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House of Cards Season 3, Episode 10 Recap: The Good Wife

  No one is happy about the Jordan Valley. Petrov is pissed. Israeli and Palestine are in a miniature arms race. Claire cant keep the American involvement under control. And apparently the American people are none too thrilled with the fact that our troops are entangled in a vague, seemingly pointless peacekeeping mission that looks suspiciously not peaceful. As Frank hits the campaign trail, the town halls get teeth, as people use the Q&A session to ask what the hell were even doing there.   Frank tries to dodge, but Annie a white-haired rock star who officially has my heart doesnt let him. What is the point of having us ask questions if you wont answer them?   Read More... //

House of Cards Season 3 Finale Recap: This Office Has One Chair

Our Season 3 binge is at an end. What did you think?  Read More... //

'House of Cards,' Chapter 34: A Big Storm is Coming

Frank's carefully laid plans hit yet another speed bump in House of Cards, "Chapter 34." As a hurricane approaches, the president makes the responsible decision to sign a bill that would fund FEMA at the expense of America Works. A force of nature is just about the only thing Frank can't control, despite his best efforts to prepare for the hurricane by using other departments as damage control. //

House of Cards Season 3, Episode 12 Recap: Their Only Child

What kind of a legacy do the Underwoods hope to leave?   Read More... //

House of Cards Season 3, Episode 9 Recap: Bring Up the Bodies

  We begin in bliss: Look at Tom and Kate, happy coupling in hotels across the country, chasing the Underwood campaign trail while skipping all the events. Kate has been divorced twice and has a daughter in college, but Tom doesnt care. He has no expectations. I never have of anyone. You shouldnt either. Ugh, Tom is such a Cool Guy.   Speaking of guys trying to be cool: Why is Frank campaigning in a leather jacket? Its not even motorcycle-style why bother? Also, not sure how nothing is going to go over as a rallying cry. Frank is doing the whole I met a woman named Gloria thing when Claire slips him a note: eight Russians killed in the Jordan Valley. God bless Iowa, lets get the hell out of dodge.   Read More... //

'House of Cards' recap: 'Chapter 39'

Doug finally comes face-to-face with Rachel, while Claire makes a decision with massive implications for the Underwoods' future.   Read More... //

'House of Cards' recap: 'Chapter 38'

Heather Dunbar makes a desperate move, and it sends Frank into a fit of rage.   Read More... //

House of Cards Season 3, Episode 11 Recap: Every Seven Years

As we approach the end of this season only two more episodes left after this one the old Frank and Claire are coming back to life.   Read More... //

'House of Cards,' Chapter 33: Secrets Come Spilling Out

Frank opens up in a surprising way.   Read More... //

House of Cards Season 3, Episode 8 Recap: Dark and Stormy

  Remember when Cathy told Claire she didnt drink hurricanes at Tulane during the most glamorous boozefest this side of the Potomac ? We werent barbarians , she scoffed.   Well, somebody in the HOC writers room is not a fan of hurricanes, because another one is headed toward the East Coast. The disaster-relief fund has been depleted by a third for AmWorks, and even minimalist prep would require $8 billion. (Of all the times to take a minimalist approach, while preparing for a hurricane would not be a good one. When readying for a hurricane, like when eating on Thanksgiving or decorating the inside of a seventh-grade locker, too much is never enough.) FEMA, fortunately, shares my view on these matters, and says they need to prepare for the worst.  Read More... //