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HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA "Never Say Die" Episode 8 (Season Finale) - Preview

Watch a sneak peek of the season finale of the HBO's new series HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA "Never Say Die" Episode 8 which airs on Sunday April 4 2010. Episode Synopsis: Cam (Victor Rasuk) suspects Rene (Luis Guzman) of having something to do with the theft of the Rasta Monsta truck filled with his and Ben's (Bryan Greenberg) Crisp tees - but is he man enough to confront his hot-tempered cousin? Meanwhile, Rachel (Lake Bell) makes a decision that impacts the lives of Ben, Edie (Martha Plimpton) and Darren (Jason Pendergraft). Written by Ian Edelman & Rob Weiss; directed by Julian Farino. Source & Preview

"Get With the Program" #1 - Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Ready for editorial column #3 of the week? ( Say what?! If you're out of the loop, each member of SideReel's editorial team will now be bringing you a weekly column. ) Hope you checked out Kendra's TV Hotspots of the Week on Monday and Alex's Reality Rant on Wednesday. Friday's column will be courtesy of yours truly, RachelL , where I'll dwell on my earth-shattering TV experiences and revelations of the last week (more or less - I might just ramble on about whatever I am so inclined to do so at the moment...) Get the program? TV Confessional In this section, I will admit to some TV viewing habit/opinion that I find embarrassing in the hopes that if you share said habit/opinion, you will know that you are not alone. Or, you can laugh at me. But, since seeing a priest is not a part of my religion, I figured where better than here to confess my sins, so here goes: I have watched every episode of every season of America's Next Top Model . Some of them twice (damn you, MTV rerun marathons...). 'Have a TV confession that you want to get off your chest? Comment! Rachel Subscribes I know that everyone on SideReel (or mostly everyone) is tuning into shows like The Big Bang Theory and Gossip Girl . I thought it would be fun to share with you guys some of the shows to which I subscribe on SideReel that I think you might enjoy too, if you gave them a chance! Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution - If you like food/cooking shows and/or are at all into nutrition - or if you're looking for something that's a little different from your normal TV fare that is both entertaining and informative, then definitely give this show a shot! British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver visits West Virginia - recently identified as the least healthy state in the US - and shows us the horrifying state of its current school meal system. To give you an idea: the children often eat pizza for breakfast and chicken nuggets for lunch! In a classroom of young students, most are unable to identify even the most basic fruits and vegetables, yet every student can scream with delight upon seeing a plate of french fries. Yes, the show is undoubtedly a bit sensationalized. In 8 episodes, I highly doubt Oliver will accomplish the revolution he promises, but even if he incites small changes for just a few children and families that are willing to learn about nutrition and make changes in their eating habits and lifestyles, it gives the show the feel-good element of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition - and it makes for quite entertaining TV. How to Make It in America - I've also called it out as a "Show You're Not Watching" in a recent episode of This Week in TV , but I figured I may as well give this still-improving HBO comedy a shout-out here too. It's first season finale is already this coming Sunday, but that makes for only an 8 episode first season, so it's super easy to catch up if you're interested! I'm generally finding the main characters of Ben and Cam - the aspiring fashion designer and entrepreneur in NYC - though more frequently, they are co-conspiring screw-ups - to be engaging and humorous. Definitely some parallels can be drawn between this series and fellow HBO comedy Entourage , but this show is slightly less buddy-comedy-ish than Entourage - a lot of it actually is about the process of trying to make it in the fashion business. Have a show that you subscribe to that you think I - or anyone else for that matter - should check out? Tell us in comments! Time For a Break-Up I took a really big step this week. I have decided - pause to emphasize the magnitude of this decision - to break up with not one, but two TV shows. To FlashForward and V (Reimagined Series) , it has been nice knowing you, but I've decided to say goodbye. (And I've even removed the shows from my subscriptions - you can verify on my profile - so you know I'm serious) In some ways, I demonstrate addictive tendencies. Once I commit to watching a show, no matter how bad it becomes, I have difficulties stopping mid-season, or even midseries, even when I'm well aware that the show has morphed into a shell of its former self. I've had this problem since high school. That's why I watched all 6 seasons of Dawson's Creek (the show stopped being both good and cool to be watching sometime around season 3), all 8 seasons of The Practice , all 12 seasons of ER and most recently, all 7 seasons of Nip/Tuck . I'm also still holding on to both Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy . Once I commit to a show, I have extreme difficulties ever letting go. I'm a show-lifer (with rare exceptions). That's why this event is such a big deal. I've realized that if I don't stop watching FlashForward and V now, I probably never will. Then again, it's looking more and more like neither show will survive past a first season anyway, so I couuuuld just stick it out. But NO! I have made my decision. While both shows had strong premises and promising pilots, I have been enjoying both shows less and less with each successive episode, so much so, that watching has become a chore for me. Seriously, when choosing what next to watch from my backlogged playlist, I chose Cougar Town and The Real Housewives of New York City first. That should give you a hint how excited I am about these 2 series. So...here's to recovering 90ish minutes of my life each week (since I watch via DVR with no commercials). Any shows that you guys have recently decided to break up with because you realized you just were no longer enjoying them? Come back next Friday for another dose of "Get with the Picture". Have a great weekend, all!

HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA "Keep on Truck'n" Episode 7 - Preview

Watch a sneak peek of HBO's new series HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA "Keep on Truck'n" Episode 7 which airs on Sunday March 28 2010. Episode Synopsis: While Ben is getting tight with Julie, Rachel is put off by Darren's sudden offer to let her and Edie (Martha Plimpton) design a hotel. To pay off an overdue debt to Rene, Cam and Ben agree to hand out Rasta Monsta samples at Union Square, but cut the job short to retrieve their tees from the silk screener. Rene agrees to meet with John Lardner (Patrick Bauchau), the Jamaica-based owner of Rasta Monsta, about taking over North American distribution rights to the drink. But Rene's parole officer Norm (John Carroll Lynch) wants to be part of the meeting. Written by Sarah Treem and Rob Weiss; directed by Danny Leiner. Source & Preview

HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA "Good Vintage" Episode 6 - Preview

Watch a sneak peek of HBO's new series HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA "Good Vintage" Episode 6 which airs on Sunday March 21. Episode Synopsis: Despite a fresh infusion of cash from Kaplan, Ben and Cam find it hard to meet Hidemi's vintage-tee quota of 300, until Julie (Margarita Levieva), an attractive retail employee, helps bail them out. Rene gets advice on handling an impending schoolyard showdown with Flaco (Paul Calderon), the contractor he suspects of stealing his (illgotten) money. Rachel's field trip to Connecticut to check on a behind-schedule carpenter ends with Darren taking her to his childhood home - and then popping a commitment question on their drive back to Manhattan. Written by Ian Edelman and Seth Zvi Rosenfeld; directed by Jonathan Levine. Source & Preview

HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA "Big in Japan" Episode 5 - Preview

Watch a sneak peek of HBO's new series HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA "Big in Japan" Episode 5 which airs on Sunday March 14. Synopsis: After running into a successful designer on the street, Ben and Cam hook up with Hidemi (Ted Oyama), a top Japanese buyer, but their business takes a surprising detour when they show him their none-too-Crisp jean sample. Meanwhile, Rene (Luis Guzman) runs into unexpected problems locating cash stashed in the basement of a woman who's divorcing his ne'er-do-well cousin Tito (Luis Antonio Ramos). Rachel, hoping to bring fresh energy to her relationship with Darren, is flummoxed by his euphoric reaction to the party drug Ecstasy. Written by Arty Nelson & Donal Lardner Ward and Rob Weiss; directed by Josh Marston. Source & Preview

HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA "Unhappy Birthday" Episode 4 - Preview

Watch a sneak peek of HBO's new series HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA "Unhappy Birthday" Episode 4 which airs on Sunday March 7. How To Make It in America Episode Synopsis: "Unhappy Birthday" Episode 4 -Rachel's (Lake Bell) friends are throwing her an intimate birthday party, which she's attending with her new squeeze Darren (Jason Pendergraft), a handsome hotel developer. Attempting to distract himself from this depressing fact, Ben (Bryan Greenberg) takes Kaplan (Eddie Kaye Thomas) to a velvet-rope nightclub. Cam (Victor Rasuk) lands a high-paying gig bartending at a gala benefit, but decides to forfeit it to keep a forlorn Ben - and Kaplan and Domingo (Scott "Kid Cudi" Mescudi) - company. Written by Ian Edelman & Norman Morrill; directed by Julian Farino. Source & Preview

HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA "Paper, Denim + Dollars" Episode 3

Watch a sneak peek of HBO's new series HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA "Paper, Denim + Dollars" Episode 3 which airs on February 28. How To Make It in America Episode Synopsis: "Paper, Denim + Dollars" Episode 3 - While Ben and Cam track down a tailor to re-imagine some .70s-era jeans, Rachel, who works at an interior-design boutique for her eccentric boss Edie (Martha Plimpton), rethinks her future after reconnecting with a friend in the Peace Corps. Eager to get a bigger marketing commitment for his fledgling Rasta Monsta drink, Rene makes a buyout offer his marketing partners better not refuse. After Cam peddles some of Ben's skateboard decks to upper-crust Manhattan kids, they round up enough money to pay the tailor, deliver thedenim and launch Crisp NYC. Written by Ian Edelman; directed by Julian Farino. Source & Preview

HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA "Crisp" Episode 2 - Preview

Watch a sneak peek of HBO's new series HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA, which airs on February 21. Synopsis:: Using $3G they got via yet another high-interest loan from Rene, Ben and Cam buy up a roll of hot premium-denim material, then hit a series of dead ends in their search to find a manufacturer to make samples of their Crisp brand of retro-.70s jeans. Along the way, they parlay a crashed late-night dinner with top fashion designer John Varvatos into a brainstorming meeting that may, or may not, hold the key to their entrepreneurial success. Meanwhile, both Ben and Rachel realize that they haven't totally moved on, and vow to try harder in the future. Written by Rob Weiss; directed by Julian Farino. Source & Preview

How Bryan Greenberg Made it to How to Make it in America

Viewers may recognize him from more lighthearted fare like One Tree Hill and October Road, but these days Bryan Greenberg is hustling as a fashion-school dropout on HBO's new series How to Make it in America (Sun, 10/9c). Greenberg, who calls the series "very timely with the economy," talked to us about why he responded to the project and how his musical background affects his roles. To Read More Click Here .

Bryan Greenberg On HBO's New Comedy 'How To Make It In America' - Starpulse

HBO might be billing their new original series, How To Make It In America a comedy, but just like it's star Bryan Greenberg's last HBO show, Unscripted, there are elements that are much more melancholy than laugh out loud funny. Greenberg himself calls his new role of Ben Epstein, struggling graphic designer, "a very complicated guy, and he has a lot of demons." When we first meet Ben, he has just broken up with a girl (Lake Bell) on whom he is still pretty hung up; he is working a dead-end job as a floor salesman at a department store; and he is in debt with a loan from a guy who just got out of jail and a bunch of skateboards he can't move because the boarder has disappeared. But Greenberg worked very closely with the writers and producers to "not make him a Bummer Ben" and instead focus on the sense of fire he has within him to succeed and make something of his life. To Read More Click Here .