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Homeland Preview: What Are the Risks?

There are six hours to a terrorist attack on Homeland Season 5 Episode 11 and it appears as if the only way to get viable information about it is from Peter Quinn. Peter Quinn, however, is in a medical coma. He's barely alive. His system sustained major damage due to the sarin gas. To pull him out of the coma could be the end of him. The doctor tells Carrie and Saul he will be happy to let them know the very second Quinn wakes up. He doesn't appear to be joking about the severity of Quinn's situation.   Read More... //

Showtime Renews 'Homeland' and 'The Affair'

The political thriller and the infidelity drama will return for a sixth season and a third season respectively next year.   Read More... //

Homeland, The Affair Renewed

Homeland remains secure and The Affair is not ending. Showtime on Wednesday officially renewed the Sunday dramas for a sixth and third season, respectively. The pickups come as both shows head into the homestretch of their current seasons (their finales air Dec. 20). Thoughts? Which renewal are you more excited about? Which series is currently //

Did Homeland Just Kill Off [Spoiler]?!

TVs bait-and-switch death craze is officially out of control! In Sundays Homeland, the Pltzensee prison terrorists exposed Quinn to a lethal dose of Sarin gas in what was an apparent test run for a bigger, far deadlier chemical weapons attack in Berlin. The side effects didnt take long to kick in. Within seconds of the [] //

'Homeland' Graffiti Saboteur: Hollywood's Depiction of Middle East Is Dangerous (Q&A)

"Homeland is racist" was one of several messages in Arabic that were sprayed on the side of a refugee camp that appeared in a recently aired episode.   Read More... //

‘Homeland’ Declared Racist by Its Own Graffiti

You know that joke about someone showing off a Chinese tattoo that they think says "peace" when it really says "worm"? That has more or less become a reality for the producers of Homeland, who hired artists to create graffiti in a Syrian refugee camp set featuring pro-Assad messages. Instead, the artists used the opportunity to denounce Homeland for its portrayal of Muslim culture. READ MORE...

Will Quinn Really Target Carrie on Homeland?

  Carrie Mathison knows someone wants her dead on Homeland -- but is it her former partner-in-crime and almost-lover Peter Quinn? On Sunday's episode, Carrie ( Claire Danes ) learns that an attack in Beirut was supposed to kill her, not her boss. In the final moments of the episode, Quinn ( Rupert Friend ) ...   Read More...   //

Homeland Promo: Green Light

For what, exactly, is Saul getting a green light on Homeland Season 5 Episode 3 ? Is it for the plan he already put into motion? Carrie struggles to discover who is after her by going off the deep end and winds up pretty deep into the woods with Jonas (Jonas?!) promising he's not going to be chasing her. What's happening? Homeland Season 5 is ready to continue its hot streak while nobody truly believes Carrie really broke ties with the CIA except those closest to the situation. See what else may be in store with the preview, and be back here next week for a review of the installment.   Read More... //

'Homeland' Boss On Berlin's Hacking Culture, Spies and Carrie's Post-CIA Status in Season 5

"It's a quieter, more internal story," says Alex Gansa. "It's a spy story this year."   Read More... //

Homeland Preview: An Unpredictable Situation

Three days preparation to take your boss into a war zone isn't a lot of time. It's not anything Carrie didn't already know, and it looks like her worst fears are realized from this preview for Homeland Season 5 Episode 2 . While Carrie is off in Lebanon trying to keep Otto During safe from terrorists, Allison will be attempting to convince Saul that Carrie's shared connection to Laura Sutton through the man she's trying to protect means she's also a party to the seismic breach into the CIA's computer system.   Read More... //