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House of Cards Recap: Billboard Dad

None of this comes close to the actual dystopian reality of American politics.    Read More... //

'House of Cards' recap: 'Chapter 48'

At the Democratic National Convention, the Underwoods think they have everything under control, but not everything is as it seems   Read More... //

'House of Cards' recap: 'Chapter 46'

With Will Conway gaining popularity, the Underwoods work on establishing a plan to ruin his campaign and reassert their political dominance   Read More... //

'House of Cards' recap: 'Chapter 45'

Claire makes a bold move to secure the success of her energy plan while Frank finally gets the liver he needs...   Read More... //

House of Cards Recap: Make America Wait Again

Frank's power is borrowed from an office he doesn't deserve to hold.   Read More... //

House of Cards Season 4 Review: Underwood V. Underwood: Dawn of Justice

House of Cards returns mostly as it was last season.   Read More... //

House of Cards: House of Cards Season 4, Episode 2: State of the Union

Two episodes in, Ellen Burstyn is infusing this season with a sense of vitality.   Read More... //

House of Cards: House of Cards Season 4, Episode 1: A Thumb in the Eye

Frank Underwood is in the middle of a presidential primary a backdrop that could overshadow this new season or make it feel extra-relevant.   Read More... //

House of Cards Recap: We Need to Talk About What Happens in Episode 4

Warning: If you are currently binge-watching House of Cards Season 4 but have not yet reached Episode 4, stop collaborate and listen: Turn around and come back after youre done. And not a moment before. Everyone else, you may proceed It was the election-season curveball no one saw coming and for once were not [] //

House of Cards Season Premiere Recap: All My Exes Flee to Texas

Welcome back, Doug Stamper. You've finally escaped the Sadness Cave. ...  Read More... //