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'Homeland's' Gideon Raff to Adapt 'The Increment' for UCP

The New York Times best-seller centers on CIA officer Harry Pappas and an Iranian scientist. //

'Homeland' Alum Nazanin Boniadi Signs With ICM Partners (Exclusive)

She will star as the female lead of 'Ben Hur,' out Aug. 12.    Read More... //

Homeland Star Miranda Otto Lands Female Lead on Foxs 24 Spinoff

Who needs Jack Bauer, anyway? Miranda Otto has been cast as the other lead on Foxs 24: Legacy spinoff, joining the previously reported Corey Hawkins atop the one-hour dramas call sheet. Otto will play Rebecca Ingram,the blazing smart former head of CTU. Now married to Sen. John Donovan, Ingram is struggling with second thoughts about having left the counterterrorism agency.    Read More... //

'Homeland' EP: "Quinn Has a Good Chance of Coming Back"

Howard Gordon talked to THR about what's in store for Rupert Friend's character in the buzzy Showtime drama.   Read More... //

Homeland Season 6 to Be Set in New York

Season six of Homeland will shoot at least partly in New York, Showtime president David Nevins revealed Tuesday at TCA. The season will be set primarily in the New York area, not exclusively, Nevins said. Nevins also revealed that he spoke with Homelandexecutive producer Alex Gansa the day after the November Paris attacks while Gansa was on his way to Berlin to shoot the terror attack that was critical to the season finale.The plot was really already done before world events started to coincide, Nevins said.   Read More... //

‘Homeland’ Season 5 Finale: Shifting Loyalties, Hard Choices, and Quiet Heartache

Oh Homeland, how you torment us so. Last year, Showtime’s excellent thriller series soared back to form in Season 4, but faltered in its final episodes (a recurring theme for the show, which many agree would have been in the canon of all-time great television achievements had it literally pulled the trigger in its Season 1 finale). Season 5 course-corrected some of those mistakes, for what might be its best season yet. But, it wasn’t perfect. The show started off this year with a grand entrance (review), first focusing on a hacked documents scandal, before pivoting into what the show does best: an examination of terrorism. The new locale, Germany, offered a narrative reboot, and also a nice set of episodic bookends for Carrie (Claire Danes), as she (once again) attempts to reconcile her desire for a "normal" life with her drive and talent regarding her CIA work. READ MORE...

Homeland Executive Producer Talks Shows Amazing or Terrifying Real-Life Parallels

At five years old, Showtime's Homeland is as nimble and versatile as ever in the care of showrunner Alex Gansa and star Claire Danes . The Emmy-winning series wraps up it most recent season Sunday night, having already been renewed earlier this month for a sixth season. Executive producer and director Lesli Linka Glatter spoke with The Wrap about this season's exercise in emotional chaos coupled with a fresh, exciting espionage story, just ahead of Sundays finale. TheWrap: The series has really found a rhythm now, leaning on a sort of franchise but changing up the world for these characters each year. Lesli Linka Glatter : For me, by changing locales, by dealing with different world events and content, it keeps it very fresh. Its one thing if youre always in an emergency room. There's lots of dramatic things that happen in an emergency room because thats life or death, but for us the challenge is were almost rebooting the series every year. Read More...

Showtime Boss David Nevins on HBO and Netflix, the Lifespans of Homeland and The Affair, and Twin Peaks

During a year when so many returning series suffered serious audience erosion, Showtimes Homeland and The Affair wrapped their respective seasons Sunday in decidedly strong shape. Final numbers incorporating encore showings and delayed viewing wont be in for a few weeks, but early data suggests Homeland will at worst match its year-ago ratings, while The Affair may be that rare 2015 sophomore series which actually grew its audience. That means that while HBO's The Leftovers deservedly drew raves for its stellar second season, its Showtime rivals reached more viewers this fall (despite HBO being available in more homes). Vulture caught up with Showtime president (and soon-to-be CEO) David Nevins last week to talk about his Sunday successes, whats ahead in 2016 and how Showtime is evolving to meet the challenge from new streaming rivals such as Netflix. And yes, we also asked him how things were going on the Twin Peaks revival. (Spoiler: Its looking good.) Lets talk about Homeland , which will have aired its finale when this interview posts. It was definitely a positive season for the show, both in terms of ratings and buzz. The series seems more focused than its been, maybe a bit less of a soap opera and more of a tense thriller. How did you and the producers manage the transformation, if thats the word? After Brody, the last two years have really been about Alex and the writing staff committing to the idea of this show as a very real-world spy thriller, and trying to tell the story of Americas place in a very complicated world in the 21st century. The show has become much more researched-based. They take a two or three-week trip to Washington, D.C., in January and sit down with a ton of national-security people, CIA people some current, some former and hear what they're concerned about, what they see happening over the course of the next twelve months. Read More...

Sunday showdown for Allison (Homeland) and Alison (Affair)

Call it a Tale of Two Allisons. Or is that Alisons? Not only do the season finales of Homeland and The Affair air back-to-back Sunday night on Showtime (9-11 p.m.), but the shows female leads have vital storylines heading into these heart-pounding episodes. On Homeland, Allison Carr (Mirando Otto) an American-born Russian spy masquerading... //

Why Fiction Mirrored Grim Reality on Homeland This Season

Eerie parallels between news events and the plot of "Homeland" have prompted "soul searching" by the show's writers. //