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House of Cards Recap: [Spoiler]'s Back!

The following recap contains spoilers from the first episodeof House of Cards just-released fourth season. Proceed at your own peril. House of Cardswent directly to jail at the start of Season 4 tocheck in on an old friend. In a jaw-droppingkickoff to the season, disgracedjournalist and anti-FU crusaderLucas Goodwin who has maintained an off [] //

House of Cards Review: Kevin Spacey Connives Across the Campaign Trail

Is the current presidential election getting you down? Is the prospect of an amoral, conniving opportunist who uses the worst of humanity to his advantage becoming a presidential nominee or eve n president himself just too much for you? Well, Netflix has good news for you with the fourth season of House of Cards, which debuted Friday just past midnight. Now-President Frank Underwood ( Kevin Spacey ) is running for re-election, and somehow that seems so much more appealing than the current options. Maybe its because hes fictional. ...  Read More... //

Book Review: 'House of Cards' season 4: EW review

We watch our screens and we see a transparently craven and amoral hustler make a mockery of the political system and we are as enthralled as we are dumbfounded. Why would anyone vote for this terrible man? Im talking about Frank Underwood, of course, the spectacularly hollow wretch at the center...   Read More... //

House Of Cards Season 4 Review: Kevin Spaceys #FU2016 More Ruthless Than Ever

As Super Tuesday sees big victories for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump today, the real treat for political junkies is coming on Friday with the full Season 4 debut of House of Cards on Netflix . As I say in my video review above, the Kevin Spacey -led series has gotten more outrageous, more ruthless, more high stakes, more Clintonesque and more compellingly timely than ever.   Read More... //

House of Cards Recap: Season 3, Episode 12

  This episode could have been called The Fall of Heather Dunbar and the Rise of Doug Stamper. A news segment at the beginning explains that Dunbar (Elizabeth Marvel) is leading President Frank Underwood ( Kevin Spacey ) in Iowa, t hanks in part to the endorsement from Rep. Jackie Sharp (Molly Parker). But then Dunbar has a conversation that brings an early season storyline full circle:   Read More... //

House of Cards Recap: Season 3, Episode 13

  An explosion was inevitable, even if the Underwoods marriage hadnt just been touted as the unsplittable atom. The third season of House of Cards started out focused on policy storylines. Theres the America Works jobs program that Frank Underwood( Kevin Spacey ) is convinced will make him a Great President, even though its fiercely opposed by much of his own party and the Republicans. And theres a tedious Middle East peace plan that not only focused more on Russia than countries in the actual region but also required characters to speak at length about the complications to explain to viewers whats supposedly happening.   Read More... //

House of Cards Recap, Season 3, Episode 11

This episode features a sequence that is much livelier than any real-world U.S. presidential debate between Kevin Spacey's Frank Underwood, Molly Parker's Jackie Sharp and Elizabeth Marvel's Heather Dunbar.  Read More... //

House of Cards Recap: Season 3, Episode 10

The price of professional success looms large in this episode.   Read More... //

House of Cards Recap: Season 3, Episode 9

Not long after arriving in Iowa, President Frank Under lands lands in the middle of a possible violation of campaign rules.   Read More... //

House of Cards Season 3 Review, Part 2 (Episodes 513): The End of the Underwoods

House of Cards spent the majority of its third season focused on Frank and Claire Underwood, to mixed results.   Read More.... //