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Tonight's TV Hot List: Monday, Nov. 9, 2009 - Featured

* House (8/7c Fox) House returns from his three-week baseball break, rested if not quite ready. (He doesn't have his medical license back yet.) He'll be at a medical conference on pharmacology with Cuddy and Wilson when his snoop, Lucas (Michael Weston), unexpectedly shows up. Back at the hospital, tonight's mystery disease has befallen a partying teenage girl whose appendages have swollen for no apparent reason. She also can't distinguish between fact and fiction. * How I Met Your Mother (8/7c CBS) When Barney and Robin were falling for each other and unwilling to admit it, Lily tried to make them face their feelings. Now that the couple is unhappy, Lily intervenes again, coming up with a plan to break them up that involves some help from Robin's celebrity friend, Alan Thicke (who appears in a cameo). Speaking of special appearances, Barney may not be easily recognized as his usual self. Let's just say there's a lot more awesomeness to go around these days. * CSI: Miami (10/9c CBS) Dr. Ray Langston (Laurence Fishburne) is a busy man this week. In the first of a three-part CSI crossover event, Langston leaves Las Vegas to go to Miami at the behest of Horatio. A severed leg found in the Everglades is discovered to belong to a girl who disappeared in Vegas a week earlier, so Ray hops a plane to the Sunshine State to investigate. But his probe doesn't end there. The story continues Wednesday on CSI: NY and concludes Thursday on CSI : Crime Scene Investigation. * Lopez Tonight (11/10c TBS ) The late-night chat storm whips up even more when actor and stand-up comic George Lopez gusts in to preside over this new comedy talk show. Like other talkers before it, there will be a monologue, musical and comedy performances, and interviews with entertainers, sports stars, politicians and pop-culture figures. But Lopez, sans interview desk, credits the high-energy Arsenio Hall Show as an influence, and the show aims to bring a spirited party atmosphere that fosters spontaneity and audience interaction. Whether the show actually achieves that, we shall see. In the meantime, Ellen Degeneres, Eva Longoria Parker, NBA star Kobe Bryant and guitarist Carlos Santana are tonight's opening guests. * How the Beatles Rocked the Kremlin (10/9c PBS) The Moscow girls may have made the Beatles sing and shout, but the Beatles had an even bigger impact on those Moscow girls (and guys). According to this documentary from director Leslie Woodhead, who filmed the Fabs in Liverpool's fabled Cavern Club back in 1962, their music dented the Iron Curtain in a way that's almost immeasurable. Among those who offer their recollections of those days is Russian deputy prime minister Sergei Ivanov, who claims to have learned English from Beatles records. Source Here

House: Preview of Episode 6.6 "Known Unknowns" - Featured

Is House going political November 9th with this Donald Rumsfeld original? Nope. But on next week's episode, there are a couple of things we should expect other than the case of the week - which is awesome as well, by the way - more House (Hugh Laurie) and Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) moments and more House and Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) moments. The three will be attending a medical conference somewhere so they spend a weekend away from the hospital. Things will go awry when House's private investigator Lucas (Michael Weston) makes a surprise reappearance. In a clip, in fact, we see Wilson convincing House to ask Cuddy out, but the genius is not too keen on the idea: "She's not some floozy in a bar, she's a floozy I work for." For the patient of the week on House, a teenage girl (Anna Attanasio) is brought to Princeton Plainsboro with severely swollen appendages after a wild night out. The girl appears to not be exactly honest with what happened, so the team must diagnose her as her condition worsens. Things get awry once again when she becomes unable to distinguish fact from fiction. Additionally, we'll see whether or not Chase will continue to self-destruct in the wake of his slightly murderous tendencies and his usually OK conscience. While he can readily shrug off this thing and put it behind him, we learned from the last episode that it was easier said than done. He also got drunk, by the way, and already we can see a very sad divorce proceedings in works, and all for something that he can't tell Cameron. Last week's patient of the week, by the way, was a cop who in the first few minutes of the episode, pretty much jumped from a building to an adjacent one but awfully miscalculated the distance and fell 30 feet. As for the case, the most memorable thing probably was the patient waking up in the middle of the autopsy by House and Foreman (Omar Epps) - apparently, his blood pressure and heart slowed down that he was pronounced dead. 'Known Unknowns' airs Monday, Nov 9, at 8/7c on FOX. Source Here

'House M.D.' 6.06 "Known Unknowns" Preview - Featured

" House M.D." will take a two-week worth of break and return with "Known Unknowns" in the second week of November. Similarly, Cuddy, Wilson and House spend a weekend away from the hospital to attend a medical conference, but things don't go as planned when House's private investigator, Lucas, returns. In the medical case, a teenage girl is brought to Princeton Plainsboro with severely swollen appendages after a wild night out. The team must work to diagnose the young girl, who is less than honest about what happened the night she fell ill. As her condition worsens, she becomes unable to distinguish fact from fiction. Anna Lucia Attanasio guest stars as the teenage girl while Michael Weston returns to reprise his role as Lucas. EW reported on Monday, October 19 that " NCIS : Naval Criminal Investigative Service" alumna Sasha Alexander is coming to "House" in an episode airing either late December or early January. She will be a gorgeous neighbor that comes in between House and Wilson when the house-mates move into a new neighborhood. Source & Preview