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'How I Met Your Mother' recap: Incompetence and Incontinence

On "How I Met Your Mother": We're back to the very choppy days of last season this week, with a directionless episode about Goliath National Bank making PSAs about how much it cares. Barney makes one. New incompetent guy Randy makes one. Bob Odenkirk (Bossman Arthur) makes one. But Marshall refuses. He just can't be one of the GNB liars, and he will never ever fire anyone. But Randy really is incompetent, and he keeps shredding valuable contracts. So, eventually, Marshall lets him go. After a dream in which Randy shoves himself down the shredder, Marshall begs Arthur to let him rehire him, so Arthur does. The catch is that Randy was super-excited to be fired with severance because he wanted to use that money to start brewing his own beer. The unfortunate thing is that he names it Wharmpess (say it aloud), which is his last name. He tries hard to get fired again, but Marshall won't do it until he tastes a bottle of delicious Wharmpess. To Read More Click Here.

'How I Met Your Mother' Review: Some Dreams Are Less Annoying Than Others

How I Met Your Mother  kept the Halloween celebration rolling in last night's "Canning Randy," featuring guest stars Jennifer Morrison, Will Forte and Ted's awesome hot dog suit.Got to keep it quick this week. Here's the rundown: Plot Points: The good news is that Marshall's storyline had nothing to do with babies this week! And the better news is that it had all to do with Will Forte, whom I have been missing something terrible this season on  Saturday Night Live . Forte returned as Randy, Marshall's awkward, useless, dumb, slightly creepy and totally lovable employee who has a perma-rection for Robin and a trigger-happy shredder finger. To Read More  Click Here.

'How I Met Your Mother' Season 6, Episode 7 Recap

I'll say this about Will Forte: He's got the weirdo vibe down pat. From his various 'SNL' characters to the Jenna Maroney impersonator he played on '30 Rock' to the shy and awkward Randy on 'HIMYM,' Forte has a history of playing people that are so creepy that they give you douche chills. He plays so creepy that MacGruber is considered one of his more "normal" characters. But if it weren't for Forte, this fairly uneventful episode would have also been pretty unfunny. Something about this one just felt off from beginning to end; I came away from it thinking it should have been funnier, and I didn't remember one funny line from it. Every season has a few clunkers, and given the streak that Bays and Thomas has been on this season, a clunker in episode 7 isn't such a bad thing. What made Forte as Randy funny? The nosebleeds. The fact that he can screw up so badly and still have a weird smile on his face. His having to look up what the "B" in GNB stands for when his mom calls him at Marshall's office. His never-ending crush on Robin, which was established two years ago when he was Barney's temporary wingman. His pride at his beer coming in fourth place in a senior center brewing contest. His creepy happiness that his severance will allow him to start that brewing business he always wanted to start. It was such chill-inducing goodness that it's too bad that Marshall can't unfire him again at some point. To Read More  Click Here.