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What the Show “Homeland” Gets Wrong about Terrorism

Our understanding of the world shapes the media that we create. However, the media that we create also shapes our understanding of the world. This is something that can lead into a self-perpetuating cycle, which can provide people with a misleading understanding of matters shown on the TV screen. One example is Homeland, which is much more interested in drama than anything that can be called accuracy. To start, Homeland has a dubious understanding of international politics. For example, it featured a team-up between al-Qaeda and Hezbollah, which is rather questionable because the first is Sunni and the second is Shia. People who remember the coverage of the Iraqi insurgency should remember the reports of fighting between Sunnis and Shias in said country, which is one example of the serious tensions between the two that can be found throughout the Middle East. As a result, a team-up between al-Qaeda and Hezbollah for the purpose of attacking the United States is improbable, not least because al-Qaeda and Hezbollah’s backer Iran were on opposite sides during the Iraqi insurgency. READ MORE...

Homeland Recap: The Lunatic Fringe

Dont mess with Carrie Mathison.   ...

Homeland Recap: Computer Blues

Need to catch up? Check out our previous Homeland recap here. Allow me to suggest an alternate title for this weeks Homeland: Carrie, What the @%&#$*! Are You Doing??? Carrie meets with a therapist to talk about the latest turmoil in her life and there it is, our first Peter Quinn mention of the []

Homeland & Our Cartoon President Review: Colberts Trump Comedy Flounders; Spy Drama Returns On Point

If you are a big supporter of Donald Trump or happy that Hillary Clinton never made it to the White House, then Showtime has a Sunday lineup for you staring February 11 with the debut of Our Cartoon President and the Season 7 start of Homeland . The thing is, though, that while the Claire Danes-led Homeland again revels in layers of complexities and spycraft agendas, the new animated series executive produced by Stephen Colbert is little more than a protracted exercise in  ...Read More...

Homeland Season Premiere Recap: Welcome to the Resistance

What does Homeland look like without Peter Quinn?   ...

Homeland Season 7 Premiere Recap: Brunette Ambition Grade It!

Homelands Carrie may not technically be a spy anymore but she still knows how to throw on a wig and start some trouble. (Its like riding a bike, apparently.) As Sundays Season 7 premiere opens, Carrie is unemployed President Keane dumped her as part of her paranoia-fueled purge, following last seasons assassination attempt []

Homeland Season 6 Finale Recap: Greater Expectations Grade It!

Need to catch up? Check out the previous Homeland recap here. Season 6 of Homeland wrapped up with Sundays finale but if youre looking for a happy ending, youve come to the wrong place. Dar Adal walks through that favorite restaurant of his and back to the meat locker, where he finds a U.S. senator [] //

