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'Homeland' works to sustain tension after last season's reveal

Viewers now know about Claire Danes' and Damian Lewis' characters. Next, trying to hold the interest in Season 2. CHARLOTTE, N.C. — In a well-manicured park on a balmy North Carolina morning, Nicholas Brody is losing his cool. //feeds.latimes.com/~r/latimes/entertainment/news/tv/~3/b9duZsCFgiE/la-et-st-homeland-charlotte-20120916,0,7739036.story

'Homeland' Season 2 - Watch the first 20 minutes now!

"Homeland" doesn't return for another exciting, tension-filled season until Sunday, Sept. 30 at 10 p.m., but Showtime has made the first 20 minutes of the Season 2 premiere available online ahead of the premiere.This is simultaneously the best and the worst news ever. Best, because OMG waiting for a new episode since December has been one of the hardest things we've endured all year. (Yes, we live charmed lives.) Worst, because we can't watch the rest of the episode until Sept. 30.PICTURES: 2012 Primetime Emmy nomineesWatch the first 25 minutes of the episode below to find out how Carrie has been coping after her hospitalization, how Brody's political career is going and more. How cruel is it that we still have to wait to watch the rest?!... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2012/09/homeland-season-2---watch-the-first-20-minutes-now.html

'Homeland' Season Two Preview and Claire Danes' Bipolar Research (Video)

The Emmy-winning actress speaks with THR about her troubled character, therapy and this coming season. Plus, a video preview of the first 20 minutes of season two. //feedproxy.google.com/~r/thr/television/~3/lhaW0mrU5fs/story01.htm

'Homeland' Season 2 NYC premiere live stream: See the stars schmooze on the red carpet and exclusive sneak peeks!

"Homeland" is debuting its much-anticipated second season tonight with an all-star premiere tonight (Sept. 7) at New York City's Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum -- the new home of the Space Shuttle Enterprise. What, you didn't get the invite? Stop that Carrie Mathison ugly cry right now -- we're airing the livestream here at 6:30 p.m. ET/ 3:30 p.m. PT. Stay tuned for live interviews with "Homeland's" cast, producers and other special guests, plus exclusive clips and a sneak peek of the season premiere. Claire Danes, Damian Lewis, Mandy Patinkin and Morena Baccarin star in the terrorism thriller, nominated for nine Emmy Awards. "Homeland" returns Sunday, Sept. 30 at 10 p.m. on Showtime.... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2012/09/homeland-season-2-new-york-city-premiere-live-stream-see-the-stars-schmooze-on-the-red-carpet-and-wa.html

New Homeland Game Takes You Into the Mind of Carrie Mathison

Many shows have created interactive games  for their viewers to play. The shows use these games as yet another way to  attract the nerds  generate excitement among the fans  of the show . However, few shows have gone all-in to level that  Homeland  has in its new game. On the site  ithitshome.com ,  Homeland  fans can get an inside look at Carrie’s "files." While ithitshome.com is the homebase for the game, the game actually takes the player to many different websites as you run down clues to help Carrie take down Abu Nazir. Claire Danes even does a video spot where she implores you to help her before the ECT treatments wipe her memory clean. If you like decoding mysteries and have an unquenchable desire to help a woman in the psych ward, then the new Homeland  game may be for you. Crazy cabin sex with terrorists and electroshock therapy  are not required. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2012/09/04/new-homeland-game-takes-you-into-the-mind-of-carrie-mathison/  

'Homeland' Season 2: 5 Spoilers You Need To Know

The first season of "Homeland" revolved around U.S. Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis), who turned up 10 years after going missing during the invasion of Baghdad. CIA agent Carrie Mathis... //www.starpulse.com/news/Noelle_Talmon/2012/08/30/homeland_season_2_5_spoilers_you_need_?ref_src=news_rss

