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Sneak Peek at Amber Tamblyn on 'House'

Amber Tamblyn, welcome to the mad 'House.' The actress joins the Fox medical drama for a guest-starring stint, beginning Mon., Nov. 8. Her character -- a brilliant med student named Martha Masters -- is hired by Cuddy to replace the MIA Thirteen (Olivia Wilde is taking a break from the show to film the movie 'Cowboys and Aliens'), and House is not happy about it. At all. House's testerone-heavy team give the bright-eyed, bushy-tailed newbie a good hazing, calling her "the Internet with breasts," "the love child of Einstein and Mary Poppins" and "Pippy Long Division" among other nicknames. Watch what the cast has to say about Tamblyn's debut in our exclusive sneak peek. Source & Sneak Peek

House Sneak Peeks: Meeting Martha Masters

Great news for those who find Gregory House to be funnier and more entertaining than Tim McCarver: Following the conclusion of the World Series, this Fox hit returns next Monday with the episode "Office Politics." It will center around the debut of Amber Tamblyn, as that actress takes on the role of genius medical school student Martha Masters. After all, as explained below, Cuddy is sick of the sausage fest that is House's team and is taking a pro-active step to counter it. Enjoy the following pair of clips and return to TV Fanatic after this episode airs for a detailed review: Source & Preview