'Homeland' S6E12: America First

"Believe me, it was never my intention for things to turn so dark. Ultimately, I lost control of what I set in motion. What I did was unforgivable, but I'm not sure it was wrong. There's something off about her — the president, I mean. I know, I've said it before, but there's something dogmatic and dangerous, something distinctly un-American." Much as I've loathed him this season, after watching the entire finale, I was taking no satisfaction in seeing Dar in a military jumpsuit, one of the 16 people already detained in a military facility. Dar's instinct is correct. Saul: "Carrie, are you gettin' this? Cracker and Cross were detained this morning. They're making arrests all over Washington. You gotta talk to her, Carrie. Tell her to stop this insanity." Newsreader: "...dozens of arrests made in connection with the attempted assassination of the president earlier this month. According to the president's chief of staff, those arrested include officials from all departments of government, including State, the Department of Defense, and the CIA." With these key senior officials arrested, Keane has effectively hobbled the entire government, not just its main agencies. "Everyone detained today was connected to the conspiracy," Carrie is told by Keane's new chief of staff. Carrie's reply: "You used me. I didn't know we were going to go full Joseph Stalin. This has nothing to do with conspiracy, this is political housecleaning — payback, pure and simple." As usual, her analysis is correct. The end shot of her looking back at the Capitol after being escorted from the White House shows her, the one free spy, out in the cold, up against an entire government. It's a grim shot and by the look in Carrie's eyes, she realizes she helped bring about this totalitarian regime, albeit unknowingly. I have to wonder if this is why, six weeks on, Franny has yet to be returned to her. That's at least two months Franny has been gone and only now a home visit has been arranged. It's all very strange and makes me think that Franny has been kept away from her mother simply to keep Carrie quiet. "What we do know is that everything she said she would do was a lie… she has expanded the Patriot Act, ignored court orders." I admire Homeland for leaving it to Brett O'Keefe to tell us what's happening. Keane has had 16 government officials, including a senator, sitting in a military prison with no explanation. He also says she is ignoring court orders. Of course, this broadcast is before Saul has a gun pointed at him in his car and most everyone else seated around the "Carrie table" was arrested. "Did she even put her hand on a Bible?" There should at least have been a video made available to the press. It is troubling that not even one photograph was made public. Why? Brett O'Keefe, Dar Adal, et al. played straight into Keane's plan to dismantle the government agencies, not just the CIA. It's curious that he has yet to be arrested. His egregious behavior and his domestic propaganda machine at "900" is all well known, announced on his show to the world. Surely he's being investigated by both the media and government agencies. Yet, he goes free as government officials with no complicity are arrested? Weird. Suspicious. Keane's chief of staff mentions to Carrie that they're listening to conversations gathered by the NSA? Is "900" perhaps part of that information gathering? There was no mention of that organization in the finale. For me, the strangest thing about O'Keefe's "black box" operation at "900" is: why wasn't it up and running before the election? Why was "900" only hiring like crazy after Keane had been elected? Surely the mere fact that she was in the running for a very close presidential race would have made "900" indispensable to invalidate her long before anyone got near a ballot box? They should have hit her with her son's "cowardice" before the election, made her unelectable. Why would someone like O'Keefe wait till after Keane was elected to start with the fibre optic cables and the hiring of all those government officials? We still don't know who was really in charge of "900." Something about all of this just does not feel right. Could Keane and/or (more probably) her billionaire financial backers be the real puppet masters behind "900"? Was it all cleverly strategized to undermine the government from before she began her campaign? Going on O'Keefe's show gave her millions in free advertising that would reach not just his supporters but people on the fence about her. Remember, she said, "Half the country hates me." Could she have been involved? The assassination attempt reminded me of something I read over 20 years ago: "The one thing that will bring popularity to an unpopular head of state is a failed assassination attempt. Their ratings go through the roof as citizens are outraged at the attack on their democracy." Yes, of course, McLendon and O'Keefe were part of it all, but how much input did Keane have? It is strange that her car was last to leave, almost as though McLendon's people had been left out of the loop. Still, McLendon stuck to the narrative that Quinn was the assassin throughout. It's all too suspicious and doesn't add up. Thoughts and observations Yes, there probably was, at the last moment, by McLendon and others, a coup planned. But not just one. Keane always planned to take down all the main government agencies, directly accusing them of being complicit in her fake/failed assassination. It feels like a long-term plan of Keane's. My heart broke quite a bit as Quinn, an expert field agent, assessed the available exits and came to the conclusion that the only way out was to sacrifice himself for Carrie and Keane. Had he lowered his body, then the bullets might have hit Carrie and/or Keane. He couldn't take that risk. Quinn's cherished photos (including one of John Jr.), his only personal belongings, were kept in an old envelope. He had, unknown to Carrie, a smiling photo of her. What made me crumble was that the photos in the envelope were hidden in Dickens' book Great Expectations . Quinn did at some point have hope; this was not the ending we wished for him. Past is prologue. It feels like McCarthyism all over again, only this time the senior officials from all branches of government are being accused of plotting to assassinate the president. There will be many hearings. People will inform on others just to get themselves out of trouble. Then, all the alliances that have been built up over years, decades, will be lost. No one will trust anyone, not even someone they've worked with closely. We're going to have to wait until Season 7 to find out any answers. Was Keane involved? Was everything a set-up to get an unpopular leader fully in charge? What will happen to Saul? Will Carrie ever get Franny back? I'd love to hear your thoughts, not just about the finale but also about the season. Did you enjoy it? Hate it? Are you looking forward to seeing Carrie analyze everything in Season 7?

Homeland: Homeland, Season 6, Episode 12: In the Finale, Carrie Discovers a New Adversary

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Homeland Season 6 Episode 12 Review: America First

So that happened. Homeland Season 6 Episode 12 just upended a season that had felt tight in its plot and coherent in its character development for...shock value? I don't even know. So, let's see. Peter Quinn is dead for real this time. That was pretty much my takeaway. ....Read More...