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'House of Cards' Season 1 episode 3: Frank and the giant peach

"House of Cards" returns for Season 2 on Netflix on Friday, Feb. 14 -- happy Valentine's Day, right? -- and in preparation, Zap2it is taking a quick look back at the first season. "Chapter 3" is up for Tuesday (Feb. 4).Where we are:This episode sees Frank have to momentarily push pause on his grand schemes in Washington to head back to his home district in South Carolina. A teenage girl has died in a car accident -- she was texting and driving, but her text was about the giant water tower called the Peachoid, which Frank had built and has always championed to keep standing outside of his hometown.Because we live in an age of litigation and finding someone to blame, the parents want to sue the town, instead of just lamenting that they didn't teach their daughter better driving habits -- though they are egged on by local muckety-muck Orrin Chase, who hates Frank... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2014/02/house-of-cards-season-1-episode-3-frank-and-the-giant-peach.html

House of Cards: What Happens When a Reporter Becomes an Army of One?

There are two parables embedded in Episode 3 of "House of Cards." The first is an old one, reminding us that all politics, no matter how important the players, are local. And the second seems to take on a more modern dilemma, suggesting that journalism, often thought of as a team sport, is actually morphing into a place where individuals shine. After all, there’s at least one “I” in journalism, right? //mediadecoder.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/02/28/house-of-cards-what-happens-when-a-reporter-becomes-an-army-of-one/