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Hyperspace (also know as Space)

This series explains in a very graphic way, and in layman terms, the universe from its inception with the so-called Big Bang through to the future. Some of the conclusions drawn, and indeed the questions left unanswered, are slightly disturbing: the Sun will explode eventually, and Earth will disappear. It's all detailed 'how and why'. Black holes are a very real threat, and there are lots of them in just our galaxy - their power is put into such perspective by Sam Neill that it's mind-boggling. But the real beauty of 'Hyperspace' is that its presentation conveys a lot more understanding about how insignificant our little planet is in the whole scheme of things - for instance, there are a million stars in the universe for every grain of sand on Earth. Distances become meaningless. Fascinating stuff. And for those interested in a broad philosophy, the series also hints at a new approach to the meaning of life. Or at least it will give you more to think about. The computer simulations here are first class, taking you on an adventurous ride through the universe, and the documentary on the 'making of' is very good. Sam Neill is excellent, and is obviously engrossed in his subject.