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Monday Ratings Breakdown: 'House' Afire, 'Heroes' Up in Smoke - Featured

The official opening of the 2009-10 TV season brought a ton of viewers back to the broadcast networks and kicked off what is likely to be an intensely competitive fall. Here's a look at who did well and who flamed out on opening night, based on the final same-day ratings from Nielsen. Winner: House . The show's two-hour season premiere drew 17.13 million viewers on Fox, nearly 4 million above its average for last season, and won the adults 18-49 demographic that advertisers love by a wide margin (FOX scored a 6.7 rating in the demo, compared to 4.1 for second-place CBS). Loser: NBC. Heroes failed to move the needle at all from where it ended last season, averaging 6.1 million viewers and a 2.8 rating in adults 18-49 for its two-hour premiere. The much smaller lead-in -- and the first night of original competition from ABC and CBS at 10 o'clock -- pushed " The Jay Leno Show " to its lowest mark by far in its short life: 5.8 million viewers and a 1.8 in the demo. It will be interesting to see how much Leno's show rises and falls based on its lead-in now that the season is in full swing. There was some evidence of that last week, with each show following Monday's curiosity-driven premiere correlating pretty closely to what aired on NBC in the previous hour. Winner: The Big Bang Theory . CBS' move of the show to 9:30 p.m., following the still-strong Two and a Half Men (13.63 million), paid off handsomely. "Big Bang" snagged its biggest audience (12.96 million) and best household (7.9/11) and 18-49 (4.7) ratings ever, and it actually built on its lead-in among younger viewers. Reruns of the show at 9:30 over the summer followed a similar pattern, but CBS has to be pleased to see the move pay off when it counts more. Winner, to some extent: " Dancing with the Stars ." The season nine kickoff of "DWTS" was still the night's most-watched show, holding off "House" with 17.79 million viewers. That number is off a good bit from last fall's premiere, which checked in at 21.34 million viewers. Still, nearly 18 million viewers is nothing to sneeze at, and with "House" going back to its normal one-hour running time next week, there's no reason to think ABC is all that worried. Loser (of its lead-in audience): " Castle ." ABC's crime drama lost about half its "Dancing" lead-in and finished with 9.26 million viewers, on par with what it did last spring. While in raw numbers it's not that bad (it finished second across the board at 10, behind CSI: Miami ), the retention was not great. Incomplete: Accidentally on Purpose . The night's lone new show did a good job of holding onto the audience from How I Met Your Mother , keeping nearly all of its lead-in's viewers (8.9 million vs. 9.1 million) and adults 18-49 rating (3.3 vs. 3.6). Proof of its staying power will come in the next few weeks. Source Here

House Latest Episode: Season 6, Episode 1 - 'Broken'

House checks in the psychiatric hospital and meets a few new characters including his roommate Alvie (guest star Lin-Manuel Miranda) and Dr. Nolan (guest star Andre Braugher). Watch & Discuss: Watch House: Season 6, Episode 1 - 'Broken' Read House's Review: Season 6, Episode 1 - 'Broken'

Hugh Laurie Previews Monday's Premiere of House - Featured

We [E!Online] caught up with the stars of House at the ArcLight Cinerama Dome in Hollywood, where Hugh Laurie made us nervous (he's just so very fabulous and tall and intimidating--you'd wibble, too), Lisa Edelstein made us laugh, and the rest of the cast and exec producers shared scoop about the season to come. E!Online - Hugh Laurie Previews Monday's Premiere of House House returns Monday at 8/7c on Fox!

