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Hung Season 1, Episode 5 Preview - "Do it, Monkey"

On the next all new episode of Hung , airing Sunday, August 2nd on HBO at 10PM: An unhappy client wants to revisit a role-playing fantasy; Ray tries to capitalize on Jessica's frugality with the promise of a car for Damon and Darby; Tanya reluctantly goes on a date with Floyd. HBO now has a video preview available of this all new episode. Watch it here: Do It Monkey Preview Miss Season 1, Episode 4 of Hung? Watch The Pickle Jar Online Now

Hung: HBO Wants You to Help Pimp Out Ray! - Featured

I was perusing the HBO website and noticed a fun contest for Hung that they are currently running: Pimp Ray and Win 10K HBO is challenging you to create a short text ad (just a 25 character title and a 100 character body, so all in all less characters than your standard tweet) - it would presumably go in a newspaper's classified section - that promotes Ray's "tool" in a clever and non-illegal sounding fashion. No image creation necessary - you're only allowed to select one of their pre-selected images. HBO will feature the best ads on Facebook where a winner will be voted on. Enter here: Pimp Ray and Win 10K Hung airs Sundays at 10:00PM on HBO.

Watch Now Online: Last Night's New Entourage, True Blood and More! - Featured

Last night had some juicy new episodes of our Sunday favs, so dig right in for what you missed, or catch what you loved again! Entourage - Watch 'One Car, Two Car, Red Car, Blue Car' True Blood - Watch 'Hard-Hearted Hannah' Hung - Watch 'The Pickle Jar' Army Wives - Watch 'Post and Prejudice' In Plain Sight - Watch 'Let's Get Ahn' The Storm - Watch 'Part 1' Drop Dead Diva - Watch 'Do Over' Big Brother 11 - Watch 'Episode 8' Kendra - Watch 'Preggers Can't Be Choosers' Ice Road Truckers - Watch 'Turn and Burn' Hannah Montana - Watch 'I Honestly Love You (No, Not You)' Hammertime - Watch 'Family Vacation' and 'Love Is in the Air' Gene Simmons Family Jewels - Watch 'Movin' Out'

Watch Now Online: Last Night's New True Blood, Hung and More! - Featured

Last night had some awesome new episodes of our HBO favs and plenty more, so catch what you missed or re-watch what you loved now online! Primetime TV: True Blood - Watch 'Never Let Me Go' Hung - Watch 'Strange Friends' Entourage - Watch 'Amongst Friends' Army Wives - Watch 'Onward Christian Soldier' In Plain Sight - Watch 'Training Video' Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Watch 'All In' Big Brother 11 - Watch 'Episode 5' Kendra - Watch 'Between a Crock and a Hard Place' Drop Dead Diva - Watch 'The F Word' Ice Road Truckers - Watch 'Killer Pass' Meteor - Watch 'Meteor, Part 2'

Hung: Season 1, Episode 3 "Strange Friends" Preview

New HBO comedy Hung is airing an all new episode entitled "Strange Friends" this Sunday, July 19th at 10/9c. A description of the episode: "Ray's fortunes sink further when his nosy neighbor accuses him of public indecency. Fed up with Jessica's maternal meddling, Damon and Darby yearn to go back to their dad's, but progress on Ray's home-repair front remains stalled. Likewise, Ray and Tanya's frayed partnership seems to be dead in the water - until a last-minute proposal resurrects their dreams." Preview the episode here: Hung Season 1, Episode 3 - "Strange Friends"

'True Blood' Is An HBO Hit; 'Hung' Is Also Hanging In There - Featured

Much to its relief, HBO has finally discovered that there's life after " The Sopranos " and " Sex and the City ." The pay cable network, which has struggled to replace those signature series, had a strong week with some new hits. The vampire series " True Blood ," in its second season, had a series high of 3.9 million viewers on Sunday. Add in on-demand viewing, DVR viewing and extra showings, and the average episode of the series is being seen by 10.8 million viewers this season, according to Nielsen Media Research. Read More: Starpulse: 'True Blood' Is An HBO Hit; 'Hung' Is Also Hanging In There

Watch Now Online: Last Night's New Entourage, True Blood and More! - Featured

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Ratings: True Blood Stakes New High, Hung Bows Big, More

Some recent ratings highlights: * HBO 's True Blood on Sunday hit a new all-time high, drawing 3.7 million total viewers. Lead-out Hung , in turn, enjoyed a premiere audience of 2.8 mil, making it the pay channel's most-watched series debut in two years (since John from Cincinnati). * America's Got Talent was Tuesday's most-watched program with 12.9 million viewers, a 14 percent increase from its season opener. * ABC's The Superstars scored 4 mil in its second week, dipping 340K. Lead-out Better Off Ted slipped to 1.78 mil. * During Tuesday's 10 o'clock hour, CBS' 48 Hours Mystery special about the death of Michael Jackson was No. 1 with 8.15 mil. Source Here

EW Exclusive: Meet the pimp on HBO's 'Hung' - Featured

The words "pimp" and "hung" in the same headline: good day! In advance of Sunday night's premiere of HBO 's new comedy Hung (10 p.m. ET), which stars The Punisher's Thomas Jane as a divorced, broke, high school coach with a large money-maker in his pants, we have your first look at the vlog his "pimp" Tanya (Frasier's Mel Karnofsky, Jane Adams) will be keeping on the show's website. Below, she explains how she and Ray (Jane) got into business together and how she plans on teaching him to use his "extra special d---" to satisfy women in a new way. Source & Video

Check out a preview for HBO's new original series, HUNG.

Starring Thomas Jane, Jane Adams, Anne Heche, Charlie Saxton, and Sianoa Smith-McPhee. Thomas Jane plays Ray Decker, a man who decides to try a new line of work in order to provide for his kids after his divorce. After watching the preview below, I think Hung might be another great show from HBO . It looks pretty damn funny if you ask me. Hung premieres on June 28 at 10pm. We'll have a review up soon so keep an eye out. Source & Trailer