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House Episode 23 Season 5 "Under My Skin" Review by Connie Norberg

House Season 5 Episode 23 "Under My Skin" Review by Connie Norberg The beginning ballet performance captured my attention when the young ballerina lady was dropped by her co-dancer and all of a sudden could not breathe. Meanwhile, poor House finds himself in recognition with his imagination, "Amber." You could tell he wanted to be free from this chaotic embrace he shares with her so much so that he argues with "her" about being rational. It was unusual to me that House wanted to take a personal day from work; it's just not like him. His persistence to remain at home, unbothered, is not outweighed, because the young ballerina now needs a diagnosis. He humors the audience by going into work anyway, possibly to get mental help from his "rational" thoughts, "Amber." House seems so lost when he tried to explain his hallucinations to Dr. Wilson. I think that's why he agrees to help him. Besides, he does seem to care about House, personally. So while he attempts to diagnose the young lady who is obviously suffering, he seems to carry the weight of "Amber", unwillingly. It's enjoyable to know that House has his patients' needs placed before his. Although, living and breathing the nightmare of hallucinations, minute-by-minute, does not seem to be easy. As House continues on with the reach for a diagnosis of the young ballerina, he reluctantly admits to Wilson that he carries conversations with Wilson's deceased girlfriend, Amber. But I like the fact that House opens up to him here. It now has me guessing what is really going on with House. Could it be MS? Or is it side effects from too much vicodin? The mystery for a diagnosis now turns me to House. The scene where House gives himself an insulin shot give me straight goose bumps. I am now on the edge of my seat as I carefully watch how his misery will unfold. As he wakes up with Wilson at his side, he looked around and did not see Amber and assumed she no longer holds his mind captive. Now my attention falls back to the young lady who is suffering from an undiagnosed problem. But my shock comes after finding out that House brilliantly figures out that the young ladies boyfriend must have and STD and therefore he was not able to cure the young lady, properly. It turns out; she had it first, then the boyfriend. Then he figures out, he got lucky by seeing guilt in the boyfriend, but because the idea was not his own, he looks around to find "Amber" singing to him. This now has me more confused than before. His greatest mystery diagnosis of all is himself. Read the rest of this review here: House Episode 23 Season 5 "Under My Skin" Review by Connie Norberg

House: Under My Skin; s05.e23

A dancer's medical issue leaves House killing her to save her, by taking images of her heart. The hallucination of Amber leaves House doubting his own sanity enough to bring Wilson, and then Cuddy, into the fold. Cameron reveals to Chase that she doubts herself, and what she may do in the future, by wanting to keep her dead hubby's sperm incase their relationship fails. This drives Cameron into sitting in on House's team's final differential finally, for once. A beautiful dancer has a hidden heart apsis from developing Gonorrhea. She got the STD from a mysterious tryst, outside of her relationship with a fellow dancer. This indiscretion led to her situation where she developed an extremely rare adverse reaction to the antibiotics that House prescribed for her initially. The severe reaction shed most of her skin. House's team was able to remove the apsis, but were devoid of House, to come up with a crazy method to reanimate the dancer's hands and feet, on their own. House brought Wilson into the fold when Foreman coerced him to come back to work. Most of the episode was filled with House trying to cheat and deny his Vicodin hallucination of Amber. When he was faced with electro shock therapy as his only other option to rehab with Vicodin withdrawal, he went to Cuddy to ask for help. I think it was clear at the end he was driving himself to do whatever the hallucination of Amber seemed so adamant against. That singular purpose helped Cuddy see him through the worse of the withdrawal. For once, House said: "Thank you" to Cuddy for caring about, and helping him personally. I feel that was the first time I ever heard House say Thank you to anyone devoid of any sarcasm. The singularity of that moment lead to them actually kissing outside of some dream, or hallucination sequence; And, removing each other's cloths. I think that maybe it is about time House and Cuddy released their inner rabbits on each other. After 5 years, the sexual tension between them was getting a little old; And, I was actually hoping for something new, so I am very happy with this episode. I look forward to watching the rest of the season, and House finding some happiness with Cuddy.