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How I Met Your Mother 6.12 "False Positive" Review

We learned last night, that a baby can change everything about a group of friends. We all know this is true but, it really took a toll on all the characters last night. The group has various reactions to the news that Marshall and Lily are "pregnant" and each persons struggles with how to change their life to make themselves feel better. This episode addressed two big areas of the main story this week. First off, the bulk of the episode dealt with the Erikson's dealing with a pregnancy, which turns out to be a false positive (hence the title). I really enjoyed the way that Robin and Barney wanted to change their lives a bit once they found out. Barney's favorite things had to be my favorite part of the episode. It's nice to see that CBS is letting their shows poke fun at Oprah. After that scene however, the episode tended to slow down. Robin's decision to choose the research job seemed so obvious and I feel that the "Coin Flip Bimbo" job was sort of a forced joke and a simple reason to get Alex Trebek on the show. The ending, with Ted going all out on the group, was what I felt was the most genuine part of the episode. When he finally snapped, we learn that Ted just wants everyone to succeed at what they really want to do. To Read More Click Here.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER “False Positive” Review

So what did you think of tonight’s episode? Even though I enjoyed it, I felt like it was missing a little something. What about you? Let’s talk about the characters: Marshall and Lily: Will these two get pregnant already! Ted was right, all Marshall and Lily did was talk about having a baby, so where do they get off saying they want a dog? I did enjoy watching them try to prepare for having a child in just one night. I hope when the real day comes they will be more relaxed. Barney: I can’t get over the "Oprah’s favorite things" scene – so awesome. The velour jump-suits were my personal favorite. I felt like the diamond suit was over the top even for him, what did you think? I’m glad that he came to his senses (with the help of Ted) and donated the money to charity. Was anybody else fooled at the end with the fake PSA? When he first started talking I thought NPH was out of character to raise awareness for charitable giving lol. To Read More Click Here.