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'Hung' Season 3 Teaser Includes Nudity

Get ready for more skin and sex in the third season of " Hung ". In a teaser released for the upcoming round, Ray Drecker is seen baring his hunky bod in various scenes with different women, hinting that he will not leave his job as a male prostitute.   "Hung" was renewed for a third season of ten episodes despite its modest rating last year. The stars,   Thomas Jane   and   Jane Adams , received a nomination at 2010 Golden Globe Awards for best actor in musical or comedy and best supporting actress in series, miniseries or TV movie respectively.   Read More... //

'Ugly Betty' star Ana Ortiz heads to 'Hung' as one of Ray's lady johns

Good news for "Ugly Betty" fans. Actress Ana Ortiz has booked a slightly scandalous recurring guest gig. Deadline reports Ortiz is set for a multi-episode arc on HBO's "Hung," as woman in serious need of anger management -- and a male prostitute. The series, entering its third season, stars Thomas Jane as an out-of-work high school coach, Ray, who moonlights as a gentleman of the night. Good guy that he is, Ray will be satisfying both of the character's needs.... //

HUNG Role Recast With Kaitlin Doubleday

The HBO show  Hung  is heading into its third season this summer but a character has already been recast, according  to . Leven Rambin, known for her role as Ava Benton on  All My  Children  as well as her recurring roles in shows such as  Grey’s Anatomy ,  Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles  and  One Tree Hill , had to leave  the show due to scheduling conflicts. Read More... //

Alanna Ubach is Loving Men

Alanna Ubach scares the hell out of men — and it's proving to be a brilliant career move. The actress currently juggles gigs on two hot cable series, playing Thomas Jane's sexually voracious next-door neighbor Yael on HBO's Hung and Ray Romano's pushy lady love Michelle on TNT's Men of a Certain Age. In tonight's episode of Men (10/9c, TNT), Michelle spends the night with Romano's character, Joe, then gives him a macho crotch grab before dashing out the door for work. It throws Joe for a loop and straight into the arms of another woman. What gives with these men? "It's a sign of the times," notes Ubach. "Both shows are about married men who have let go of their youth and dreams and are now single and in shock. They don't know how to handle a woman who takes charge." Ubach made a sexy mark even in her early roles — she was the maid who deflowered Ben Stiller's character in Meet the Fockers — but it's just acting, folks. "It's so crazy that I play all these seductive, confident broads," Ubach says with a laugh. "I'm really the biggest dork I know." Source Here

Tonight's True Blood, Entourage, and Hung Promo

See Promo here!

HBO Renews HUNG for Third Season

The dark comedy series Hung looks to keep on giving pleasure in all the right places. Deadline reports HBO has just picked up the show for a third season run of 10 episodes to air in 2011. If you’re unfamiliar with the well-endowed series, it follows a down-on-his-luck Detroit high-school coach (Thomas Jane) moonlighting as a male prostitute and his rookie, poetry-loving pimp (Jane Adams). Ironically enough, the adulterous show was put together by husband and wife team Dmitry Lipkin and Colette Burson. If you’re looking to catch up on the series or give it a shot, the second season finale airs September 12th, so you should have plenty of time after that to get started. Source Here

Alanna Ubach Talks Hung and Sex

Alanna Ubach has added a few more notches to the Hung thermometer, north of sizzling hot. Ubach plays the character of Yael, an Israeli friend of Ray's who kicks off a Middle-east peace allegory when she finds out the everyman cum gigolo is getting some hummus from his Arab next door neighbor. Who would have ever thought that a show like Hung would be able to effectively weave such a topic into its week to week plot. The truth of the matter is, as tacky as you'd expect a show like Hung to be, HBO's sophomore comedy packs its weight with raw and insightful forays into all sorts of surprising avenues of human nature. Alanna recently guested on Adam Corolla's podcast. Alanna discussed shooting her recent nude scene for Hung, and hilarity ensured. It was completely and totally as sexy as earwax. Ubach said without a hint of sarcasm. It was 5:30 a.m, Thomas Jane has bronchitis and an ear infection, nothing but female crew members and they take forever to do the lighting, so of course you're going to be confident. [Unmistakable sarcasm there.] If you think the character of Yael is a wild addition to Hung, you'll be totally unprepared for Alanna Ubach. The actress's guest stint on the podcast is fast, smart, funny, and more than just a little sexy. And speaking of sexy, when it comes to whether or not Ubach is impressed by co-star Thomas Jane's manly charms, her response was quick, definitive, and a little naughty. ''Oh, he's so f@#*&ng sexy. Jesus Christ. Source Here

'Hung' 2.09 Preview: Lenore's Threat

"Hung" is coming closer to the end of season 2. In the episode called "Fat Off My Love Or I'm the Allergen", Mike accuses Ray of betrayal. Meanwhile, Ronnie vents his frustrations with Jessica at a dermatology banquet and Tanya lashes out at Ray, Lenore and Horny Patty. The episode airs Sunday, August 29 on HBO. Speaking of the episode before the finale, series co-creator Colette Burson said in an interview with TV Squad, "I directed next week's episode. There's quite a bit of Detroit in it. There's a big scene shot on the old Tigers Stadium field. We can't replicate this stuff in the studio." Revealing a little hint about the character played by Jane Adams, Burson said, "Tanya stands up for herself. Tanya's going to smack somebody down." Source & Preview

'Hung' 2.08 Preview: Did You Give the Money Back?

Tanya is facing a new kind of negotiation where limited hours apply. In the next episode of "Hung", it looks like Ray fails to fulfill his duty when one of his arms broke. Before that, Ray agrees to participate in a student-alumni baseball game and Jessica supports him by taking the children to watch. Meanwhile, Ronnie gives Jessica an ultimatum. "Third Base OR The Rash" airs on Sunday, August 22 on HBO. Three more episodes are left before the second season ends. HBO is yet to place an order for the third season. In a recent press release, Thomas Jane who plays Ray described the character's level of expertness being a gigolo. "It's still new for Ray," he said. "It's Season Two. He hasn't really been with that many women in a prostitute way. We were talking about Ray and what he learned about women in the second season. Yes, I'm definitely making the effort. In a lot of cases, effort is all that's required. I'm never going to figure women out, but me making the effort - sometimes, that's rewarding." Source & Preview

HUNG Season 2 Episode 6 ''Beaverland'' - Preview

Take a first look at the upcoming episode of HUNG Season 2 Episode 6 Beaverland which airs on Sunday August 8 at 10 pm (ET/PT) on HBO. Episode Synopsis: Jessica turns to Ray for help with a rodent problem that may be imaginary. Rebuffed by Ray in her attempts to add Mike to her stable, Tanya gets guilt-management advice from Charlie (Lennie James), then goes to extremes to prove her success. Ray has difficulty thawing a client who is cold as ice. Written by Angela Robinson; directed by Lisa Cholodenko. Source & Preview