Homeland Keeps It Weird in Their New Poster

One of the hallmarks of this new age of cable dramas is the willingness to make the audienceuncomfortable . Shows like  The Sopranos ,  The Wire , and  Breaking Bad  want to confront you with the harsh truths about the context of their show. After one season, it seems that  Homeland  is willing to join that club. The entire first season was filled with moments that were extremely uncomfortable, but riveting at the same time . Carrie’s unhealthy obsession, Carrie’s psychosis, Brody’s interactions with his wife, Brody’s interactions with his daughter, and Carrie and Brody’s weird relationship were all uncomfortable to watch at times. Judging from the latest poster released previewing season two, it doesn’t look like that last one is going to get a lot better. It’s one thing to masterfully color code intelligence so you can find out what’s going on with the world’s most dangerous terrorist (Abu Nazir), it’s quite another to form the intelligence into the face of a man who you survey, work with, and screw from time to time. I know it’s just a poster, but the poster tells us that Carrie’s obsession isn’t going to wane in this second season. I sure hope it doesn’t, because we’re far better off with with the Crazy Carrie from this poster. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2012/08/24/homeland-keeps-it-weird-in-their-new-poster/  

Homeland Season 2 Teasers: Saul Berenson Called

After receiving a round of electro-convulsive therapy following her mental breakdown, Carrie Mathison has decided to live a quiet life. Off the force and struggling to put herself back together, she moves in with her sister and tries to put everything behind her - the FBI, Brody, all of her episodes. It might not be that easy, but being in the environment she was triggered her obsessive nature and led to her not taking care of herself like she should. Carrie may yet come out on the other side of her bipolar disorder during the run of Homeland , but what happens when the opportunity to go back onto the field comes into play? In the new teasers that Showtime has released, Carrie's faced with that dilemma, as Saul's come calling for her to join him on an overseas mission. It's a risky proposition for the former agent; she has been getting better and may undo all the progress she's made away from her job (in addition to possibly being a liability), but Carrie, a great agent in her own right, has this insatiable need for justice and to track down the "bad guy" by any means necessary. However, knowing the character like we do, it's obvious what Carrie will do with the offer from her former mentor. The only question is how it changes her recovery going forward and if her relationship with Saul will ever be the same again. Read More.... //feedproxy.google.com/~r/tvovermind/tvnews/~3/PtCjFVEeNPE/

'Homeland' Season 2 Trailer Delivers Heated Emotions, Charming Police Cover (Video)

Claire Danes and her "Homeland" co-stars return to Showtime for a second season of terrorist-chasing thrills on Sept. 30, and a new trailer for the upcoming sophomore run offers a taste of what's to come. The montage of emotionally-charged images is set to a children's choir singing the Police hit "Every Breath You Take" -- probably an indication that there'll be a heightened sense of scrutiny this season, but the sound of innocent children belting out the '80s stalker anthem helps take the edge off of the paranoia. For now, anyway. //www.thewrap.com/tv/column-post/homeland-season-2-trailer-delivers-heated-emotions-charming-police-cover-video-52481

'Homeland' Season 2 trailer: How dangerous is Brody...and Carrie?

"Homeland's" sophomore season returns next month, and Showtime has released a new "Brody 2012" trailer focusing on war hero/congressman/terrorist Nick Brody's (Damian Lewis) vice presidential campaign. "What happens when your country forgets you?" narrates Mandy Patinkin (Saul) over scenes of Brody's torture, acceptance of Islam and political campaign -- and booted CIA operative Carrie Mathison's (Claire Danes) mental breakdown. "Ideas are bound to warp," continues his voiceover. "Allegiances shift. If everything you had was taken away and you had nothing left to lose, what lengths would you go to for the one idea that pulled you through? And how dangerous would you be?" Is Saul referring to the secret al-Qaeda sympathizer or the forsaken former CIA operative? Or both? The teaser's gripping final scene suggests that Brody's campaign might have rekindled Carrie's memories -- wiped by her ECT treatment just as she made a connection between Brody and terrorist leader Abu Nazir. We know how... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2012/08/homeland-season-2-trailer-how-dangerous-is-brodyand-carrie.html