Season 1

37 Episodes

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  • 37 episodes
    37 episodes
    • s1e37Bubbles and baby stars
    • s1e36Gifts from the sky: honouring 20 years of Hubble
    • s1e35The stuff of legend
    • s1e34Hubble snaps heavyweight of the Leo Triplet
    • s1e33Saturn
    • s1e32Born in Beauty: Proplyds in the Orion Nebula
    • s1e31Sky merger yields sparkling dividends
    • s1e30Rebirth of an icon
    • s1e29Mission Accomplished: Healing Hubble
    • s1e28The Fifth and Final Hubble Servicing Mission
    • s1e27What has Hubble Taught Us About the Planets?
    • s1e26Exceptionally Deep View of Strange Galaxy
    • s1e25What
    • s1e24Beyond Earth
    • s1e23Seeing the Invisible
    • s1e22Hubble Directly Observes Planet Orbiting Fomalhaut
    • s1e21Special: From Silver to Silicon
    • s1e20Special: Technology to the Rescue
    • s1e19Special: Bigger is Better
    • s1e18Hubble Sees Magnetic Monster in Erupting Galaxy
    • s1e17Special: New Views of the Skies
    • s1e16Galaxies Gone Wild!
    • s1e15Black Hole Found in Enigmatic Omega Centauri
    • s1e14Hubble Finds First Organic Molecule on Extrasolar Planet
    • s1e13Gargantuan Galaxy NGC 1132 - A Cosmic Fossil
    • s1e12Murk no a Monster Planet
    • s1e11A Grand Design in a Galactic Festoon
    • s1e10Making the Universe Come to Life - Behind the Hubble Images
    • s1e9Extreme Star Cluster Bursts Into Life!
    • s1e8A Step Closer to Our Origin
    • s1e7Uncovering the Veil Nebula
    • s1e6A Battle of Giants - Telescopes in Space and on the Ground
    • s1e5Hubble Discovers Ring of Dark Matter
    • s1e4Hubble Finds Multiple Stellar Baby Booms in Globular ClusterHubble ...
    • s1e3Celebrating Hubble
    • s1e2Galaxy Bars and Supermassive Black Holes
    • s1e1Hubble Sees