Hugh Laurie: 'House' Season 6 Premiere 'Humbling'

Just two short days before the much-anticipated premiere of House season 6. The gist: House (Hugh Laurie) is taken to a loony bin (or as he carefully points out, a psychiatric institution) because of an apparent overdose. It was previously revealed that there will be a new love interest in store for him, but unlike what happened with Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein), the make out scenes with Franka Potente are anything but hallucinatory. As Laurie himself confirmed, they're very "real." But outside of House's romantic whatevers, Laurie says the House season 6 premiere will no doubt be "humbling" - and we think we have an idea what he means. For one, House will cease to be the king of his castle on the kick-off, so to speak. From the genius doctor at Princeton-Plainsboro, he is at a mental facility where he is a patient. "He is laid bare to a considerable degree," Laurie tells Starpulse. "He's in a place where his biggest single gift, his biggest single reason for living is taken away from him and that is to heal. He's no longer healing, he is the healed. He is forced to start to examine who he really is and what he's there for because up until that point, he's always had one supreme answer which is he's there to solve medical problems, to cure people." Does this mean House is taking a crucial turn, from sort of justifying his odd and rude behavior because of his skill to rejecting it? Laurie maintains that this may be so, but in the end, House's gift is not taken away from him per se, but he is nonetheless forced to ask questions. "He has certainly used that gift to define his role and define his character, his reason for existing. You take that away and he's forced to ask some pretty hard questions." Source Here

'House': Hugh Laurie Talks Season 6 Expectations, Cuddy Fantasy and More - Featured

House ended last season with a double twist. At first it seemed like Dr. House and Cuddy finally got together and he'd kicked Vicodin. Then they revealed that their tryst was a hallucination caused by House's Vicodin addiction. The season finale showed House entering a psychiatric institution, which is where the new season will pick him up. Read More: Starpulse.com - Q&A: Hugh Laurie Of 'House' Talks Season 6 Expectations, Cuddy Fantasy And More

First Look Into 'House M.D.' Snakes on a Cane Promo

Fox has given the first look into their " House M.D." ad campaign that makes use of Hugh Laurie's "Snakes on a Cane" idea. In the ad that imitates The Caduceus symbol used in medical field, House literally is wrapped by two pythons and is attached to wings. The tag, meanwhile, is read "incurably himself". The ad was shot over the summer, using real snakes which Laurie joked about. "I remember Hugh asking the snake wrangler if the snakes had names. He replied, 'No, because they don't come when you call'," said Exec Producer Katie Jacobs. The actor came up with the idea in Spring when he thought about the phrase "snakes on a cane" and quickly sketched a symbol to be presented to FOX's marketing department. Approved by the network, the ad becomes part of the summer-long guerrilla marketing promotion for season 6. Beside being featured on and off air, the ad will invade the show's official site and the street of Los Angeles. The network will have a vintage ambulance driving around the city bearing the symbol and information about the show. Such huge campaign is not common for a show which has established itself in the TV community. "Teaser campaigns are usually reserved for Year 1 shows," Joe Earley, FOX's executive vice president of marketing and communications, said. However, "given how brilliant it is, it's intrigued people in a new way," Earley added. "House M.D." comes back September 21 with two hours premiere. Source Here

House Star Hugh Laurie Teases That the New Season Has "a Lot of Nudity" - Featured

Fox's Emmy-nominated House returns in just under a month, and to celebrate we bring you...Hugh Laurie! E!Online caught up with the brilliant Brit recently and picked his brain about Dr. Gregory House's character development, the fate of the good doctor now that he's in the loony bin, and what we can expect in the season to come. Laurie says there's a lot of nudity. Is he lying, or is that for reals? Watch the vid below to find out! Also catch two more exclusive clips: Find out why our girl Lisa Edelstein has no doubt that House's doctoring doesn't end when he loses his medical license, and House boss David Shore shares a sneak preview of the tone and style of the new season! E!Online: House Star Hugh Laurie Teases That the New Season Has "a Lot of Nudity"

HOUSE Season 6 Premiere - First Pictures

Check out the first pictures of the season 6 premiere of House which premieres with a special two-hour event episode titled "Broken" airing Monday, Sept. 21 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on Fox. In this episode, House checks in the psychiatric hospital and meets a few new characters such as his roommate Alvie (guest star Lin-Manuel Miranda) and Dr. Nolan (guest star Andre Braugher). In the meantime, check out the pictures of the House season 6 premiere "Broken" ''' HERE ''.