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Can't wait next season !!

OMG !! Ted proposed, although i don't think Stella is the Mother I can't wait to see the premiere of season 4. But everyone is talking about Ted, Stella and Stella's sister ... and I wonder what's gonna happen with Robbin and Barney, 'cause after the accident Barney saw that he really cared about Robbin, Are those two going to get together ??? I hope we'll find out quickly !! Love HIMYM .

HIMYM Season Finale...

OMG!! Ted proposed!! WOW!! Could this be the Mom!? I dont know!! I cant wait till next season!! I love this show!!!

How I Met Your Mother: The Finale

The Season 3 finale of How I Met Your Mother definitely hit all the key elements that a season finale wants to hit: reconciliation, revelations, near-death experiences, potential love interests for the future, and marriage proposals! After Ted breaks up with Stella for making plans too far in advance, his taxi gets hit by a car and he ends up in the hospital. This near-death experience causes all of the things that he loves to flash before his eyes, and he realizes that Stella was one of them. The friends all gather at the hospital to make sure Ted was OK and their call to Barney causes him to run all the way to the hospital and in turn, get hit by a bus. You'd think Mr. Marathon Man would be able to run there a little more effortlessly, but I'll let it slide ;). And fortunately Barney looks at the bright side.. afterall, the ladies will play the pity card on Barney boy.. since we know at least one bone isn't broken! Anyway, this causes Marshall and Robin to have a debate whether or not miracles exist, and it reveals some pretty hilarious stories as each person's arguments. (A pencil landing in Barney's nose, A dog turned into a turtle, A very stoned Marshall getting through customs because of a shift change, head lice sparing Marshall from getting his old job back, etc). And the episode ends with Ted popping the big question to Stella in a video game arcade with a stuffed kangaroo (because he couldn't claw out the stuffed diamond ring from the machine). All in all it was a good cliffhanger episode. We definitely will be left this summer wondering whether or not Stella will accept this proposal. (Though my own personal beliefs are that she won't since Scrubs was signed on for another season... as was HIMYM... and it would be pretty hard to be the leading lady in both. Plus this gives the HIMYM people a whole new season to introduce the "real" mother!) It also tips us off that one particular person (besides boobs) that Barney saw flash before his eyes when the bus hit him was none other than Robin. Which makes me wonder if they're going to end up together afterall.... hmmmm... And lastly, Barney and Ted make amends and become bros once again. (Cue the 'awwws') It was obviously meant to be a more serious episode, with all of the traffic accidents, friendship moments, love revelations, etc. but I think it still did a good job sending us off for the summer! Can't wait to see what Season 4 will bring!

Miracles... or delusions?

I'm pleased to say i enjoyed every second of the finale of HIMYM, unlike the previous episodes which starred a certian actress whom doesn't deserve the title in the least... this episode was more than a redemption, it easily slips into one of my top 5 episodes slot, for the first time i was not only laughing out loud, i actually let out a burst of screaming excitement at the end, accompanied by a blanket of chills. So he proposed... but the writers left much room for assumptions and pondering. I have two theories... since it cut scene before we got an answer, we can not assume stella is the mother. duh. be we can not rule it out either. if she does end up saying yes, its going to have to be in the first episode of next season. that doesnt leave much room for a show anymore. so if she does, there is either going to be a split up very soon thereafter, or she is just going to say no. my other theory is that ted actually sustained a head injury of some sort in the accident and will be faced with amnesia and not remember proposing, or will come to his senses and realize that isnt really what he wants. The only way this episode could have been any better is if it had been abby who was hit by the bus instead of barney. And i know that she will be returning in season four, but god i wish she wouldnt. either way, or any other, i am very pleased with the finale and all i have to say is, How I Met Your Mother: Thank you.