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  • 20 episodes
    20 episodes
    • s1e20How to buy a good inexpensive wine
    • s1e19How to make a Champagne cocktail
    • s1e18How to make squash souffle
    • s1e17How to create a gourmet cheese plate
    • s1e16How to brine turkey and other poultry
    • s1e15How to make decorative pie crusts
    • s1e14How to make chocolate snowballs
    • s1e13How to make Christmas sugar cookies
    • s1e12How to decorate cookies
    • s1e11How to make easy chicken pot pie
    • s1e10How to roast a turkey
    • s1e9How to grill the perfect burger (charcoal)
    • s1e8How to make a fun & easy kids' egg breakfast
    • s1e7How to grill a perfect ribeye steak
    • s1e6How to make stuffed crust pizza
    • s1e5How to grill a perfect sirloin steak
    • s1e4How to roast a chicken
    • s1e3How to make a pepperoni and a cheese pizza with ease
    • s1e2How to make strawberry shortcake and garlic cheese biscuits
    • s1e1Quick and easy chicken recipes for dinner