homeland Season 3 Episode 4 “Game On”

Homeland  “Game On” Season 3 episode 4 airs Sunday October 20, 2013 at 10pm et/pt Episode Synopsis : “Game On” – Dana goes AWOL, forcing Jessica to call the police. Carrie has a meeting. Read More... //

'Homeland' Moments: Brody and Carrie's Journey to Hit Rock Bottom from 'Tower of David'

On Homeland , Brody returned on "Tower of David" and he's in horrible condition. He may have been better off staying in America and attempting to prove his innocence in the CIA bombing. Carrie isn't doing much better than Brody emotionally, though she's living in much better physical conditions. Check out their journey to hit rock bottom. They have hit bottom, right? It can't get worse from here, can it?  Read More... //

'Homeland' Season 3: Damian Lewis on when Brody will reunite with Carrie and Dana

"Homeland" finally revealed where Brody's been in Season 3 during episode 3, "Tower of David," and it turns out he's pretty far removed from the rest of the show's storylines. According to Damian Lewis, viewers shouldn't expect his plot to reconcile with the central one any time soon. "I don't see Brody coming out of hell. I think he lives a living hell, and I think he has for some time, really from the moment we first met him," Brody tells Huffington Post. "Just when we first met him, he seemed to represent the threat as well, so he seemed to be more active or proactive -- he seemed to be a little bit more master of his own destiny. But I think the reality for Brody is he has never been master of his own destiny. ... He can never really lead a full, engaged life again." Inevitably "Homeland" will bring Carrie and Brody... //

'Homeland' 3.04 Sneak Peeks: Carrie Discharged From Asylum

Someone authorizes Carrie's release after she tells her father that she can't stand being in the facility anymore.  Read More... //

'Homeland' Preview: Brody's Back

The whereabouts of Brody remained a mystery during the first two episodes of Homeland  season 3. He's the most wanted man in the United States with a bounty on his head after being pegged as being responsible for the bombing of the CIA headquarters. In "Tower of David," Brody's story is revealed.  Read More... //

Homeland Season 3 Episode 3 “Tower Of David”

Homeland  “Tower Of David” Season 3 episode 3 airs Sunday October 13, 2013 at 10pm et/pt Episode Synopsis : “Tower Of David” – Brody returns to his faith for guidance. Carrie gets a suspicious offer. Read More... //

'Homeland' 3.03 Preview: Brody Is Back

Carrie is still in the asylum and a mysterious man offers to help her as she struggles to connect with Saul.  Read More.... //